unfoldingWord 09 - Pathienin Mosie a Ko

Outline: Exodus 1-4

Script Number: 1209

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Josef a thi hnungin, a unauhai kha Aigupta rama an la um zinga. Anni le an thlahai khom chutaka chun an uma, nau le tehai an nei pei a. Israel thlahai ti a hriet le ko an nih.

Kum za tamtak a liem hnung chun, Aigupta rama chun Josef hrelo, Faraw thar a hung in lala. Aigupta mihai chun Josef le anni a thrangpuina popo kha an hrietfêk ta nawh a. Israelhai kha an hung pungin an hung tamta leiin Aigupta mihai chun an tri ta a. Chuongchun Aigupta mihai chun Israelhai chu salin an siem ta a.

Aigupta mihai chun Israel mihai chu phûtluinain, in tamtak, khawpui lienhai chenin, an in bawllui tirta a nih. An sinthaw inrimna lei chun an nun a sukrinum emem el. Nisienlakhom Pathienin mal a sawma, tu le te an hung hau deu deuva.

Faraw chun Israelhai chu an hung pungin nau an hunghau deu deu ti a hung hmu chun Israel nauhai, naute hung pieng, pasal an ni phat chun Nile Vadung a pei hawn pei dingin a mihai kuoma thu a pêk a.

Israel nuhmei lakah naupasalte a hung pienga. Ama le a pasal chun an theipatawpin nau pasalte chu an thupa.

A nu le pain nau pasalte chu an thuprûk theita naw phing chun phairuong long an siema, Nile Vadung pangah phairuong buk lai an thup ta a. A unu chun iengam a hung chang hrim ti ngaichângin a enthlâk zing a.

Faraw naunu, tui insila fe chun bawm chu a hmua, bawm sung chu a zuk bi a. Naute chu a zuk hmu chun a lak a, a nau dingin a siem a. Naute enkawla suktleitu dingin Israel nupui pakhat a naute nu chie a ni ti hre chuong lovin, inhlawfain a ruoita a. Naute chu a hung tleita leiin a ni chun Faraw naunu kuoma chun a thakkir ta a, naute hming ding chun Mosie a lo sak a. Mosie hming umzie chu “Tuia laksuok” tina a nih.

Nikhat chu Mosie a hung tlangval chun, Aigupta miin Israel mi, suok a vuoklai a hmu a. Mosie chun a Israel mi chanpui chu san a tum a.

Mi tukhoma an hmu naw sawnin, Aigupta mi chu a that a, hnuoiah a phum a. Nisielakhom, mipakhatin a thilthaw chu a lo hmuruk si a.

Farawin chu thu chu a lo hriet chun, a thil thaw lei chun Mosie chu that dingin a zong ta a. Chuongchun Mosie chu Faraw sipaihaiin an that phak nawna ding hmun zongin thlaler ram tieng chun Aigupta ram a inthawk chun a tlan hmang ta a.

Mosie chu Aigupta ram khel tieng dai thlaler rama chun berampu, beram vengtuin a va um ta a. Nuhmei a va nei a, naupasal khom pahni a va nei a.

Nikhat chu Mosie’n a beramhai a venghaiin chimbuk meiin a kang lai a hmua. Nisienkhom chimbuk chu meiin a kang si nawh a. Mosie chu hnai deuva va en chieng dingin chimbuk chu a va hnaia. Chimbuk meiin a kanglai a va hnaizuol phing chun, Pathienin rawlin, “Mosie, i kephaa inthokin i pheikhawkhai kha hlip rawh. I ngirna hmun kha hmun thienghlim a nih.” a hung ti a.

Pathien chun “Ka mihai rimsikzie chu ka hmua, Aigupta rama Israelhai an salintangnaa inthoka I thruoisuok theina dingin Faraw khuomah ka tir ding che a nih. Abraham-hai, Isak-hai le Jakob-hai kuoma ram pek ka tiem, Kanan ram kha ka pek ding a nih,” a ta.

Mosie chun, “Mihaiin a mitirtu chu tum an leh, a hming iem an leh ti an hriet nuom chun, iem hril ka ti leh?” a ta. Pathien chun “KEIMA CHU KA NIH” a ta. “KEIMA khan in kuomah a mi hung tir a nih.” ti rawh. Chun Yahweh, in thlatuhai Abraham Pathien, Isak Pathien le Jakob Pathien Ka nih. Hihi chatuona ka hming chu a nih ti hrilsa bok rawh” a ta.

Mosie chun thu hril thiemnaw an lau leiin Faraw kuoma fe chu a nuom ta naw a. Chuong chun ama thrangpuitu dingin a unaupa Aron chu Pathienin a tir tah a. Pathienin Mosie le Aron kuoma chun Faraw lungril chu a khirin, a ngar hle ding a nih ti a hrillawk bok a.

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