Romans Side 4

Romans Side 4

Outline: Power to Live Right. Summarizes Romans 8 and gives short invitation.

Script Number: 315

Language: Tok Pisin: PNG

Theme: Character of God (Holy Spirit); Living as a Christian (Fruit of the Spirit, New Nature, Victory, Forgiveness, Faith, trust, believe in Jesus); Sin and Satan (Shame)

Audience: Animist; New Christian; Christian

Style: Monolog

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Publishable

Script Text

Dispela i namba 4 tok long pas Pol i salim long ol Kristen i stap long Rom.

Manmeri i tingting long Jisas na bihainim em, Jisas bai i stap long tingting bilong ol. God bai i nogat kros moa long pasin nogut bilong ol. Spirit bilong God i stap wantaim yumi no i strongim yumi. Olsem pasin nogut bilong bipo i no bosim yumi moa. (PAUSE)

Yu tingting long balus i flai long skai. Bilong wanem em i no pundaun long graun? Em i gat ensin i stap. Wanem samting i mekin ensin i raun? Bensin i stap long tang. Tasol sapos sampela pipia i pasim rot ((mambu))i karim bensin - wanem samting i kamap? Bai ensin i dai na balus i pundaun. Olsem sapos yu kisim Jisas na em i kamap Bikpela bilong yu, em i givim nupela tingting long yu. Dispela nupela tingting i olsem wanpela ensin. Spirit bilong God i solem bensin. Spirit bilong God i holim ((strongim)) yumi bai yumi no ken pundaun. Tasol sapos yu larim sampela pasin nogut i stap long tingting bilong yu, bai Spirit bilong God i bel hevi. Bai Spirit bilong God i no strongim yumi na bai yumi pundaun. Olsem mipela mas tokim ((Kamapim sin)) God long ol pasin nogut yumi mekim. Na yumi mas lusim dispela pasin nogut. Yumi mekim olsem na bai yumi stap wanbel wantaim God. Bai i litimapim yumi na strongim yumi long wokabaut gut ((mekim gutpela pasin..Spirit bilong God)) Olsem na yumi i strong gen long bihainim ol gutpela pasin bilong God. (PAUSE)

Sapos Spirit bilong God i stap long tingting bilong yumi, God i kisim yumi i kam insait long lain ((famili)) bilong em. Yumi i olsem pikinini bilong God. Olsem God i bin redim planti gutpela samting na em bai i givim long pikinini man bilong em Jisas. Yumi stap long famili bilong God. Yumi olsem liklik brata bilong Jisas. Olsem God bai i givim planti gutpela samting long yumi tu. Long wanpela de bihain God bai i kismi yumi i go long gutpela ples bilong Em long heven. Bai yumi likum ol samting God i bin redim long ol lain ((famili)) bilong em. Dispela samting bai i gutpela moa olsem yumi no inap long tingim em. Tasol God i tok pastaim i gat sampela taim nogut i kam long yumi. Bai planti samting i kam long yumi i hat tumas long tumi mekim. Sampela manmeri bai i kam na mekim trabel ((Nogut)) long yumi sampela lain ((famili)) bilong God i pilim taim bilong hangre. Sampela bai i stap long taim bilong pait. Sampela bai i kisim sik na pen. Tasol, God i tok pinis em i stap wantaim yumi long ol dispela taim nogut. Taim dispela trabel ((traim)) i kam long yumi em i no ken bagarapim yumi - nogat. God em i lukim dispela traim ((taim nogut)) na em i ting olsem - dispela traim ((taim nogut)) bai i helpim ol. Spirit bilong God i stap wantaim yumi na i strongim yumi. Oltaim Bikpela Jisas i go pas long yumi, na em i lukautim yumi tru. Sapos Jisas i lukautim yumi i no gat wanpela man i ken bagarapim yumi. Jisas i bin dai, na i kirap gen long matmat. Nau em i stap long han-sut bilong God. Na oltaim em i askim God long helpim yumi. God i nogat kros moa long manmeri i bihainim Jisas. Olsem sapos God i nogat kros long yumi - husat i ken krosim yumi? Taim nogut i no ken lusim yumi long han bilong God ((kam namel long yumi na God)). Manmeri nogut i no ken lusim yumi long han bilong God. Jisas i stap wantaim yumi oltaim na olsem i nogat wanpela samting i ken daunim ((winim)) yumi.

Nau yu harim pinis ol dispela tok long pas Pol i raitim. Long ol dispela tok God i skulim yumi long stretpela pasin bilong em. Sapos yumi gat save ((tingting gut)) yumi ken harim na bihainim. Wanem yu bin kam long Jisas yet no nogat? Nogut yu harim tok na yu sindaun nating. Nogut Setan i pasim yu. Yu askim Jisas i ken tekewe olgeta sin bilong yu, na em i kam insait long tingting bilong yu.

Sapos Spirit bilong God i wok long tingting bilong yu (na) bai yu mekim gutpela pasin olsem; yu mas laikim tumas olgeta manmeri. Yu mas amamas oltaim. Long taim bilong trabel tingting bilong yu bai i stap isi. Yu no ken kros kwiktaim long arapela. Yu mas givim bel long ol na helpim ol. Oltaim yu mas daunim olpela tingting. Yu mekim olsm na bai God i amamas long yu.

Em tasol dispela tok i pinis nau.

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