Tenpela Yangpela Meri

Tenpela Yangpela Meri

Outline: God gave His commands to Moses to give to the people. The Ten Commandments. Why He gave them. God will judge us if we don't obey His Word.

Script Number: 397

Language: Tok Pisin: PNG

Theme: Living as a Christian (Obedience); Bible timeline (Law of God); Sin and Satan (Judgement)

Audience: General

Style: Monolog

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Pre-evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Extensive

Status: Publishable

Script Text

Bipo, Jisas Em i tokim sampela disaipel/poroman bilong En. Na Em i stori olsem: Bipo, long wanpela ples i gat sampela/tenpela yangpela meri i stap. Wanpela meri bilong ol dispela meri, i bin makim pinis long marit. Wanpela de, dispela meri i tokim arapela meri bilong ples olsem, "Long dispela/nau nait, man bilong mi bai i kam. Em bai i kam wantaim plenti manmeri bilong ples bilong en, na bai mi tupela i marit. Bihain, bai mipela olgeta i go wantaim em long ples bai mipela wokim kaikai bilong marit. Yupela meri mas rediim lam bilong yupela bilong laitim rot i go kamap long haus kaikai bilong marit".

Orait, sampela (tenpela) meri i rediim lam bilong ol, na ol i wet long dispela man i kamap. Tasol em i no save kamap kwik, nogat. Ol i wet i stap tasol, man i no kam, na biknait i kamap. Ol i slip pinis, na wanpela i singaut strong olsem, "Maritman/man bilong marit i kam!" Olgeta meri i kirap kwiktaim na ol i laik rediim lam bilong ol. Tasol sampela/faipela i no redi/inap. Ol i tok, "Mipela i no bringim kerasin/wel wantaim lam bilong mipela". Ol i askim arapela meri olsem, "Givim mipela hap kerasin bilong yupela". Tasol arapela meri i bekim tok olsem, "Nogat, i no inap, sapos mipela givim long yupela, bai lam bilong mipela tu i dai. Yupela mas go long stua bilong baiim". Orait, ol kranki meri i go long stua. Tasol stua em i no klostu. Olgeta arapela meri i go wantaim maritman long haus kaikai bilong marit. Taim ol dispela kranki meri i kam bek long stua, ol i kam long haus kaikai na singaut: "Bikpela man, bikpela man, yu opim dua long mipela". Tasol em i bekim tok i spik: "Tru mi tokim yupela, mi no save long yupela". Tasol taim bilong ol i pinis i go sindaun long kaikai bilong marit. Olsem na ol i no inap i go insait na stap wantaim ol long kaikai na amamas. Ol kranki meri i gat bikpela sori/hevi, na ol i kraikrai planti. (Pause)

Dispela stori i tok wanem long yumi? Bihain, Jisas yet bai i kam bek gen long namba tu taim. I nogat wanpela man i save wanem taim Jisas bai i kam bek. Wanem yia bilong Em bai i kam, na mun, mipela i no save. Bai Em i kam tumora no nau nait, mipela i no save. Em bai i kam bilong kisim olgeta manmeri long lain bilong Em, na kisim ol i go long heven. Nogut yumi i no redi/sambai i stap taim Jisas bai i kam bek.

Huset i redi? Man i bin lusim olpela pasin bilong bipo? Nogat! Man olsem i no redi. Sampela i gat papamama i Kristen, tasol ol yet i no redi. Sapos manmeri i save go long lotu, na kisim kaikai bilong Jisas, em i redi no nogat? Nogat. Dispela samting tasol i no inap rediim yumi. Manmeri olsem i no inap lukim rot bilong heven. Bai ol i save kraikrai i stap tasol. Manmeri i bin bihainim Jisas na i kisim pinis Spirit bilong God, ol i redi i go long heven. Manmeri i gat Holi Spirit i stap insait long em i olsem dispela meri i gat kerasin long lam bilong ol. Em i redi/sambai i stap. Spirit bilong God i strongim ol, na ol i ken bihainim tingting bilong God. Kerasin i bin givim lait long lam bilong yangpela meri. Dispela i piksa bilong Spirit bilong God. Holi Spirit i strongim tingting long manmeri i bihainim Jisas. Manmeri olsem i harim gut tok bilong God, na ol i bihainim Em tru.

Na wanem long yu? Yu bilip long Jisas? Spirit bilong God i stap insait long bel bilong yu no nogat? God i save givim Spirit bilong Em long huset i save bilip tru long Jisas. God i tok: Sapos yu bel hevi long sin bilong yu, na yu askim God long givim Spirit bilong Em long yu, bai Em i save givim yu kwiktaim. Tasol, sapos yu wet i stap, bai taim i ken pinis. Nogut yu lus long dispela samting. Yumas askim God nau long givim Spirit bilong Em long yu.

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