unfoldingWord 47 - Pablo emi Sila tapy tãrã Filipope

unfoldingWord 47 - Pablo emi Sila tapy tãrã Filipope

Outline: Acts 16:11-40

Script Number: 1247

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Saulo wata obu Roma chidja llambaty wywy rupi, buãma gope dja bykuapyre Roma pua djawupe, “Pablo”. Etakrã kreybu Pablo emi dja bygatutygi Sila oma tapy tãrã Filipope, kiuwã djawu gatu Jesudjiwa. Gogi wẽma o tapy tãrã puare ypurã embe rupi, ache wywy krandobuã endatype. Gope doroma etakrã kudjã, dja bykuapyre Lidia. Go rõ butadji bue meandygi, by gatu Apã Wachupe emi pre gatu idjadji.

Apã Wachu pokoma dja djãpe, go kua gatuwã Jesudjiwa djawu, gobu go dja tapy puagi wywydji y tõ pypypama. Go pukama Pablo emi Silape, owã idja rupi ikẽwã dja tapype. Gobu gogi ikẽma Lidia emi dja tapy puagi wywydji.

Pablo emi Sila noã tãrãma go ache wywydji go krandobuã endatype. Kreybu wywy gogi gope obu, etakrã rekopyty daregi, krei buchã rekogi oty gogi rupi. Go krei buchã rupi kiuma achepe bue ekõwãngi. Go nonga noãndy tãrã buta dja rekoatygipe etakrã bue wywy kuatygi nonga.

Go mirõngi wata obu, go rekopyty daregi oma idja kuere rupi, emi puka chidjama: ”Kowe kbe’e wywy rõ go Apã Wachu ywadjiwa buetygi. Gogi kiu reko pendjepe go ape, pendje bue buchã djapowedjiwa kuwẽmbyrã!” Go nonga djapoma tãrã kreybu, go buare Pablo uryllãma.

Duwe kreybu rõ, go rekopyty daregi puka chidjabu emi, Pablo djerema idja rekuaty, gobu inama go krei buchã dja eche pua ĩngipe: “Jesu bykuapyrepe, wẽ kua.” Gope rõ go krei buchã wedjama idjape.

Gobu go dare rekoatygi wywy prandjã buchãma! Wechãma go krei buchã ĩllambu daregi echepe, gogi bue wẽwãngi wywy kuallãwerã. Go nonga ache wywy mẽllãwerã buta go dare rekoatygi wywype, gogi idjape kiuwã, bue rõ idjape wẽwerã mawembu.

Go buare go dare rekoatygi wywy rama Pablo emi Silape go Roma pua ymachidjagi chã ruwa. Gogi wywy rõ pacho tãrãma idjape emi pypyma mondo tapy djãwãllãpe.

Gogi wywy pypyma mondo Pablo emi Silape go tapy djãwãllã krãpĩpe, emi muchãma dja pychã tykõ wachupe. Go nongabu djepe, chãwã byche rupi Pablo emi Sila pre’e reko Apã Wachupe.

Gope rõ ywy ryry chidja roma! Tapy djãwãllã ikẽ lluandy wywy pekapa roma, emi go kbe’e pychypyregi tykõ wywy wapama ywype.

Go tapy djãwãllã warõandygi puãma, gobu wechãmbu tapy ikẽ lluandy wywy pekapama, krymballã buchã! Idja djã djawuma, kbe’e pychypyregi wywy kandjãmba roma. Go buare idja pycho rawe idjadji pẽ akuape. (Go kua gatuma, Roma pua ymachidjagi idjape pychowerã, gogi wedjabu kbe’e tapy djãwãllã puagi wywy kandjãwã.) Pablo rõ wechãma idjape emi puka chidjama: “Go nonga djapoeme! Ore wywy ĩ wyche kowepe!”

Go tapy djãwãllã warõandygi ryry buchã roma emi ekõma Pablo, Sila endape, gobu inama: “Bue rõ cho djapowerã, cho kuwẽwã?” Pablo djawu pepyma: “Kua ga mondo go Rekoatygi Jesudji, gobu Jesu kuwẽwerã djepe emi dje tapy pua wywype.” Gobu go tapy djãwãllã warõandygi rama Pablo emi Silape dja tapype, kuchĩwã dja eche pachopyregi. Pablo kiu gatu reko go djawu gatu Jesudjiwa idjape emi dja tapy puagi wywype.

Go tapy djãwãllã warõandygi emi dja tapy puagi wywy kua gatuma Jesudji, emi y tõ pypyma. Gobu go tapy djãwãllã warõandygi mema bakupyre Pablo emi Silape, gobu ury gatuma edji.

Duwe kreybu, go ymachidjagi wywy tapy tãrã pua puima Pablo emi Silape tapy djãwãllã puare, emi pukama wedjawã tapy tãrã Filipo. Gobu Pablo emi Sila oma, wechãwã Lidiape emi duwe dja bygatutygi wywype. Gobu wẽma o go tapy tãrã puare. Tãrã ache go pua wendu wyche go djawu gatu Jesudjiwa, emi tãrãma go Jesu kuere mudjãndygi noãndype.

Pablo emi duwe Jesukrito mudjãndygi ymachidjagi wywy watama o tãrã tapy tãrã rupi, kiuwã ache wywype go djawu gatu Jesudjiwa. Gogi wywy parama emi tãrã parapyre, kiu gatuwã emi chidja mewã go Jesudji kua gatugi wywype go noãndy wywy rupi. Tãrãllã dja parawe nandje doroma Biblia parapyrepe.

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