Languages of PNG

Languages of PNG

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by Alex Shaw

It is very encouraging to see the recent developments taking place in PNG with the new Advisory Council and Operations Director having been appointed. It just seems that after a couple of years when nothing was happening the Lord is getting us moving again. Two things which have been said about PNG by advertisers over the years are these. It is "The Land of Wait a While" and "The Land of the Unexpected".

Now after waiting a while some unexpected is happening. Around the time of the new people showing interest in being involved in GRN we started to receive some requests for information about 3 small languages. May I say these are languages that you could pray with us to be able to get recordings for these people "In the Lord's Time". We say that as at present we do not have a recordist who can respond and go to make recordings. These are the 3 languages.

The Ainbai language is a very small language located in the Sandaun Province not far from the border of West Papua and PNG. There are only around 100 speakers of this language and it is surrounded by other small languages for which we would want to make recordings at the same time.

The Lembena language is another small language in the interior hilly jungle area of the East Sepik Province. The records show that there are only about 300 people who speak this language. Many years ago GRN recorded one short program of recordings for these people. Since then we have not been able to do any more recordings for these people.

A lady who works in a travel agents office in PNG has written asking if we have any recordings in her language of Genlemi. There are around 500 people who speak this language which is located on the south coast of New Britain Province. This is a picture of one of the two villages on the mainland and there are people located on a nearby islands also.

Please pray with us for opportunities to make recordings in these and other languages for which recordings need to be made.

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