unfoldingWord 05 - Go tay djawu membyredjiwa

unfoldingWord 05 - Go tay djawu membyredjiwa

Outline: Genesis 16-22

Script Number: 1205

Language: Ache

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Etakrãtapa ruybu, Abram emi Sarai ekõmbu Kanaanpe, rekollã wyche dja tay. Gobu Abram breko Sarai inama: “Apã Wachu chope mẽllã cho membyrã, gobu emi cho waĩmipurãma, cho memby machĩwã. Kowepe ĩ cho buetygi kudjã Agar. Reko ga mondo idjape dje breko nonga, go rekowã dja memby kbe’e cho endawepe.”

Go nonga Abram rekoma Agarpe idja breko nonga. Agar memby machĩma kbe’e, gobu Abram idjape bykuama Ismael. Sarai rõ ka tã buchã reko Agardji. Gobu Ismael etakrã brewipychã ruy rekobu, Apã Wachu djawuma reko emi Abramdji.

Apã Wachu inama: “Cho rõ Apã Wachu chidjaechegi. Cho djawu mewerã djepe.” Gobu Abram kmarã roma ywydji Apã Wachu chã ruwa. Gobu Apã Wachu inama emi Abrampe: “Dje rõ tãrãeche ekõandy apãrã. Cho mewerã djepe, dje irõndy wywype emi go ywy Kanaan pendje llaporã. Cho etakrã rõ gorãwe pendje Apã Wachu. Mondo ga mondo krumi kbe’epurãngi wywy tawa pire, kbe’e wywy dje tapy pua ekõngi emi.”

“Dje breko Sarai memby machĩwerã kbe’epurã. Go rõ go djawu membyredjiwa tay. Idjape bykua ga mondo Isaak. Cho djawu mewerã idjape, emi idjadji wẽwerã ekõandy wachu. Cho mewerã Ismaelpe emi, duwe ekõandy wachu idjadji wẽwã. Cho djawu membyregi rõ Isaakdji.” Gobu Apã Wachu ruwama Abram bykuapyre, idjape bykuama Abraham, go rõ inambyty: “Ache tãrã apã.” Gobu emi Apã Wachu ruwama Sarai bykuapyre, idjape bykuama Sarah. Go rõ inambyty: “Ymachidja wachu tay kudjã.”

Go kreybu Abraham mondoma kbe’e wywy dja tapy pua ekõngi tawa pire. Gobu etakrã ruy wachabu, Abraham etakrã tapa tapa ruy rekobu, Sarah tõwachu tapa ruy rekobu, Sarah memby machĩma kbe’epurã, Abraham tay. Idjape bykuama Isaak, Apã Wachu inawe nonga.

Isaak kbuchuwebu, Apã Wachu buãma Abrahampe, wechãwã idjadji mudjã gatu ko. Go buare inama: “Ra ga mondo Isaak, dje tay etakrãeche, pycho ga mondo we keĩmbyre nonga chope mẽwã.” Duwebu emi Abraham wendu gatu Apã Wachu djawu, djapo djue go inawe nonga. Kowebu rõ bue wywy mĩ gatuma dja tay pychowã we keĩmbyre nonga Apã Wachupe mewã.

Abraham, Isaak e rupi watabu we keĩmbyty endaty rekuaty, Isaak kua djue: “Cho apã, nandje reko kowepe chakã we keĩmbyrãngi. Maty rõ ĩ wachupurã?” Gobu Abraham inama: “Apã Wachu mewerã nandjepe wachupurã we keĩmbyrã, cho tay.”

Gobu gogi ekõmbu we keĩmbyty endatype, Abraham dja tay Isaakpe muchãma, djonoma we keĩ endaty llabu. Go dja tay pycho rawebu, Apã Wachu pukama: “Djapoeme! Pychoeme kbuchuwepe! Kowebu cho kua gatuma, dje rõ mudjã gatu cho rupi, emi dje krymballãpe ekõ dje tãllã dje tay etakrãndji, chope mẽwã.”

Abraham dja djãwẽ wechãma wachupurã chue’e dja achĩndji pãwe djupikãndji. Apã Wachu rõ meare wachupurã keĩmbyrã Isaak endawepe. Ury gatupe Abraham pychoma wachupurã Apã Wachupe mewã.

Gobu Apã Wachu kiu gatu Abrahampe: “Dje djã echedji me buare chope bue wywy rekogi, dje tay etakrãeche emi, cho mema djepe cho djawu, djedji kuwẽ gatuwã. Dje irõndy wywy tãrã buchãwerã tata ywadjiwa tãrã buchã nonga. Dje rõ cho djawu wendu gatu emi djapo gatu buare, ache wywy kowe ywy llabuwa kuwẽmbyrã dje irõndy wywy rupi.”

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