unfoldingWord 35 - Tepogurapanong Sima Tesiama Sanu Mombosi

Outline: Luke 15

Script Number: 1235

Language: Tajio

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Vavalii seeleo, siYesus nomaguru mabari tetopongincong teasel ane tetoo odosa sanu neincong antau meꞌeepe Siia.

Tetopomimpin-topomimpin nuꞌagama sanu umai eiriꞌua nonjaati, “SiYesus nonagui tetoo-too sanu odosa.” Karna heꞌua siYesus nonjaritaa tejarita eini.

“Umai telangkai sanu ounga rotoo telangkai. Teunga sanu tuai nonjaritaa eisiamanya, ‘Siamaꞌu, siaꞌu momongi tewarisanu eꞌeini!’ Jadi siamanya heꞌua nonilala tehartanya eirotoo teunganya.”

“Lamai heꞌua teunga sanu tuai nongincona jojoo tehartanya ane nelampa umaꞌo naavar nonouka tedoinya nonggauka tedosa.”

“Touk heꞌua najari teorok tututuu eitana heꞌua, ane siia jiongo odoi untuk mongoli sanu noꞌinang. Karna heꞌua siia melolo tepokarajaaong, boi naꞌala tepokarajaaong momaꞌinang tevavi. Siia tututuu nandasa ane noorok jaok siia seilu menginang sanu noꞌinang nuvavi heꞌua.”

“Ponouꞌongnya, siia nonjarita eiꞌalaenya mboto, ‘Tesapa sanu ugauka eini? Jojoo tevotuang nusiamaꞌu umai sanu noꞌinang mabari, tapi eiriꞌini siaꞌu noꞌoroꞌong. Siaꞌu kana metencile umaꞌo eisiamaꞌu ane momongi eisiia majari sotoo tevotuangnya.’”

“Karna heꞌua teunga sanu tuai heꞌua nelampa metencile eivonua niamanya. Watu siia ulengi maavar, siamanya neꞌita siia ane noondong eisiia. Siia nelinjok nolaboti teunga heꞌua ginonggolinya ane mbinongiinya.”

“Teunga heꞌua nonjarita, ‘Siamaꞌu, siaꞌu odosamo eiꞌAlataꞌala ane eisiꞌoo. Siaꞌu jiongo masipato majari teunga niꞌoo.’”

“Tapi siamanya nonjarita eisotoo tevotuangnya, ‘Umaꞌo polongkang! Omung tepakean sanu mombosi ane pakea eisiia! Ulea tesincing eilimanya ane pakea tesandal eipaanya. Lamai heꞌua sambale teunga nubengga sanu mombosi antau siꞌita maala mopesta, karna teungaꞌu naatemo, ane eꞌeini siia netuvuonye! Siia neꞌilango, tapi eꞌeini siia jinaoko!’”

“Karna heꞌua tetoo-too nompamula nopesta. Jio neende lamai heꞌua, teunga sanu siaꞌa netencilemo lamai tepokarajaaongnya. Siia neꞌeepe temusik ane tetoo-too nonari ane noꞌutanya tesapa sanu najari.”

“Watu siia moꞌotoi siira nopesta karna tetuainya netencilemo, siia nongoungkul tututuu jio seilunya mentama eilalong nuvonua. Lamai heꞌua siamanya nesuvung ane nomongi eisiia antau mentama mopesta concoono, tapi jio seilunya.”

“Teunga siaꞌa nonjarita eisiamanya, ‘Eꞌendenya eini siaꞌu nokarajaa tutuu eisiamaꞌu ane nonuruk jojoo teparenta niꞌoo, tapi siamaꞌu jio nombee eisiaꞌu maampo sambaang tebembe sanu medeꞌi antau siaꞌu mopesta concoono tetagu-taguꞌu. Tapi watu teunga sanu nomake tedoi eigauk-gauk sanu jio mombosi eini netencile, siamaꞌu nonyambale tebengga sanu mombosi untuk siia!’”

“Siamanya nonyimbat, ‘Teungaꞌu, siꞌoo kalepu concoono siaꞌu, jojoo tehartaꞌu heꞌua tehartamu. Tapi mombosi siꞌita moramea, karna tetuai niꞌoo naatemo, tapi eꞌeini netuvuonye. Siia neꞌilang, tapi eꞌeini najaoko!’”

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