unfoldingWord 49 - Isor Laga Notun-Niom

Outline: Genesis 3; Matthew 13-14; Mark 10:17-31; Luke 2; 10:25-37; 15; John 3:16; Romans 3:21-26, 5:1-11; 2 Corinthians 5:17-21; Colossians 1:13-14; 1 John 1:5-10

Script Number: 1249

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Mary, jun ekta chukuri asile, tai ke ekjon sorgoduth ahikena tai Isor laga Chokora ke jonom dibo koise. Tai ekdum sapha chukuri asile, hoilebi Pobitro Aatma tai logote ahise aru tai bacha bukhise. Tai ekta chokora ke jonom dise aru tai laga nam Jisu rakhise. Itu nimite Jisu Isor hoikena-manu nisina bi ase.

Jisu pora tai Isor ase koikena manukhan ke bujabole bisi asurit kamkhan kurise. Tai pani uporte beraise, aru bisi dangor hawa pani ke rukhaidise. Tai bemar manukhanke bhal kurise aru junkhan laga gao-te bia-atma ghusikena thakise utukhan ke churaidise. Tai morija-a manu ke jinda kuridise, aru pasta ruti aru duita mas loikena panch hazar upor manukhan ke khilaise.

Jisu bisi bhal shikai dia manu thakise. Tai ki hikaise, sob thik thakise. Tai ki hikaidise, manukhan pora itukhan koribo lage, kilekoile tai Isor laga Chokora ase. Ekta kotha ineka ase: tai hikaise, apuni nijorke kineka morom kure, itu nisina he dusra manukhan ke bi ineka he morom kuribi.

Aru tai hikaise, Isorke sob pora bisi morom kuribi, apuni laga dhon sampoti pura bi bisi.

Jisu itu bi hikaise, itu prithibi te dhon sampoti bisi thaka pora toh, Isor laga rajyo te ja-a he bhal ase. Isor pora apunike apuni laga pap pora roikha kuribo lage, ineka hoile he apuni tai laga rajyo te jabole paribo.

Jisu koise kunba manukhan tai ke sonman kuribo. Isor pora utu manu khan ke roikha kuribo. Hoilebi, dusra kunbakhan tai ke sonman nakoribo. Tai koise, kunbakhan bhal mati nisina ase, kilekoile taikhan Jisu laga susaamachar ke biswas kurise, aru Isor taikhan ke roikha kure. Hoilebi dusra kunbakhan rasta upor laga tan mati nisina ase. Isor kotha rasta uporte bijon gira nisina ase, hoilebi ta-te ekubi na-ulai. Itu manukhan Isor laga ki kotha ase, itu mana kurise. Taikhan Isor laga rajyo te jabole nijor pora rasta bon kurise.

Jisu hikaise Isor papi manukhan ke bisi morom kure. Isor taikhan ke maph kurikena tai nijor laga bacha nisina banabole mon ase.

Aru Jisu hikaise, Isor pap ke bisi ghin kure. Adam aru Eve pap kurise, itu nimite taikhan laga khandankhan sob pap kurise. Itu prithibi te sob manukhan pap kurise aru Isor pora bisi dhur te jai jaise. Sob manu Isor laga dushman ase.

Hoilebi Isor itu prithibi laga manukhan ke ineka morom kurise: tai laga khali ekta chokora thakake di dise, kilekoile junkhan Isor ke biswas kuribo, taikhan ke Isor pora sajai nadibo. Hoilebi, taikhan hodae-hodae nimite Isor logote thakijabo.

Apuni moribole lage, kilekoile apuni pap kurise. Isor apuni uporte ghusa korile thik asile, hoilebi tai Jisu uporte he ghusa kurise. Tai Jisu ke sajai dikena krus te moribole dise.

Jisu ekubi pap kuranai, hoilebi tai Isor laga sajai bukhibole manise. Tai moribole monjur hoise. Itu nimite, Jisu he sob pora bhal bolidan ase jun pora sob manu laga pap itu prithibi pora hataidibo. Jisu tai nijor ke Isor logote bolidan kurise, aru Isor pora sob pap, aru bisi bia papkhan maph kuridise.

Apuni bisi bhal kamkhan korilebi, Isor apuni ke itukhan pora nabachabo. Amikhan tai logote sathi nisina milibole naparibo. Hoilebi, Jisu he Isor laga Chokora ase, tai krus te apuni laga bodli te morise, aru Isor pora tai ke arubi jinda kuridise, ineka apuni biswas korile, Isor pora apuni laga pap maph kuridibo.

Kun manukhan Jisu ke biswas kore aru tai ke taikhan laga Malik ase koikena sonman kure, Isor tai ke roikha kuriloi. Hoilebi kunkhan tai ke biswas nakore, Isor taikhan ke nabachabo. Ekjon manu dhun thaka hobo pare, bisi gorib hobo pare, mota aru maiki hobo pare, bura aru buri hobo pare, jun jagate hobo pare. Isor apunike morom kure aru tai apuni ke Jisu ke biswas kuribo dibole mon ase, ineka hoile tai apuni laga sathi nisina hobo.

Jisu apuni ke mati ase, tai uporte biswas kuribole aru baptisma lobole. Apuni Jisu he Masiha ase, Isor laga Chokora ase koikena biswas ase na nai? Apuni nijor ke papimanu ase aru Isor pora apunike sajai dibole lage biswas kure na nai? Jisu krus te apuni laga pap hatai dibole crus te morise koikena biswas ase na nae?

Apuni Jisuke biswas kure aru apuni nimite tai ki kurise itu uporte biswas ase koile, apuni ekta Khristan ase! Saitan tai laga andhar thaka rajyo pora apuni ke cholabole naparibo. Isor he apuni ke cholai ase, tai laga ujala thaka rajyo pora. Apuni poila juntu papkhan kuri thakise, utukhan pora Isor apunike rukhaise. Tai pora apuni ke ekta notun aru thik thakibole rasta dise.

Jodi apuni Khristan ase koile Isor pora apuni laga papkhan maph koridise, aru itu sob Jisu pora ki kurise itu nimite he parise. Itia Isor apuni ke tai laga bisi karibi sathi ase aru dusman nohoe ineka bhabi ase.

Jodi apuni Isor laga sathi ase aru Jisu, jun he Malik ase, tai laga sevak ase koile, Jisu pora apuni ke ki hikabo, apuni itu he koribo. Apuni ekta Khristan ase, hoilebi saitan apuni ke pap kuribo dibole bisi porikha kuribo. Hoilebi Isor tai ki kuribo koise itu tai kurithake. Tai koise apuni laga pap nimite maph mangi le, tai apuni ke maph kuribo koise. Aru tai apuni ke pap logote lorai kuribole shakti dibo.

Isor apuni ke prathna kuribi aru tai laga kotha puribi koiase. Aru apunike dusra Khristan manukhan logote milikena tai ke aradhana kuribi koi ase. Apuni nimite Jisu pora ki kuridise utukhan dusra manukhan ke kobi koiase. Apuni itu khan korile, apuni tai laga bisi bhal sathi hobo koiase.

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