How Can You Overcome Fear?

How Can You Overcome Fear?

Outline: Reasons people in the modern western world have fears such as family problems, health problems, nuclear war possibilities, job loss, loneliness, and death. Need for a relationship with the Creator, Genesis and the fall as reason for man's fear, relationship with God to be restored through Jesus Christ and that is the answer to man's fears.

Script Number: 369

Language: English

Theme: Living as a Christian (Joy, happiness, rejoicing, Faith, trust, believe in Jesus); Problems (Materialism, Fear, Problems, troubles, worries)

Audience: Atheist; General; Women; Western

Style: Monolog

Purpose: Pre-evangelism

Bible Quotation: Minimal

Status: Approved

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Script Text

The problems which the young woman had, with whom I spoke, were very big. Her husband had left his family without the intent of ever coming back again. It was, however, not the only problem, but also the health of the woman was very much in jeopardy. With two small children, and a very poor condition of health, she had to fight through life's problems alone. That is why her heart was full of fear.

Today, not just deserted mothers are filled with feelings of deep fear, but for various reasons and often for no reason at all, fear grips the hearts of many people. We live in a time where materialistic abundance can be found in many families. Science, and mainly technology and medicine have reached a very high point, but fear is nonetheless a constant companion in the hearts of many people.

Many people live in great fear based on the danger of a nuclear war. Others have fear of losing their job, as unemployment continues to rise. There are people, mainly elderly, who live in constant fear because they are afraid from one moment to the next that something terrible might happen to them,that they will either become veru ill, or they will have an accident and many things. And lastly, almost every person is filled with fear at the thought that one day he must die. It is doubtless that fear is the constant companion of man. That is why we should earnestly consider the question: "What is the reason that man must live in fear?"

A German psychology professor, who is a convinced Christian, said the following in one of his lectures: "When people who are troubled by psychological problems and fear come to me for advice, then I ask them if they believe in a living God, and if they seek to nurture fellowship with this God through prayer. Most of these people are very surprised that a scientist asks such a question, and they laugh at me. I, however, refuse to take them on as patients because I am totally convinced that the reason why they have fear is because they have no living relationship with their Creator."

In the first book of the Holy Scriptures, in Genesis, we read in wonderful pictorial explanations about God's creation of the universe and the creation of man. There is something very impressive about this report; as we read in the first two chapters of the book of Genesis, we see that man had direct contact with God, and in these two chapters, there is no evidence that man had any fear at all. However, when we read in the third chapter of Genesis, where man's falling out of fellowship with God is reported, then we see that God has to call the fallen man. In Chapter 3, verse 10, man, who has now become disobedient to his Creator, answers as follow: "I heard you in the garden, and I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid."

For the first time, man said to God, "I was afraid." The reason for this fear is because of the fact of his disobedience to God his Creator. From that moment, when the first man acted against the will of God and as a result fell into sin, the fellowship between God and man was broken. Since then, this feeling of fear has been the constant companion of man.

We must say the following about man today: Man feels inwardly empty because he acts against God, in that he does what he pleases, and not that which is according to the will of his Creator. This emptiness robs man of the feeling of self-confidence and security. That is why fear grips man so easily. Man attempts to fill this inner emptiness, which every one has, according to his own designs. Many seek fulfillment in their work and in the attempt to earn as much money as possible. Others seek fulfillment through pleasure. Still others try to make a career or to become famous. Entire nations try to raise their living standard in the belief that the people will then be happy.

There are however, many people who live in affluence, but still visit the psychologists often. Yet, man can only attain true peace and confidence when he finds a living relationship to his Creator, God. Because only God, who created us, knows best what man needs in order to really be happy.

The person who lives in constant fellowship with God has the Word of God in the Holy Bible as the foundation of his life. He knows about God's promises which have been given to man. Such a person is in a position to overcome his fear because he is convinced that the living God will not leave him.

That is why restoration of fellowship with God is really needed for all people to overcome their fears. God loves man, and does not want us to live in fear. That is why He made a way to save man and to lead him back into living fellowship with Himself. Every person who is willing to accept this Way which God has prepared, will experience living fellowship with God as well as be able to overcome his fear. This way is none other than the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, the son of the Living God. The Lord Jesus said in the Gospel of John in the l4th chapter, verse 6, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except through Me." (NIV)

An invisible wall separates God and man, who doesn't live according to God's will, but rather determines his life for himself. This invisible wall will only be removed for those who accept the Lord Jesus into their hearts as their personal Saviour, and who commit their life to Him. When a person does this, then God forgives him his sin and gives him the Holy Spirit. This is how a person becomes a child of the living God.

People who allow the Lord Jesus and His Word in the Holy Scriptures to control their lives, are convinced that they have a heavenly Father Who helps them to overcome fear. So, dear listener, if you have not yet committed your life to the Lord Jesus, do it as quickly as possible. You don't have to live in fear and doubt any more.

Life with the Lord Jesus Christ is a life of inner peace and joy even in the storms of life. That is why the Lord Jesus died on the cross of Golgotha, so that we people could have peace in our hearts and our surroundings, and not fear. Only the Lord Jesus can give you the strength to overcome fear of every sort. He will also lead you into a living fellowship with God our Creator. So, trust your life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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