What The Christian Believes Side Three

What The Christian Believes Side Three

Outline: Christ's death, resurrection and ascension. Appearance to disciples, promise of Holy Spirit, commission, promise of return.

Script Number: 277

Language: Tok Pisin: PNG

Theme: Christ (Resurrection of Jesus, Ascension, Death of Christ); Living as a Christian (Faith, trust, believe in Jesus); Character of God (Holy Spirit)

Audience: New Christian

Style: Monolog

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Teaching

Bible Quotation: Extensive

Status: Publishable

Script Text

Dispela i namba tri tok. (PAUSE)

Taim Jisas i stap long graun ol man nogut i kisim em i go long Kiap. Kiap i tokim ol man nogut i orait long kilim Jisas i dai. Long nain kilok samting ol i go long maunten Kalvari. Sampela soldia ((ami)) ol i nilim lek, han bilong Jisas long diwai kros. Ol i sanapim diwai kros, na Jisas i hamgamap olsem i stap. Jisas i stap olsem inap long tri kilok samting na em i dai pinis. Wanpela soldia ((ami)) i kisim spia na i sutim Jisas long banis ((sait)). (Taim) Jisas i dai pinis, God i mekim graun i guria, na em i karamapim san i kamap olsem tudak. God i wokin ol dispela samting bilong soim ol ((bai ol manmeri i ken lukim, na ol i ken save)) Jisas em i pikinini bilong God. Tupela man, Josep na Nikodimus i planim Jisas long wanpela hul bilong ston (( hui i go insait long maunten)). Tupela i kisim draipela ston na pasim hul. Ol birua bilong ((man i no laik long)) Jisas bipo ol i harim tok - Jisas bai i kirap gen. Ol i tok: ol poroman bilong Jisas bai i stilim bodi bilong em (Jisas) na ol bai i giamanim mipela long ((na ol i tok)) Jisas i kirap gen. Olsem ol i salim sampela soldia ((ami)) i go was long matmat bilong Jisas. (PAUSE)

Tupela di i go pinis na tri long en Jisas i kirap gen long matmat. De bilong Jisas i kirap ol i kolim Sande. Long tulait long Sande God i kirapim bikpela guria, na wanpela ensel i kam long matmat bilong Jisas na i tekewe draipela ston. Ol soldia ((ami)) i was long matmat ol i pret nogut na ol i ranawe. Bihain liklik sampela meri i kam lukim matmat. Ol i lukim matmat i op na ol i kirap nogut. Ol meri i lukim ensel i stap. (Ensel i tokem ol meri: -Yupela i painim Jisas a? Tasol em i no stap hia. Em i kirap bek gen long matmat na i wokabaut i go. Yupela kam lukim hul bilong ston. Bipo ol i planim Jisas hia, tasol nau em i kirap pinis. (PAUSE)

Bihain liklik ol pren ((poroman)) ((disaipel)) bilong Jisas ol i lukim Jisas, Ol i toktok wantaim Jisas, na ol i kaikai wantaim em. Nau, ol i save pinis, Jisas i pikinini bilong God. Tasol wanpela pren ((poroman)) bilong Jisas, nem bilong em Tomas, em i no stap wantaim ol na i no lukim Jisas. Na Tomas i tok olsem: - Mi no lukim Jisas i kirap gen. Mi no lukim lek, han bilong em ol mak ((sua)) gut bilong nil. Ating dispela tok bilong ol i giaman. Tasol, bihain liklik Tomas i lukim Jisas. Em i lukim lek han bilong Jisas i gat ol mak ((sua)) bilong nil. Em i lukim banis bilong Jisas i gat mak ((sua)) bilong spia. Tomas i tokim Jisas: - Nau mi save, ol i bin tok tru. Yu bin kirap bek gen long matmat. Yu bikpela na yu God bilong mi. (PAUSE)

Jisas i bin kirap long matmat. Na i tokim ol pren ((poroman)) bilong em olsem: - Bihain liklik bai mi go bek long heven. Bai mi salim Spirit bilong God i kam long yupela. Em bai i stap long tingting bilong yupela, na i stap wantaim yupela oltaim. Spirit bilong God bai lainim yupela long ol tok bilong God. Em bai i strongim yupela bai yupela inap long daunim Setan. Yupela mas i go long olgeta manmeri na tokim ol long gutpela tok bilong God. Manmeri i mas givim beksait long ol pasin nogut, na ol i mas bihainim mi ((Jisas)). Sapos ol i mekim olsem, ol bai i kamap lain ((wanpsiin etc.)) bilong God. Jisas i bin mekim ol dispela tok long ol pren ((poroman)) bilong em. (PAUSE)

Jisas i kirap long matmat na em i wokabaut long graun inap long wan num hap. Jisas, wantaim ol pres ((poroman)) bilong em, ol i goap long wanpela maunten. Jisas i mekim las tok long ol. I tok olsem: - Yupela kisim gutpela tok bilong mi i go long olgeta ples. Mi, bai mi stap wantaim yupela oltaim. Jisas i pinisim tok, na em i lusim graun i goap long heven. POSSIBLE FINISH HERE. (Tupela ensel i sanap na tokim ol pren ((poroman)) bilong Jisas olsem: - Yupela lukim Jisas i goap long heven. Bihain, em bai i kambek,)

CONCLUSION: (If time allows)

Yumi no save wanem taim bai Jisas i kambek. Sapos yumi stap yet long mekim pasin nogut, na Jisas i kambek; yumi no ken i stap gutpela. Yu mas bihainim Jisas tude ((nau)). Olsem, na taim Jisas i kam bek bai yu redi ((amamas)) long lukim em.) (PAUSE)

Nau yu harim namba fo tok. (Tanim record na harim dispela tok i go moa.)

(( )) indicates an alternative expression

( ) indicates that this section may be left out for reasons of difficulty in translation, or inability to include within time limit of recording.

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