unfoldingWord 05 - Thulium Naupasal Chu

unfoldingWord 05 - Thulium Naupasal Chu

Outline: Genesis 16-22

Script Number: 1205

Language: Hmar

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Abram le Sara Kanan ramah an lût kum sawm hnunga khom nau an la nei ta naw rop a. Abram nuhmei Sara chun Abram kuomah, “Pathienin nauhai a mi pêk phal si nawh, tu hin nauhai nei dingin ka tar ta si a, hi taka hin ka siehlawnu, Hagar a um a, nau mi nei pêk dingin nuhmeiin nei ve el rawh,” a ti ta a.

Chuongchun Abram chun Hagar chu nuhmeiin a neita a. Hagar chun naupasalte a neia, a hming dingin Abram chun Ishmael a phuok a. Nisienlakhom Sara chun Hagar chu a thîk el ta a. Ishmael kum sawm le pathum a upa a hung tling chun Pathienin Abram kuomah thu a hril nawk a hieng hin,

Pathien Iengkimthawthei ka nih. Nang le ei inkârah thuthlung ka siem ding a nih,” tiin. Chuphing le chun, Abram chu hnuoiah a bok khupta a. Pathien chun a kuomah, “Hnam tamtak pa i hung ni ding a nih. Nang le i thlahai kuomah I rochan dingin Kanan ram hi pêng ka ta, chatuonin an Pathien nîng ka tih. I insûnga pieng naupasal phot chu an ser i tan pêk ngei ngei ding a nih,” tiin.

I nuhmei, Sara chun naupasal nei a ta, thutiem naupa ti nîng a tih. A hmingah Isak ti’n phuok rawh. Ka thuthlung chu a kuomah um a ta, hnam ropuitak hung nîng a tih. Ishmael khom hnam ropuitakin siem ka tih, ana chu ka thuthlung chu Isak le inkâr nîng a tih. Chuongchun Pathienin Abram hming kha a tleng pêka Abraham an bûk pêka, a umzie chu, “mi tamtak pa” tina a nih. Pathienin Sara hming khom kha a thlenga, Sari ti’n an bûk pêka “lalnaunu” tina a nih.

Chu phing le chun Abraham chun a insûnga um pasal popo chu an ser a tan pêk ta a. Kum khat vêl hnunga chun Abraham chu kum 100 a upa a hung ni a, Sari khom kum 90 a hung kai chun Sari chun Abraham chu naupasal a neipêk ta a. Pathienin a hril ang khan a hmingah Isak an inbûk a.

Isak chu tleirawlte a hung ni chun Pathienin Abraham chu a ringna fiena dingin, “I naupa neisun kha thruoi la, ka ta dingin a hringin inthawina dingin maichâm chungah inhlân rawh” a ti el ta a, Abraham chun Pathien thuhril chu a awi a, a naupa chu maichâma Pathien kuoma inthawina dingin a buotsai a.

Abraham le Isak chu inthawina ding hmun tieng an fe lai chun Isakin, “Pa, inthawina dingin thing a uma, pumrawhmang thil inhlân dingin beramte khawlâm a um a?” a ta. Abraham chun, “Ka naupa, inthawina ding beramte chu Pathienin ngaituo fawm el a tih,” tiin a dawn a.

Inthawina ding hmun an tlung chun, Abraham chun a naupa Isak chu a khuopa, maichâm chunga chun an zâl tira, a naupa that dinga chemte a let lai chun Pathienin, Abraham kuomah, “chawl rawh! Naupang chunga khan kut thlâk naw rawh! Tuhin chu i mi tri leiin i naupa neisun khom ka ta dingin i pêk phal a ni ti ka hriet tah” a ta.

Abraham chu a hang ngha vela, a hnung tieng chun beramchal, a ki thing hnoka lo in tâng tlat hi a hmu a. Isak aia inthawina ding beramchal chu Pathienin a lo buotsai pêk a. Chuongchun hlimtakin Abraham chun inthawina dingin beramchal chu a hmang ta a.

Chuphing le chun Pathienin Abraham kuomah, “Thil iengkim, I naupa neisun chen khom i mi pêk phal leiin, mal ka sawm ngei ngei ding che a nih. I thlahai khom vâna arasi zât nek khoma sukpung ngei ka tih. Ka thu i awi leiin i thlaa chun khawvêla chitin la thawveng an tih” a ta.

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