unfoldingWord 16 - Modot Kura Manukhan

unfoldingWord 16 - Modot Kura Manukhan

Outline: Judges 1-3; 6-8; 1 Samuel 1-10

Script Number: 1216

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Joshua morija-a pichete, Israel jatikhan Isor laga niom aru kanunkhan namania hoijaise, aru Canaan laga manukhan ke taikhan laga jaga pora khetai dianai. Taikhan Isor Jehovah ke puja kuribole bon kurise aru Canaan laga isorkhan ke puja kuribole lagise. Itu homoete taikhan cholauta kunbi thaka nai aru tai khan kun ki kuribole mon ase, itu he kurithakise.

Israel manukhan Isor ke chara nimite, taikhan uporte dusra desh laga manukhan pora bar-bar takot cholabole dise. Itu nisina he bisi sal jaise, jetia Israel laga manukhan Isor laga kotha namanibo, tetia Isor taikhan ke sajai dikena dusmankhan laga takot nichete taikhan ke rakhidise. Dusmankhan pora taikhan laga samankhan bisi chor kuribo dise, aru taekhan laga samankhan bhangaibole dise aru bisi manuke morabo dise. Tetia Israel laga dusman khan pora taikhan ke bisi sal dukh dia pichete, Israel manukhan taikhan pap nimite maph mange aru Isor ke taikhan bachabi koi.

Jetia Israel manukhan Isor logote jaikena kandibo, tetia taikhan ke modot kuribole ekta manuke pathai. Utu manu he taikhan nimite dusman logote lorai kuribo aru jitibo. Aru alop homeote nimite utu jagate shanti hobo aru utu manuhe taikhan laga uporte raj kuribo. Itu nisina Isor he bar bar taikhan ke manu pathikena bachai thakise. Midian laga manukhan ke Isor pora Israel manukhan ke harabole dise.

Midian laga manukhan pora jetia Israel manukhan ekubi bijon lagabo, tetia taikhan ahikena sob bia kuridie. Taikhan bisi bhoi lagijaise aru pathor laga gupha khante jaikena lukai thakise. Aru ekubi kuribole naparikena Isor usorte kandibole lagise.

Israel manu Gideon koikena ekjon thakise. Ek din tae lukaikena gehukhan ke marithakise, kilekoile Midian laga manukhan tai ke dikhile taikhan itu sob uthaikena loijabo. Sorgoduth tailaga usorte ahikena taike koise; ‘‘Isor apuni logote ase, takot thaka aru bhoi nakora manu! Apuni jabi aru Israel laga manukhan ke Midian jatikhan pora bachaidibi.’’

Gideon laga baba ekta Baal pujari asile. Itu nimite Isor pora Gideon ke jaikena poila tailaga baba laga Baal laga bolidan kura jagake bhangaidibi koise. Hoilebi Gideon manukhan ke bisi bhoi lagi thakise, itu nimite tai ratite he itukhan bhangaidise. Utu jagate tai dusra ekta bolidan kura jagake banaise aru utu uporte dusra bhoisi jolaise.

Phojirte jitia manukhan uthise, taikhan dikise Baalke bolidan kura jagake bhangaikena ase, taikhan bisi ghusa hoise. Taikhan Gideon laga ghorte taike maribole jaise, hoilebi Gideon laga baba koise; ‘Apunikhan kile taike bachabole kuriase? Baal isor ase koile tai nijor-ke-nijor bachabole dibi.’’ Tai itu koa nimite, taikhan Gideon ke maranai.

Midian manukhan arubi chor kuribole Israel laga manukhan logote ahise. Taikhan manu ginti kuribole napara laga bisi thakise. Taikhan logote lorai kuribole Gideon pora Israel manukhan ke matise. Isor taike cholabole thakise koile duita chinha taike dibi koise.

Poila nimite tai bhera laga olop wool loikena mati te rakhise. Phojirte itu wool te pani thakise aru matikhan te pani thakanai koile tai bujijabo koise. Ineka he hoise. Dusra ratite aru tai itu woolke sukha thakibole dibi aru matikhan bhijikena thakibole dibi koise. Aru bi ineka hi hoise. Itu duita chinha dikhikena, Gideon mon dangor hoise aru tai pora Israel manukhan ke bachabole Isor koa kotha biswas kurise.

