unfoldingWord 16 - Chhanchhuaktute

unfoldingWord 16 - Chhanchhuaktute

Outline: Judges 1-3; 6-8; 1 Samuel 1-10

Script Number: 1216

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Joshua thih hnu chuan, Israelte chuan Pathian thu an awih ta lova, a dân te an zawm lova, Kanaan mi la awm te chu an hnawtchhuak hek lo. Lalpa, Pathian tak biak aiin Kanaan pathiante chu an be ta zawk a. Israelte chuan lal an nei lova, chuvangin mitînin mahni ṭha tihzawng zawngin an ti mai a.

Israelten Pathian thu an awih loh tâk zel avangin Pathianin an hmelmate hnehtîrin anni chu a hrem ta a. An hmelmate chuan an thilneihte ruksakin an tihchhiatsak a, an zinga mi tamtak an that bawk a. Kum tâmtak Pathian thu awih lova an awm a, an hmelmate awpbeh an nih hnu chuan Israelte chuan an thiltih sual chu an sim a, Pathian chhanchhuahna an dil ta a.

Tin, Pathianin chhanchhuaktu a pe a, ani chuan an hmelmate lak ata a chhanchhuak a, an ramah muanna a thlentîr ta a. Nimahsela, mipuite chuan Pathian an theihnghilh a, milemte an lo be leh ta a. Chuvangin, Pathian chuan an bul hnaia awm an hmêlma, Midian mîte chu anmahni hnehtîr a remti ta a.

Midian mite chuan Israel mite lova thlai zawng zawngte chu kum sarih chhûng an laksak a. Israel mite chu an mangang ta hle mai a; Midian mîte hmuh loh tûrin pûkah te an biru a. A tawp khawk ah, anmahni chhanchhuak tûrin Pathian an au ta a.

Ni khat chu, Israel mi pakhat, Gideona chuan a rukin, Midian miten an ruksak lohnan, buh a lo vua a. Lalpa vantirhkoh chu Gideona hnenah a rawn kal a, a hnenah, “Nang mi chak huaisen, Lalpa chu i hnênah a awm e. Kal la, Israel mîte chu Midian mîte lak ata chhanchhuak rawh,” a ti a.

Gideona pa chuan milem pualin maicham a nei a. Pathianin Gideona hnênah maicham chu tichhe tûrin a hrilh a. Nimahsela, Gideona chuan mipui a hlauh avangin zân thlengin a nghak ta a. Tin, maicham chu a tichim a, a tikehsawm ta a. Milem puala maicham awmna ṭhin ah chuan Pathian tan maicham a din ta a, chumi chungah chuan Pathian hnênah inthawina a hlan ta a.

A tuk zingah chuan mîten maicham chu tuin emaw an tichimin an tichhia tih an hmuhin an thinûr ta hle a. Gideona that tûrin a inah an va kal a, nimahsela, Gideona pa chuan, “Engvanginnge in pathian chu ṭanpui in tum a? Amah chu pathian a nih chuan, amah leh amah invênghim ang hmiang,” a lo ti a. Chu thu a sawi avang chuan, mîte chuan Gideona chu an that ta lova.

Tin, Midian mîte chu Israelte thil rû tûrin an rawn kal leh ta a. An tam em avangin chhiarsen rual an ni lova. Gideona chuan anmahni bei tûrin Israelte chu a kokhawm a. Gideona chuan amah chu Pathianin Israelte chhanhim tûrin a hmang ngei dawn tih a hriatchian theihnan Pathian hnênah chhinchhiahna pahnih a dil a.

Chhinchhiahna pakhatna atan, Gideona chuan berâm hmul chu leiah a dah a, Pathian chu leichungah ni lovin berâm hmul chungah chauh dai awmtîr turin a ngen a. Pathian chuan chutiang chuan a ti ta a. A tukah, berâm hmul tih loh lei chung zawng chu hnawntîr tûrin a ngen a. Pathianin chu pawh chu a ti a. Chu chhinchhiahna pahnih te chuan Pathianin Gideona chu Midian mite laka Israelte chhanchhuak tûrin a hmang dawn a ni tih a rawn tihchiansak ta a.

