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Area (sq km):27,556
FIPS Country Code:BP
ISO Country Code:SB
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About the Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is a small country, consisting of 7 major volcanic islands plus numerous smaller coral atolls.

The capital is Honiara on Guadalcanal Island.

The population as at 2000 was made up of Melanesians 90.7%; Polynesians 3.7%; Other 5.6%.

Literacy is 54%, the lowest literacy rate in the Pacific.

The official language English. Trade language, Solomons Pijin, spoken by half the population.

There are a total of 66 languages, but up to 120 if distinct dialects are included.

Two languages have full Bibles, and 10 have New Testaments.

There is freedom of religion with a strong Christian emphasis. Cargo Cults = 1.92% of population; Traditional ethnic = 1.50%; Baha'i = 0.40%

The land has been so exposed to the gospel that only pockets of animists on Guadalcanal and Malaita resist it. Yet the continued influence of syncretistic or almost pagan 'cargo cults', which have prompted an exodus from churches in the past, shows the need for a personal appropriation of the gospel by each generation.

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Map of Solomon Islands

Map of Solomon Islands

Languages and dialects spoken in Solomon Islands

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Found 92 language names

Language Names Recordings Available
AreAre [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [alu]
Are Are: Marau Sound [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [alu]
Arosi [Solomon Islands, Makira] - ISO Language [aia]
Arosi: Wango [Solomon Islands] [aia]
Babatana: Sisiqa [Solomon Islands, Western] [baa]
Baebo [Solomon Islands, Malaita] [bvd]
Baegu [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [bvd]
Baelelea [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [bvc]
Bambatana [Solomon Islands, Western] - ISO Language [baa]
Baniata [Solomon Islands, Western] - ISO Language [tqu]
Bareke [Solomon Islands, Western] [mpr]
Bauro: Haununu [Solomon Islands, Makira] [bxa]
Bilua [Solomon Islands, Western] - ISO Language [blb]
Birao [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] - ISO Language [brr]
Bughotu [Solomon Islands, Isabel] - ISO Language [bgt]
Bululaha & Malapaina [Solomon Islands, Malaita] [mnm]
Cheke Holo [Solomon Islands, Isabel] - ISO Language [mrn]
Cheke Holo & Kokota [Solomon Islands, Isabel] [kkk]
Cheke Holo: Maringe [Solomon Islands, Isabel] [mrn]
Davovitu/Gabata [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [alu]
Dori'o [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [dor]
Dovele [Solomon Islands] [blb]
Duke [Solomon Islands] - ISO Language [nke]
English: USA [United States of America] [eng]
Fataleka [Solomon Islands] - ISO Language [far]
Fautharii [Solomon Islands, Malaita] [far]
Gao [Solomon Islands, Isabel] - ISO Language [gga]
Gela [Solomon Islands, Central Islands] - ISO Language [nlg]
Ghanongga [Solomon Islands, Western] - ISO Language [ghn]
Ghari [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] - ISO Language [gri]
Ghari: Vaturanga [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [gri]
Gula'alaa [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [gmb]
Gula'alaa/Uru [Solomon Islands, Malaita] [gmb]
Hagaruhi [Solomon Islands, Makira] [agw]
Hega [Solomon Islands, Makira] - ISO Language [agw]
Hoava [Solomon Islands] - ISO Language [hoa]
Hoava & Kusaghe [Solomon Islands] [ksg]
Hua [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [lgr]
Irigila [Solomon Islands] [blb]
Kiribati: Solomon Islands [gil]
Korutalau Group [Solomon Islands, Malaita] [apb]
Kusaghe [Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands] - ISO Language [ksg]
Kwaio [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [kwd]
Kwara'ae [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [kwf]
Langa-Langa [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [lgl]
Lau [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [llu]
Lavukaleve [Solomon Islands, Central Islands] - ISO Language [lvk]
Lengo [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] - ISO Language [lgr]
Lengo: Aola [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [lgr]
Lengo: Gua [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [lgr]
Lengo: Paripao [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [lgr]
Lengo: Vidiki [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [lgr]
Longgu [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] - ISO Language [lgu]
Luga [Solomon Islands] [lga]
Lunga [Solomon Islands, Western] - ISO Language [lga]
Malango [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] - ISO Language [mln]
Marovo [Solomon Islands] - ISO Language [mvo]
Mono [Solomon Islands, Western] - ISO Language [mte]
Mono: Alu [Solomon Islands] [mte]
Mono: Fauro [Solomon Islands, Western] [mte]
Natugu: Ndeni [Solomon Islands, Temotu] [ntu]
Navlopento [Solomon Islands, Temotu] [nlz]
Neboa [Solomon Islands, Temotu] - ISO Language [utp]
Nieuwa [Solomon Islands, Temotu] [nfl]
Ontong Java: Luangiua [Solomon Islands] [ojv]
Oroha [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [ora]
Owa [Solomon Islands] - ISO Language [stn]
Owa Rafa [Solomon Islands, Makira] [agw]
Parego [Solomon Islands, Makira] [bxa]
Pijin [Solomon Islands] - ISO Language [pis]
Pileni [Solomon Islands, Temotu] - ISO Language [piv]
Rennellese [Solomon Islands, Central Islands] - ISO Language [mnv]
Roviana [Solomon Islands, Western] - ISO Language [rug]
Sa'a [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [apb]
Sa'a: Ulawa [Solomon Islands, Malaita] [apb]
Savosavo [Solomon Islands, Central Islands] - ISO Language [svs]
Sikaiana [Solomon Islands] - ISO Language [sky]
Simbo [Solomon Islands] - ISO Language [sbb]
Star Harbour [Solomon Islands, Makira] [agw]
Tairaha [Solomon Islands, Makira] - ISO Language [bxa]
Talise: Koo [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [tlr]
Talise: Poleo [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [tlr]
Talise: Tolo [Solomon Islands] [tlr]
Te Motu [Solomon Islands, Temotu] [ntu]
Tikopia [Solomon Islands, Temotu] - ISO Language [tkp]
To'abaita [Solomon Islands, Malaita] - ISO Language [mlu]
Vaghua [Solomon Islands, Western] - ISO Language [tva]
Vangunu [Solomon Islands, Western] - ISO Language [mpr]
Vanikoro [Solomon Islands, Temotu] - ISO Language [vnk]
Varisi [Solomon Islands, Western] - ISO Language [vrs]
Veuru Moli [Solomon Islands, Guadalcanal] [tlr]
Zabana [Solomon Islands, Isabel] - ISO Language [kji]

People Groups in Solomon Islands

Anuta; Areare; Arosi; Asumbua; Babatana; Baeggu; Baelelea; Baniata; Bauro; Bilua; Birao; Blablanga; Bugoto; Deaf; Dorio; Duke; Euronesian; Fagani; Fataleka; Fijian; Fiu; Florida Islander, Nggela; Gao; Ghari; Gulaalaa; Han Chinese, Mandarin; Hoava; Kahua; Kiribertese; Kokota; Kumbokota; Kusaghe; Kwaio; Langalanga; Lau; Lengo; Longgu; Lungga; Malango; Maringe, Cheke Holo; Marovo; Mono, Alu; Nalogo; Nanggu; Natugu; Nembao; Neo-Melanesian Papuan; Oloha; Ontong Java Islander; Pileni; Reef Islander; Rennellese; Ririo; Roviana; Russel Islander; Saa, South Malaita; Santa Ana; Savo Islander; Sikayana; Simbo; Solomoni Creole; Talise; Tavula; Teanu, Buma; Tikopia; To'ambaita; Ugele; Vangunu; Vanuatu Melanesian; Varese; Zabana;

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