Recordings of this script: Victory and Steadfastness

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Bench [Ethiopia] - Words of Life 1

Cakchiquel: Yepocapa & Acatenango [Guatemala] - Words of Life

Chacobo [Bolivia] - Words of Life 2

Chuj: San Sebastian Coatan [Guatemala, Huehuetenango] - Words of Life 2

Guatuso [Costa Rica, Alajuela] - Words of Life

Guaymi [Panama] - Words of Life

Huave, San Mateo del Mar [Mexico, Oaxaca, Tehuantepec] - Words of Life

Inupiatun, Northwest Alaska [United States of America, Alaska] - Words of Life 1

Kakchikel: Chimaltenango [Guatemala] - Words of Life

Mixe, Quetzaltepec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Mixe] - Words of Life w/ MIXE: Alta

nánj nï'ïn [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life 2

Popoloca, San Felipe Otlaltepec [Mexico, Puebla] - Words of Life

Poqomchi': Occidental [Guatemala, Alta Verapaz] - Words of Life

Quechua, Arequipa-La Union [Peru, Arequipa] - Do you know God?

Quechua, Cuzco: Caylloma [Peru, Apurimac] - Words of Life

Quechua: Oruro [Bolivia] - Words of Life

Quechua, South Bolivian: Chuquisaca [Bolivia] - Words of Life

Tzutujil: Western [Guatemala, Solola] - Words of Life

Yaminahua (Bolivia) [Bolivia] - Good News

Yaminahua (Bolivia) [Bolivia] - Words of Life

Zapotec, Cajonos [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life

Zapotec, Miahuatlán [Mexico, Oaxaca, Miahuatlan, Santa Catarina Cuixtla] - Words of Life

Zapotec, Santiago Xanica [Mexico, Oaxaca, Miahuatlan] - Words of Life

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