unfoldingWord 09 - TeꞌAlataꞌala Noleva SiMusa

Outline: Exodus 1-4

Script Number: 1209

Language: Tajio

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Touk siYusup naate, jojoo terurusnya nomoia eiMesir. Siira ane tebija niira tatarus nomoia eiriꞌua eꞌendenya metoung-toung ane umai mabari teunga. Siira notope tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael.

Apagatusntoung lamai heꞌua, terekenong nutoo-too nuꞌIsrael najari mabari tutuu. Tetoo-too nuMesir nongelinganimo siYusup ane jojoo sanu ginaukaꞌonya nondulu siira. Siira najari nobule eitoo-too nuꞌIsrael karna siira mabari tutuu. Karna heꞌua, siPiraun sanu nokuasa watu heꞌua, nogutu tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael najari tevotuang-votuang niira.

Tetoo-too nuMesir nomajujut tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael nombaung mabari tebangunan ane jojoo tekota. Nokarajaa tutuu heꞌua nogutu teꞌotutuvu niira masesa. Tapi teꞌAlataꞌala nombarakai siira, ane siira umai nelabi mabari teunga.

SiPiraun neꞌita tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael noguungaa mabari teunga medeꞌi, jaok siia nomarentaa jojoo teunga langkai nuꞌIsrael norampaka niira eilalong nuBangkalang nuNil antau teunga-unga heꞌua maate.

Sotoo eiolot nubengkel nuꞌIsrael noguungaa teunga langkai. Siia ane silapinya nonyoyoka teunga heꞌua.

Watu tetosiaꞌang nuunga heꞌua jiongo maala nonyoyoka siia, siira nongembea siia eilalong nukaranji sanu melantap eipipit nuBangkalang nuNil antau siia jio nopatei. Tesiaꞌa bengkelnya mongita-ngitai antau moꞌotoi tesapa sanu kana majari eisiia.

Sotoo teunga bengkel niPiraun neꞌita tekaranji heꞌua ane nongita eilalong. Watu siia neꞌita teunga heꞌua, siia nongalanya sima teunganya mboto. Siia nonambo sotoo tebengkel nuꞌIsrael antau momiara siia. Sanu tinambo heꞌua siinanya mboto. Watu teunga heꞌua netuvu mabaꞌayo ane jiongo nonusu, siinanya nombeenaꞌonye eiunga bengkel niPiraun heꞌua, sanu nonopeinya siMusa.

Vavalii seeleo, watu siMusa noꞌumur apampuluntoung, siia neꞌita sotoo tetoo nuMesir nombobog sotoo tevotuang nuꞌIsrael. SiMusa nonyoꞌarai monyabataa tetagu sababangsa siia.

Watu siia nomikir jio umai sanu meꞌita, siia nomate tetoo nuMesir heꞌua ane nongubura tebatangnya. Tapi sotoo neꞌita tesapa sanu ginauka niMusa.

Watu siPiraun moꞌotoi sima tegauk heꞌua, siia nonyoꞌarai momate siMusa. SiMusa nelinjok lamai teMesir umaꞌo tetana sanu jio pinomoiai nutoo eipaio siia kana maꞌaman.

SiMusa najari tetopomiara tedomba eitana sanu jio pinomoiai nutoo naavar lamai teMesir. Siia nolapi sotoo tebengkel lamai tetana heꞌua ane ounga rotoo telangkai.

Vavalii seeleo watu siMusa pepees nongangatu tedomba-dombanya, siia neꞌita teꞌoruiong nelegang. Tapi teꞌoruiong heꞌua jio naꞌarampunong. SiMusa umaꞌo mongita nelabi moꞌosuk. Watu siia nongosuꞌi teꞌoruiong sanu nelegang heꞌua, tesuara nuꞌAlataꞌala nongular, “Musa, lapasa tesandalmu. Siꞌoo neꞌoro eitana sanu mapacing.”

TeꞌAlataꞌala nongular, “Siaꞌu neꞌita teꞌasesesa nutoo-tooꞌU. Siaꞌu kana monujumu eisiPiraun jaok siꞌoo maala mongomung tetoo-too nuꞌIsrael mesuvung lamai teꞌasesesa niira eiMesir. Siaꞌu kana mombeena siira teTana nuKanaꞌan, tetana sanu Siaꞌu nojanjia eisiꞌAbraham, eisiꞌIshak, ane eisiYakub.”

SiMusa noꞌutanya, “Ane siira seilu moꞌotoi sisee sanu nonuju siaꞌu, tesapa sanu uulara?” TeꞌAlataꞌala nongular, “Siaꞌumo seende-endenya. Ulara eisiira, ‘Sanu seende-endenya nonuju siaꞌu eisiꞌemiu.’ Nongular valii eisiira, ‘Siaꞌu siYahweh, teꞌAlataꞌala nusiopumu siꞌAbraham, siꞌIshak ane siYakub.’ Eini tetopeꞌU seende-endenya.”

SiMusa nobule ane jio seilu umaꞌo eisiPiraun karna siia nomikir siia jio maala nonjarita mapande, jadi teꞌAlataꞌala nonuju tesiaꞌa niMusa, siHarun, antau monduluinya. TeꞌAlataꞌala nolambota siMusa ane siHarun, siPiraun jio kana meꞌeepe tetutuunong-Nya.

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