Tetia Gideon sipoikhanke matise aru taikhan 32,000 jon ahise. Hoilebi taike Isor pora manu bisi ase koise. Itu nimite Gideon pora taikhan majote lorai kuribole bisi bhoi kurakhan 22,000 sipoikhan ke wapas pathai dise. Tetia bi sipoikhan bisi asile. Pichete Gideon logote khali 300 sipoikhan rakhise, dusrakhan sob ke ghorte pathaidise.

Utu ratite Isor pora Gideon ke koise; ‘‘Midian manukhan laga camp-te jabi aru taikhan ki koiase honibi. Jitia taikhan laga khota honibo, tetia apuni taikhan logote lorai kuribole bhoi nalagijabo.’’ Utu ratite Gideon jaikena camp te punchise, aru ekta sipoi tailaga sathi ke ekta sapna laga kotha koi ase. Utu sipoi laga sathi pora taike koise; ‘‘Itu sapna laga motlob to Gideon laga sipoikhan pora amikhan Midian laga manukhan laga sipoikhan ke haraidibo, aru dusra iku motlob nai!’’ Jetia Gideon utu sapna aru motlob bujise, tetia tai Isor ke puja kurise.

Gideon wapas jaikena tailaga sipoikhan ke ekta ekta manu ke ekta basi, ekta kolsi aru jui jolabole laga lathi dise. Midian laga sipoikhan ghumai thaka homeote, taikhan laga camp ke gherai loise. Gideon laga sipoikhan kulchite jui jolabole lathi lukaise itu nimite Midian laga sipoikhan taikhan ahi-thaka dikha nai.

Tetia taikhan juntu kolsi dhurikena asile, itu eki logote bhangaise, aru jui julithaka lathikhan dikhise. Taikhan basi bajaise aru hala korikena koise; ‘‘Isor nimite aru Gideon nimite ekta dao!’’

Isor pora dusmankhan ke hala korikena polabole dise, aru ekjon-dusra-jon ke moraidibole hoise. Gideon pora khobor janai dia manukhan ke Israel manukhan ke matibole pathaise aru ahikena dushmankhan ke Israel manukhan laga jaga pora ketaidibole modot kuribi koise. Itu din te 120,000 Midian laga manukhan murise. Itu nisina he Isor pora Israel ke bachailoise.

Israel manukhan Gideon ke taikhan laga raja banabole mon thakise. Kintu Gideon mananai, aru tai pora taikhan ke sona laga kan-phul mangise, juntu taikhan Midian manu khan logote pora loise. Aru taikhan Gideon ke sona bisi dise.

Gideon utu sonakhan pora ekta khas kapor, juntu, khali dangor-pujarikhan lagai, utu nisina banaise. Sob Israel manukhan murti puja kurithaka nisina, utu kapor ke puja koribole hoise. Taikhan murti puja kura nimite Isor pora arubi taikhan ke sajai dise aru dushmankhan pora taikhan laga uporte jitibole dise. Jetia taikhan Isor usorte kandikena modot mangi ahise tetia arubi Isor he ekta manu taikhan ke bacha bole pathaise.

Itu nisina he bisi bar hoi thakise; Israel manukhan pap kuribo, Isor pora taikhan ke sajai dibo, aru taikhan Isor usorte kandikena ahibo aru Isor pora taikhanke bachabole nimite manuke pathabo. Bisi hazar sal homoete, Israel laga manukhan ke dushman pora choraibole Isor pora manu bisi ke pathaise.

Pichete, Isor ke dusra mahadeshkhan laga rajyo te thaka nishina, taikhan ke bi ekta raja dibi koise. Taikhan bisi lamba aru takot thaka raja lobole mon thakise, jun taikhan ke loraite loijabole paribo. Isor taikhan laga kotha khusi panai, hoilebi taikhan manga nisina ekta raja taikhan ke dise.

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