Israel sipai 32,000 te chu Gideona hnênah an rawn kal a, nimahsela, Pathianin an tam lutuk tiin Gideona a lo hrilh a. Tichuan Gideona chuan indo hlau mi 22,000 te chu an in lamah a kirtîr a. Pathianin Gideona hnenah mi a la ngah mah mah tih a hrilh a. Tichuan, Gideonan sipai 300 tih loh mi dang zawng chu an in lamah a hawtîr ta a.

Chumi zan chuan Pathianin Gideona hnênah, “Midianho riahbûkah zu kal la, an thil sawi i hriat hunah i hlau tawh lovang,” a ti a. Tichuan, chumi zan chuan Midian mîte riahbûkah a zu kal a, Midian sipai pakhatin a ṭhianpa hnena a mumanga a thil hmuh a hrilh chu a zu hria a. A ṭhianpa chuan, “He mumang awmzia chu Gideona sipaite chuan Midian sipaite chu an hneh dawn tihna a ni,” a lo ti a. chu thu chu Gideonan a hriatin, Pathian chibai a bûk ta a.

Tin, Gideona chu a sipaite hnenah a kîr leh a, tawtawrawt leh, bel ruak leh meichher a pe ṭheuhva. Midian sipaiho te an muthilh laiin an riahbûk chu an zu hual ta a. Gideona sipai 300 te chuan bel ruak chhungah meichher an dah avangin Midian mîte chuan meichher eng chu an hmu thei lova.

Tin, Gideona sipai te chuan an bêl chu a rualin an tikeh a, thawk leh khatah meichher êng chu a rawn engchhuak ta phut a. An tawtawrawtte chu an hâm a, “Lalpa leh Gideona ngunhnam,” tiin an auva.

Pathianin Midian mîte chu a tichiai ta a. Tichuan anmahni leh anmahni an insual a, an inthat a. Chu veleh, Israel mi in lama lo awm zawng te chu Midian mîte umchhuahpui turin an han ko va. An zinga mi tamtak an that a, a dang zawng chu Israel ram atangin an umchhuak ta a. Chumi ni chuan Midian mi 120,000 an thi a. Pathianin Israelte chu a chhanhim ta a.

Mipuite chuan Gideona chu an lal a siam an duh a. Gideona chuan a lo remti lo va, nimahsela, Midian mîte rangkachak bêngbeh an laksak ṭhenkhat chu a dil a. Mipuite chuan Gideona chu rangkachak ṭhahnem tak an pe ta a.

Tin, Gideona chuan rangkachakte chu puithiam lalten an hak ṭhin ang thawmhnaw danglam bîk siam nan a hmang ta a. Nimahsela, mipuiten chu thil chu milem angin chibai an bûk ta a. Chuvangin, Pathianin milem an biak avang chuan Israel mîte chu a hrem leh ta a. Pathian chuan an hmelmaten an hneh a remti ta a. A tawpah chuan Pathian ṭanpuina an dil leh a, Pathian chuan chhanchhuaktu dang a rawn tîr leh a.

Hetiang hi vawi tam tak a thleng nawn a ni: Israelte chu an sual ang a, Pathianin a hrem ang a, an sual an sim ang a, Pathianin anmahni chhanchhuak tûrin chhanchhuaktu a rawn tîr ang. Kum tamtak chhung Pathianin Israelte chu an hmelmate lak ata chhanchhuak turin chhanchhuaktu a rawn tîr ṭhin a ni.

A tawpah chuan, mipuiten Pathian hnênah hnam dang zawng zawngten a lal an neih ang chu an dîl ta a. Lal chak leh sang, indonaa anmahni hruai theitu tûr an duh a. Pathian chuan an thil ngen chu a duhzawng a ni lo mahse, an dil ang ngeiin lal chu a pe ta a.

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