What The Christian Believes Side One

What The Christian Believes Side One

Outline: In the beginning Creation; fall, continued evil; animal sacrifice begun; tower of Babel; God's laws for man. Jesus can help us obey.

Script Number: 275

Language: Tok Pisin: PNG

Theme: Bible timeline (Creation, Law of God)

Audience: General; New Christian

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Pre-evangelism; Teaching

Status: Publishable

Script Text

Hey, olgeta, yupela kam, harim dispela tok bilong God. Bipo tru i no gat wanpela samting i stap. God Papa, na Pikinini bilong God, Jisas, na Spirit bilong God, em ((ol)) tasol i stap. Tripela i wanpela God tasol. God i wokim graun wantaim skai. God i wokin san na mun ma ol star. God i workim maunten na solwara. ((olgeta wara)) ((ol riwa)) (Taim ol dispela i kampa pinis.) God i wokim ol diwai, na gras, na olgeta kaikai b ilong yumi. God i wokin ol abus, na pisin, na pis. God i wokim wanpela man, nem bilong em Adam, God i wokim wanpela meri bilong Adam, nem bilong em Iv. God i laikim tumas Adam na Iv. God i bin wokim gutpela ples bilong tupela. God i tok long Adam na Iv olsem - Sapos yutupela bihainim tok bilong Mi bai yutupela i stap gut oltaim. Tasol, sapos yutupela sakim tok bilong Mi, bai yutupela i stap gut oltaim. Tasol, sapos yutupela sakim tok bilong Mi, dewel bilong yutupela bai i dai. Na sapos yu tupela mekim olsem bai yu tupela no ken i stap wantaim mi. (PAUSE)

Adam na Iv i sindaun gut insait long gutpela ples. (Adam tupela Iv i pren bilong God.) Oltaim tupela i harim tok bilong God. (Tupela i no gat hatwok bilong painim kaikai. Oltaim planti kaikai i stap long gaden.) Wanpela dewel nogut i stap nem bilong em Setan. Setan em i bosman long olgeta dewel nogut. Na em i namba wan birua bilong God. Setan i tokim Adam na Iv olsem - Yutupela ken sakim tok bilong God, yutupela no ken i dai. Olsem na tupela i harim tok bilong Setan na sakim tok bilong God. Olsen na God i mekim save long ((krosim)) tupela. God i rausim tupela na tupela i lusim gutpela ples. (Tupela i mas hatwork long painim kaikai, olsem yumi.) Bihain liklik Adam tupela Iv i bin karim pikinini. Bihain, bihain i gat planti manmeri i stap. Ol manmeri ((pikinini)) i save bihainim pasin bilong tumbuna ((papamama)) (bilong ol.) Ol i bikhet long God. Ol i stil, kilim-i-dai arapela man, na tok nogut. (PAUSE)

God i bin tokim (lain bilong) Adam olsem - Yupela i mekim planti pasin nogut, olsem na mi gat kros long yupela. Yupela mas givim samting long mi long mekim-i-dai ((stretim)) belhat bilong Mi. Yupela mas mekim olsem. Yupela bin mekim pasin nogut i mas kilim-i-dai wanpela sipsip bilong yupela. Dispela sipsip yupela givim nating long mi. Blut bilong sipsip bai i karamapim pasin nogut, bilong yupela. Yupela i mekim olsem na bai kros bilong mi i dai. God i bin mekim ol dispela tok long ((lain bilong)) Adam. Olsem na manmeri i (laik) behainim God, (olgeta yia) ol i mekim dispela pasin bilong kilim sipsip. Tasol, Bihain, ol manmeri i lusim God na ol i no mekim dispela pasin. (PAUSE)

Continue with either (a) or (b), not both.

(a) God i bin tokim ol manmeri i mas i go na sindaun long planti ples nabaut nabaut. Tasol, ol i kirap bikhet long God. Na ol i bung long wanpela bikpela ples ol i wokim wanpela draipela haus i goap antap tru. Ol io laik wokim haus i goap long heven. Ol manmeri i tingting long kamap olsem God yet. Tasol, God i save tingting bilong ol. Olsem God i kam daun na bagarapim wok bilong ol. Bipo ol i save long wanpela tokples tasol. God i senisim maustang bilong ol na ol i gat planti kain tokples. Olsem na ol i no inap pinisim wok long draipela haus. God i mekim ol i go long planti ples long olgeta nap graun. Olsem nau yumi olgeta i gat planti kain tokples. (PAUSE)

(b) Long taim bipo i gat wanpela man i stap nem bilong em Ebraham. God i laikim Ebraham, em i gutpela man, na em i bihainim God. God i tokim Ebraham olsem. Yu mas lusim ples bilong yu yet na go long arapela hap graun. Dispela arapela hap graun bai mi givim long yu, na ol tumbuna ((lain)) pikinini bilong yu. Tumbuna pikinini bilong yu bai i kamap planti moa moa yet; (Tumbuna pikinini bilong yu) bai mi kolim ol manmeri bilong God. Bihain bai me mekim(wanpela) gutpela wok ((givim gutpela samting)) long helpim olgeta manmeri. Dispela gutpela wok ((samting)) bai i kirap long tumbuna pikinini bilong yu yet God i mekim ol dispela tok long Ebraham. Bihain, ol manmeri ((lain))bilong Ebraham i gat nem 'Isrel'. (Bihain God i salim pikinini man bilong em Jisas i kam long ol. Jisas mekim (wanpela) gutpela wok long helpim olgeta manmeri.) (PAUSE)

Olgeta manmeri long graun i olsem Adam na Iv. Ol i mekim pasin nogut, na ol i givim ((tanim))beksait long God. God wanpela tasol i gutpela. Bipo, God i bin givim tok ((lo)) long ol manmeri, olsem, bai ol i ken save long gutpela pasin. Tok ((lo)) bilong God i olsem: God wanpela i God tru. Yu no ken lotum ((givim biknem long)) ((adorim)) wanpela samting long skai ((antap)), no wanpela samting long graun, no wanpela samting long wara. (Use this alternative if "worship" is difficult:- ((Wanpela samting bilong antap ((skai)), no wanpela samting bilong graun, no wanpela samting bilong wara - yu no ken kolim dispela samting god bilong yu.)) Yu no ken kolim nating ((tok bilas long)) nem bilong God. Sikispela de yu mas mekim wok bilong yu yet. Wanpela de yu mas lusim wok na tingting long God. Yu mas tingting gut long papamama. Yu no ken kilim-i-sai narapela man. Yu no ken mekim pasin pamuk. Yu no ken stil. Yu no ken tok giaman. Yu no ken mangalim ((laikim)) samting bilong arapela manmeri. (Dispela tok bilong God i tru: na i gutpela tumas. Na i gutpela long yumi mekim dispela gutpela pasin olsem.)

Add this conclusion if time allows:-

Tasol yumi olgeta i manmeri nogut, na yumi no inap long behainim tok ((lo)) bilong God. Tasol, God i bin salim Jisas, pikinini bilong em, i kam long i helpim yumi. Sapos yu tingting long Jisas, na bihainim em, em i ken rausim pasin nogut bilong yu, na em i ken strongim yu long bihainim gutpela pasin bilong God.

Tanim plet na tok bai i go moa. For Recording:- ((Yu harim tok namba 2 - dispela tok i go moa.))

(( )) indicates an alternative expression

( ) indicates that this section may be left out for reasons of difficulty in translation, or inability to include within time limit of recording.

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