unfoldingWord 46 - Pablo Jesu kuere mudjãndygima

unfoldingWord 46 - Pablo Jesu kuere mudjãndygima

Outline: Acts 8:1-3; 9:1-31; 11:19-26; 13-14

Script Number: 1246

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Saulo rõ go kbuchuwe warõwegi go Estebam pachoaregi tyru wywydji. Go kuallã Jesudji, go buare djueipa roma mondo Jesu kuere mudjãndygi wywype. Jerusalem tapy wywy rupi ikẽmba roma djo, pychywã kbe’e emi kudjã wywype, pypywã tapy djãwãllãpe. Go pa’i ymachidja wachugi inama idjape, tapy tãrã Damaskope owã, go pua Jesu kuere mudjãndygi wywype pychywã emi eruwã Jerusalempe.

Saulo obu Damasko ape rupi, etakrã bue endy chapi wachu wẽma bu ywadjiware mama roma idja ruwa. Gobu Saulo wama ywype emi wenduma etakrã djawu: „Saulo, Saulo! Bue buare dje kuara bue buchã djapowã chodji?” Saulo djawu pepyma: “Awa rõ dje, kiuatygi?” Jesu inama: “Cho rõ Jesu. Dje rõ chope mĩ buchã djue.”

Saulo puãmbu, chãllãma. Gobu dja bygatutygi wywy rama idjape Damaskope. Saulo rõ bakupyre ubeche emi y tykubechema brewipychã krey pukubu.

Damaskope ĩ etakrã Jesu kuere mudjãndygi, idja bykuapyre rõ Anania. Apã Wachu inama idjape: “Amaty kua go tapy Saulo ĩngipe. Djono dje ipo idja llabu, idja wechãwã emi.” Anania rõ inama: “Cho Rekoatygi, cho wenduma, mawe nonga kowe kbe’e bue buchã djapowe dje kuere mudjãndygi wywype.” Apã Wachu djawu pepy idjape: “Amaty kua! Cho prawoma idjape, kiu gatuwã cho bykuapyre Juda pua wywype emi duwe ache wywype. Go wachawerã tãrã djuei’i rupi cho bykuapyredjiwa.”

Go buare Anania oma Saulo endape, djonoma dja ipo idja llabu emi inama: “Jesu, go wẽaregi dje chã ruwa ape rupi, chope buema dje endape, dje wechãwã emi, gobu dje embepawã Krei Gatudji.” Gope rõ, Saulo wechã gatuma, emi Anania y tõ pypyma idjape. Gobu Saulo bakupyre uma, go nonga dja eche chidja gatuma emi.

Gobu Saulo buã reko kiu gatuwã Juda pua wywype Damaskope, emi inama: “Jesu rõ Apã Wachu Tay!” Go Juda pua wywy chã opopama. Go kbe’e Jesu kuere mudjãndygi wywype reko buchãregi kua gatuma kowebu Jesudji! Saulo djawu reko Juda pua wywydji emi djawu gatuma mondo, Jesu go rõ go Mesia.

Tãrã krey wachubu, Juda pua wywy djawuma reko Saulope pacho djonowã. Gogi buema mondo kbe’e warõ rekowã go tapy tãrã ikẽ lluandype, idjape pachowã. Saulo wenduma gogi wywy djapo djuegi. Gobu dja bygatutygi wywy kuwẽma idjape kadjãwã. Etakrã chãwãmbu rudjyma mondo idjape raity wachupe tapy tãrã pechepyre ruwa. Saulo Damasko puare kadjãmbu, buãma kiu rekowã Jesudjiwa.

Gobu Saulo oma Jerusalempe, wechãwã Jesu kuere mudjãndygi wywype. Gogi wywy rõ krymballã idjadji. Gobu etakrã kbe’e Jesudji kua gatugi, idja bykuapyre rõ Bernabe, rama Saulope apostol wywy endape, emi kiuma, manonga Saulo kiu rekowe krymba gatupe Damaskope. Gobu Jesu kuere mudjãndygi wywy ĩma Saulodji emi.

Go djuei wachu wẽmbu Jerusalempe, tãrãllã Jesudji kua gatugi kadjãwe emi oma budjakrãpe tapy tãrã Antiokiape. Gope kiu reko Jesudjiwa. Tãrã Antiokia pua go rõ Juda puallã. Go nongabu djepe tãrã go pua wedjama bue buchã idja djapowe, Jesu kuere rupi mudjãwã. Gobu Bernabe Saulodji oma gope, Jesudjiwa kiu gatuwã Jesudji kua pougi wywype, emi Jesu kuere mudjãndygi noãndype kuwẽwã chidja gatu rekowã. Antiokiape rõ go Jesudji kua gatugi wywype pukapyare “Krito mudjãndygi”.

Etakrã kreybu go Krito mudjãndygi wywy Antiokia pua krandobuãmbu bue ullãpe, go Krei Gatu inama gogi wywype: “Matã ga mondo pendje byche puare Bernabe emi Saulope, cho inawerã gogipe dja djaporãngi.” Go buare go Jesu kuere mudjãndygi wywy Antiokia pua krandobuãma Bernabe emi Saulodji, emi djonoma dja ipo idja llabu. Gobu buema mondo, djawu gatu kiuwã Jesudjiwa duwe rekuaty wywy. Bernabe emi Saulo kiu gatu reko duwe ache wywype, gobu tãrã ache kua gatuma Jesudji.

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