unfoldingWord 45 - Stephen aru Philip

unfoldingWord 45 - Stephen aru Philip

Outline: Acts 6-8

Script Number: 1245

Language: Nagamese

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Biswasi manukhan bhitorte ekjon Stephen koikena asile. Sob manukhan tai ke sonman korithakise. Pobitro Aatma pora tai ke hokti aru bhal dimag dise. Tai bisi asurit kamkhan kurise. Aru tai Jisu ke biswas kuribi koikena hikaise aru bisi manu tai ke biswas kurise.

Ek din, Stephen pora Jisu laga kotha hikai thakise, aru Jehudi khan kun Jisu ke biswas nakore, ahikena tai logote jhagara kurise. Taikhan bisi khong hoise aru tai ke dhorom-laga-cholautakhan logote loijaise aru tai laga misa-misa kotha koise. Taikhan koise: “Amikhan Stephen pora Moses aru Isor laga nam bodnam korithaka hunise!” Itu nimite dhorom laga cholautakhan Stephen ke dhurikena maha purohit aru Jehudi manu khan laga dusra cholauta khan logote anise. Ta-te bi aru kunba misa-misi laga gawahi khan ke anikena Stephen laga misa kotha kobole dise.

Titia maha purohit pora Stephen ke hutise, “Itu manukhan ki koise ase, hosa ase?” Stephen pora maha purohit ke kotha bisi pora jawab dise. Isor pora kineka Israel manukhan nimite asurit kamkhan kurise, Abraham thaka homoi pora Jisu thaka homoi tok laga kahani koise. Hoilebi manukhan pora Isor laga kotha namanikena ahise. Stephen koise: “Apunikhan laga mon kimanbi tan ase aru Isor laga kotha hunikena bi nahuna nisina kore! Apunikhan hodai Pobitro-Aatma ke dhur te hataidie, thik jineka amikhan laga khandan laga babakhan Isor ke korithakise aru apunikhan tai laga bhaubadikhan ke moriadise. Hoilebi apunikhan taikhan pora bi bisi bia kam kurise, apunikhan Masiha ke moria dise!”

Jetia dhorom laga cholautakhan itu kotha hunise, taikhan bisi khong hoise aru bisi jor pora hala korikena taikhan laga hath loikene kan bon kurise. Taikhan Stephen ke dhurise aru tai ke tanikena taun laga baharte loijaise aru taike moraidibole pathor marise.

Jetia Stephen morijai thakise, tai hala kurise: “Jisu amilaga atma ke loilobi!” Tetia tai mati te girise are bisi jor pora koise: “Malik taikhan laga pap taikhan uporte narakhibi!” Tetia tai morise.

Utu din te, Jerusalem te biswasi manu thakakhan ke bisi digdar dibole suru hoise, aru taikhan ta-te pora dusra jagakhan te polaijaise. Aru ineka hoilebi, taikhan kun jagate jai, ta-te Jisu laga kotha he janaidikena berai thakise.

Aru ekta biswasi manu Philip koikena thakise. Tai bi Jerusalem pora polaikena Samaria desh te jaise. Ta-te taikhan ke Jisu laga kotha prochar korise. Manu bisi tailaga kotha hunikena biswas kurise aru roikha paise. Ek-din, sorgoduth ekta tai logote ahise aru jongol phine ekta rasta te jabole koise. Philip ta-te jaise. Tai rasta te beraikena jai thaka homoite, ekta manu ghora-gari pora ahithaka dikhise. Itu manu Ethiopia desh laga dangor-sahab asile. Pobitro Aatma pora Philip ke utu manu logote jaikena kotha kuribi koise.

Itu nimite Philip ghora-gari usorte ahise. Tai utu manu pora Isor laga kotha purithaka hunise. Tai bhaubadi Isaiah laga kotha puri asile. Utu manu purise: “Jineka ekta bhera ke katibole loijai, jineka ekta bhera ekubi awaj nakore, tai ekta kotha bi koanai. Taikhan tai ke bia pora cholaise aru tai ke sonman dia nai. Taikhan pora tai laga jibon khotom kuridise.”

Philip pora Ethiopia manu ke koise: “Apuni ki puriase bujibole pariase?” Utu Ethopia manu koise; “Nohoe. Kunba ami ke bujai nadile ami kineka pora buji-bole paribo? Morom korikena ami logote ahikena usorte bohibi. Isaiah tai nijer laga na kun dusra laga kotha koi ase?”

Philip tai logote ghora-gari te uthikena bohise. Tetia tai utu Ethiopia manu ke koise Isaiah toh Jisu laga kotha likhise. Aru Isor laga kotha dusrakhan bi bisi tai ke koidise. Itu nisina, tai utu manu ke Jisu laga susamachar bi koidise.

Taikhan rasta te jaithaka homoite, pani thaka ekta jagate ahise. Ethiopia manu pora koise: “Sabi! Iyate olop pani ase! Ami baptisma lobole paribo na nai?” Aru tai ghora-garike chola manuke rukhibole koise.

Aru tai duijon pani thaka jaga usorte jaise, aru Philip tai ke baptisma dise. Taikhan pani pora baharte ulaija-a homoi te, Pobitro Aatma pora Philip ke achanak pora dusra jagate loi jaise. Ta-te bi Philip Jisu laga kothakhan koi thakise.

Utu Ethiopia manu tai laga ghorte jaise. Tai Jisu ke janiloise koikene bisi khusi pora jaise.

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