unfoldingWord 09 - Apã Wachu puka Moisepe

unfoldingWord 09 - Apã Wachu puka Moisepe

Outline: Exodus 1-4

Script Number: 1209

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Gobu Jose manombu, dja pawe wywy ekõ Egiptope. Gogi dja irõndy wywydji ekõ wyche gope ruy tãrã wachubu, gobu tãrã buchã roma djo dja tay wywy. Gogi wywype pukapyty Israel puaty wywy.

Gobu tãrã buchã ruy wachabu, Israel irõndy tãrã buchãeche roma. Egipto puatygi wywy kua djuellãma Josedji, kuallãma emi dja bue gatu djapowedji, idjape wywy kuwẽwã. Gogi wywy krymballã buchã roma Israel irõndy wywydji, tãrã buchãndjiwa. Go buare faraon, ymachidja buare go krey rupiwe Egipto ekõandy wywy rupi, mĩma Israel irõndy wywype, Egipto pua wywy idjape rekowã rekopytygi.

Egipto puagi wywy bita puy wachu reko Israel irõndy wywydji, djapowã tãrã tapy wachu emi tapy tãrã. Israel irõndy wywy djuei buchã ekõ go bita puy wachudjiwa, Apã Wachu rõ kuwẽ gatu reko gogi wywype. Go buare machĩma emi tay tãrã.

Faraon wechãma, Israel irõndy wywy tay tãrã roma, go buare inama dja irõndy wywype, pacho djonowã Israel irõndy memby kbe’e wywy, ity mondo ypurã Nilope.

Gobu etakrã Israel pua kudjã kbe’epurã machĩma. Gogi emi dja imedji krumi pou djemi reko tãrã kreybu. Gobu rõ djueima, krumipe djemiwã.

Gobu krumi apã emi dja breko kuallãma, idjape djemiwã. Go buare idjape raity wachupe djenomami, gobu mĩma ypurã Nilo embedji, raity wachu wewowã y llabu kuando bychepe. Go nonga djapo, krumipe kuwẽwã, duwegi idjape pachollãwã. Dja pawe kudjã kieypurãngi maĩ reko, wechãwã, bue rõ ekõwerã idjadji.

Faraon tay kudjã wechãma raity wachu, gobu maĩma djãwãpe. Go krumipe wechãmbu, idjape rekoma dja memby nonga. Idja pukama etakrã kudjã Israel pua, krumipe kã mẽwã, idja rõ kuallã go kudjã rõ krumi ai’i. Go krumi yma rabu, kã tykullãmbu, dja ai’i rama faraon tay kudjãpe. Go idjape bykuama Moise.

Go duwe kreybu, Moise ymabu, wechãma, manonga etakrã Egipto puagi pacho reko kbe’e Israel pua. Moise kuwẽ djue dja Israel irõndype.

Moise djã djawubu, duwegi idjape wechãllã kura, pacho bro djono Egipto puagipe, gobu pechema dja echewe. Duwegi rõ wechãma Moise djapowe.

Gobu faraon Moise djapowe kuabu, kuarama idjape pychowã. Gobu Moise kadjã roma djo ekõandy Egipto puare, owã ka irõllãpe. Gope ĩllã ape, faraon tõallãngi idjape pychywã.

Moise ekõma wachupurã warõandygi ka irõllãpe, budjakrã ĩ Egiptodji. Gope rekoma dja breko emi mirõ dja tay.

Etakrã kreybu, Moise warõ rekobu wachupurãndji, wechãma djupĩkã endy wachugi. Djupĩkã endybu djepe, keĩpallã. Moise oma go rekuaty, wechã gatuwã. Moise djupĩkã djãwẽ ĩmbu, Apã Wachu pukama idjape, inama: “Moise, dje pychãmbire bui mondo, go ywy dje pyrõngi rõ cho llapo kbegatueche.”

Gobu Apã Wachu inama idjape: “Cho wechãma, manonga cho irõndy wywy djuei buchãpe ĩ’ĩ. Cho djepe buewerã faraon endape, matãwã Israel irõndy wywy Egipto ekõandy puare, go puagi idjape rekollãwã rekopytygi. Cho mewerã gogi wywype ywy Kanaan, go ywy cho djawu mewe nonga Abraham, Isaak, emi Jakobpe.

Moise inama: “Israel irõndy wywy kua djuebu, awa rõ chope bueare, bue rõ cho inawerã?” Gobu Apã Wachu inama: “CHO RÕ, GUEI’I CHO. Kiu mondo gogi wywype: CHO RÕ bueare chope pendje endape. Gobu emi kiu mondo gogi wywype: CHO RÕ, Apã Wachu, pendje djypywaregi Abraham, Isaak, emi Jakob Apã Wachu. Kowe rõ cho bykuapyre gorãwe ĩwerã.”

Moise krymballã buchã, o djuellã faraon endape, dja djã djawuma, idja rõ djawu gatullã. Go buare Apã Wachu buema mondo Moise pawe Aaronpe, idjape kuwẽwã. Apã Wachu kiuma Moise emi Aaronpe, faraon djã rõ krere buchã.

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