unfoldingWord 07 - Apã Wachu kuwẽ gatu Jakobpe

unfoldingWord 07 - Apã Wachu kuwẽ gatu Jakobpe

Outline: Genesis 25:27-35:29

Script Number: 1207

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Go mirõ krumi yma rabu, Jakob prawo gatu chupa pua, Esau rõ ka’a prawo bereka djuedjiwa. Rebeka by gatu Jakobpe, Isaak rõ by gatu Esaupe.

Duwe kreybu berekawe ekõmbu, Esau llellã buchã. Gobu Esau inama Jakobpe: „Ichakrã dje bakuwe chope me, cho uwã.“ Gobu Jakob inama: “Dje u nondje, me ga chope, cho ekõwã dorogi nonga. Nandje apã manobu, Apã Wachu kuwẽ gatu cho rekowã.” Go nonga Esau mema Jakobpe dorogi nonga ekõwã. Gobu Jakob idjape mema ichakrã dja bakuwe.

Gobu Isaak me djue Esaupe Apã Wachu kuwẽ gatu. Go djapo nondje, Rebeka emi Jakob kabewãma Isaakpe, bue mĩ gatupama, Isaak Apã Wachu kuwẽ gatu mewã Jakobpe, Esau endawepe. Isaak chuepurãma, wechã bechema. Go buare Jakob pypyma Esau tyru gatuechegi, gobu pechema bechepe pirewe dja rupydji emi dja ipodji.

Gobu Jakob oma Isaak endape, inama: “Cho rõ Esau. Cho ekõma, dje chope mewã dje kuwẽ gatu.” Isaak bechepe pirewe pokobu, Esau tyru wenobu, idja djãpe inama, go rõ Esau. Gobu mema idjape dja kuwẽ gatu.

Gobu Esau byllã buchã Jakobdji, go narõ buare dorogi nonga ekõwã, narõma emi Apã Wachu kuwẽ gatu. Gobu dja djãpe djawuma, dja apã manombu, Jakobpe pychowerã.

Go Rebeka wenduma, Esau djawu, idja pawe pychowã. Go buare Rebeka emi Isaak buema mondo Jakobpe budjakrãpe, Rebeka pawe ekõandype.

Tãrã ruybu Jakob ekõma dja ai’i pawe ekõandype, gope rekoma emi dja breko, etakrã mirõ tay emi etakrã tay kudjã. Apã Wachu idjape kuwẽ gatu, go buare idja rõ bue tãrã rekogi.

Go mirõtapa ruybu Jakob ekõma budjakrã puare dja ekõandy Kanaanpe. Gobu Jakob djewy roma bu. Dja breko, dja tay wywy, dja buetygi wywydji, emi dja we wywy erupama emi.

Jakob krymballã buchã, kuabu, dja pawe kieypurã Esau idjape pycho djuedjiwa. Go buare buema mondo we tãrã Esaupe mewã. Buetygi, we eruwegi, kiuma Esaupe: “Dje buetygi Jakob djepe me djue kowe we wywy. Idja ekõwerã wyche.”

Esau chingadjeky emi kuwẽma Jakobpe, ury gatuma wechãmbu edji. Gobu Jakob okryra gatupe ekõ ekõandy Kanaanpe. Isaak manombu, Jakob emi Esau pechema dja echewe. Gobu Apã Wachu djawu mewe Abrahampe emi djawu membyre Abrahampe kowebu wachama Isaak rupi emi Jakobpe.

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