Romans Side 3

Romans Side 3

Outline: Freedom Through Christ. Summarizes Romans 5-7.

Script Number: 314

Language: Tok Pisin: PNG

Theme: Belief System (Witchcraft, paganism); Character of God (Holy Spirit); Living as a Christian (Prayer, petition, Spiritual Growth, Faith, trust, believe in Jesus, Children of God); Sin and Satan (Sin, disobedience, Slavery to sin)

Audience: Animist; New Christian; Christian

Style: Monolog

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Publishable

Script Text

Dispela i namba tri tok long Pas Pol i salim long ol Kristen bilong Rom.

Manmeri i tingting long Jisas na bihainim em, ol i ken amamas tumas. God i rausim pinis pasin nogut bilong ol. God i tok, manmeri i mekim olsem, ol i gutpela. Sapos yumi mekim olsem tingting bilong yumi i stap isi ((amamas)). Bai yumi stap wanbel wantaim God.

Olsem long taim bilong trabel ((taim nogut)) yumi no ken bel hevi yumi amamas tasol. God i laikim tumas yumi na em i stap wantaim yumi. Taim nogut i kam long yumi na God i helpim yumi, God bai i strongim yumi long mekim gutpela pasin.

Bipo, yumi i manmeri nogut na birua bilong God. Jisas tasol i dai long diwai kros long kisim yumi i kam bek long God. Nau yumi pren bilong God. Jisas i stap long tingting bilong yumi. Jisas i strongim yumi long mekim gutpela pasin. Olsem yumi ken amamas tru.

Bipo tru, Adam i mekim pasin nogut pastaim. Nau yumi olgeta i gat dispela pasin nogut long tongting bilong yumi. God i tok, manmeri i mekim pasin nogut ol bai i dai, na ol bai i go long ples nogut. Tasol Jisas i dai bilong baiim pasin nogut bilong yumi. Sapos yumi kam long Jisas em i ken rausim pasin nogut bilong yumi. God bai i givim yumi tingting i stap gut oltaim. Olsem yumi save pinis, God i laikim tumas yumi. God bai i no salim lain ((wan famili)) bilong em long ples nogut. Olsem yu ting wanem - em i gutpela sapos yumi stap na mekin pasin nogut, a? Nogat! Bipo, yumi manmeri nogut, tasol nau, yumi lain bilong God. Olpela tingting (bilong bipo) i dai pinis. Olsem, sapos olpela tingting i dai pinis - em i ken karim ((stiaim)) yumi i wokabaut? - nogat. God i givim nupela tingting long ol lain ((wan famili)) bilong em. Spirit bilong God i go insait long dispela nupela tingting. Na olsem em i karim ((stiaim)) yumi i wokabaut. Olsem, yu no ken tok - Olpela tingting bilong bipo - yu karim wokabaut ((bosim mi)). Yu mas tok olsem - Spirit bilong God - yu karim mi wokabaut ((bosim mi)).

Yu harim dispela stori.

Bipo tru long narapela ples, sampela manmeri i bosim arapela manmeri, Manmeri is stap ananit long ((ol bosman)) arapela ol i kolim ol slevmen. Slevman i mas wok hat tumas; na ol i no kisim pe. Slevman i no inap go bek long ples Ol i stap kalabus long bosman bilong ol. Bosman i no lukautim ol slevman, - ol i kilim sampela i dai. Tasol Bihain Gavman i mekim lo na i lusim ol slevman i ken go nabaut ((stap nating)). Ol i no stap slevman moa. Sapos ol bosman bilong bipo i kambek, na i laik bosim ol gen, ol i ken tok - yu no bosman bilong mi. Gavman i bin lusim mi. Yu tingting long dispela stori. Jisas i bin mekim olsem long yumi. Bipo yumi mekim pasin nogut oltaim - olsem sin i bosman bilong yumi. Yumi olsem selvman ananit long sin. Yumi yet i no inap long rausim pasin nogut bilong yumi. Sapos sin i bosim yumi, taim yumi dai, yumi go long ples nogut. Tasol Jisas i dai long diwai kiros na i baiim pasin nogut bilong yumi. Sapos yumi askim Jisas, em i ken rausim pasin nogut bilong yumi. Bai em i givim yumi nupela tingting i stap gut oltaim. Jisas i stap wantaim yumi na strongim yumi bai yumi lusim pasin nogut bilong bipo. Bipo, sin i kalabusim ((pasim))yumi, tasol Jisas i lusim yumi long dispela kalabus. Bipo, yumi slevman ananit long sin. Nau yumi slevman bilong Jisas. Jisas i bosim yumi na yumi mekim gutpela pasin. (PAUSE)

Yu tingting long tenpela lo bilong God, tenpela lo bilong God i gutpela. Tenpela lo bilong God i soim ((tokim)) yumi wanem samting i gutpela ((yumi ken mekim)) na wanem samting i nogut ((yumi no ken mekim)). Tasol, yumi harim tenpela lo, na yumi no bihainim. Yumi harim tenpela lo na yumi save tingting bilong yumi i nogut pinis. I nogat wanpela gutpela samting i stap long tingting bilong yumi. Tenpela lo i no inap helpim yumi mekim gutpela pasin. Sapos yumi trai hat long bihainim 10 pela lo, yumi no (inap long) mekim. Olpela tingting i bosim ((holim)) yumi na yumi no mekim ((bihainim)) 10 pela lo. Olsem yumi ken mekim wanem? Yumi tingting long Jisas. Bipo pasin nogut i pasim yumi tasol nau, Jisas i lusim yumi, na pasin nogut i no pasim yumi moa. Jisas i givim nupela tingting long yumi. Nau olpela tingting i no ken bosim ((pasim)) yumi moa. Olsem sapos yumi laik mekim wok bilong God, yumi no ken tingting long bihainim 10 pela lo. Nupela tingting bilong God i wok insait long yumi, olsem yumi kirapim wok bilong God.

(Nau yu kapsaitim rekod. Harim tok i go moa).

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