Yumi Mas Redi Long Bihain

Yumi Mas Redi Long Bihain

Outline: The importance of being prepared to die; what to do. Truth about what happens at death. Heaven or hell; judgement. God's provision for forgiveness and escaping judgment.

Script Number: 106

Language: Tok Pisin: PNG

Theme: Sin and Satan (Hell, Punishment for guilt); Christ (Jesus, Our Substitute, Son of God); Eternal life (Eternal / everlasting life); Life event (Death)

Audience: Animist

Style: Dialog

Genre: Messages and Fiction

Purpose: Evangelism

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Publishable

Script Text

1: Gutde! Yu mekim wanem samting?

2: Gutde. Mi rediim graun bilong planim kaukau/taro.

1: Tru. Planti taim yumi stap bilong rediim planti samting. Mipela rediim graun long plantim kaukau, na rediim kaikai bilong kaikaiim, na rediim diwai bilong wokim nupela haus. Yumi mas redi tu, long taim yumi dai.

2: Wanem: Mi no save. Mi ken redi olsem wanem long taim mi dai?

1: Dispela i nambawan samting yumi mas redi long em. Kaikai na ol laplap samting i no save stap long taim. Tasol, spirit/dewel bilong yumi i no inap i dai pinis. Taim yumi stap long dispela graun yet, yumi mas rediim sol/dewel/spirit bilong yumi inap i go long heven.

2: Tru. Tasol olsem wanem yumi ken save wanem rot i tru? Sampela man i tok taim mipela dai, dewel/spirit i go long maunten. Arapela man i tok spirit/dewel bilong mipela i go long ples masalai. I gat planti stori i stap long dispela. Olsem wanem mipela ken save wanem tok i tru? Na mipela ken redi olsem wanem?

1: Tru. Sampela i tok olsem. Tasol Buk bilong God i tok klia long yumi. Huset i save pinis long tok bilong Jisas, em i amamas i stap.

2: Tru? Mi laik harim dispela tok nau. Sapos mi no save i nogut tru. Mi olsem man i gat ai i pas. Ai i stap, tasol ai i no save lukluk. Mi olsem man i gat ia i pas. Ia i stap, tasol ia em i no save harim samting. Mi gat dewel/spirit, tasol mi no save long rot i go long ples bilong God. Yu tokim mi bai mi save gutpela.

1: Yu mas harim gut. God itok bai bodi bilong yumi i dai pinis, tasol dewel/spirit bilong yumi i no save dai. Huset manmeri i ken lusim sin bilong em bihain bai ol i go long heven. Tasol, manmeri i no laik i lusim sin bilong en, bai i go long ples paia, ples i gat planti pen na kraikrai.

2: Dispela tok long ples paia i kirapim pret long bel bilong mi. Na mi save olgeta manmeri i gat sin i stap. Mi ken lusim sin bilong mi, olsem wanem?

1: God i bin wokim pinis rot bilong rausim sin bilong yumi. Em i bin salim Jisas, pikinini man bilong En, i kam long dispela graun. Jisas i dai long diwai kros bilong bringim yumi bek long God. Jisas i dai pinis bilong senisim yumi. Taim ol i kilim Jisas i dai, Jisas i baiim pinis sin bilong yumi. Em i mekim i dai dinau bilong yumi. Jisas Em inap mekim olsem, bilong wanem, Emi i Pikinini bilong God. Jisas i nogat sin. Sapos yu askim God long lusim sin bilong yu, Em inap rausim pinis ol sin bilong yu. Na long ai bilong God yu i stret. Bihain yu no ken kamap long ples paia, nogat tru. God i tok olsem long Buk bilong Em. Na God i no inap/ken i gaiman.

2: Tasol, Jisas i ken tekewe sin olsem wanem? Yu bin tok, Em i dai pinis.

1: Tru, Em i dai pinis, tasol Em i kirap gen long matmat. Nau Em i stap long heven. Jisas i rediim gutpela ples long ol manmeri i bilip long Em. Sapos Jisas i stap long bel bilong yu, bihain long taim yu i dai, bai yu go long dispela gutpela ples.

2: Mi ting ol i laik go long dispela ples.

1: Nogat. Sampela manmeri i no laik tru long bihainim God. Ol i laik bihainim/mekim pasin nogut. Ol i no bihainim Jisas. Na taim ol i dai pinis bai ol i kamap long bikpela kot bilong God. Bai God i tokim ol i go long ples nogut. Ol bai i stap oltaim oltaim.

2: Mi bin harim tok bilong God nau, na bel bilong mi i kirap gutpela. Bipo, mi no save wanem tok i tru. Nau mi save pinis. Mi mas rediim bel/dewel/tingting bilong mi nau. Mi mas makim Jisas i Bikpela bilong mi. Mi ken askim Em long rausim sin bilong mi. Bai taim mi dai pinis me stap gut.

***(This last section can be omitted if script proves lengthy)***

1: Sapos yu mekim olsem, bihain yu nogat bel hevi. Rot bilong God i gutpela rot. Tasol yumi mas bihainim tru tok bilong God.

2: Mi harim dispela tok, i gutpela tumas. Narapela taim mi laikim yu i tokim mi moa long ol tok bilong God.

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