Recordings of this script: Wedding at Cana

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Armenian: Syria [Syria] - Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Cha't-An [Mexico, Oaxaca, Juquila, San Miguel Panixtlahuaca] - Genesis

Chinese, Min Nan: Hainan [China, Hainan] - Words of Life 2

Dan: Upper Gio [Liberia] - Jesus is the Saviour of the World

Di'stee Loxicha [Mexico, Oaxaca, Pochutla] - Words of Life

Dizte chaan zha Ozolotepec [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Good News

English: American Indian [United States of America, Texas] - Words of Life 1

English: American Indian [United States of America, Texas] - Words of Life w/ ENGLISH: Amer. Ind

Gola: Deng [Liberia] - Jesus, God's provision for man

Grebo, Central: Borobo [Liberia] - Jesus is the Saviour of the World

Hadiyya: Leemo [Ethiopia] - Words of Life

Huastec: Veracruz [Mexico, Veracruz] - Good News

Inor: Endegegny [Ethiopia] - Words of Life

Ipalapa Amuzgo [Mexico, Oaxaca, Putla, Santa Maria Ipalapa] - Words of Life

Keres: Acoma & Laguna [United States of America, New Mexico] - Words of Life 2

Keres, Eastern: Zia [United States of America, New Mexico] - Words of Life

Kikamba [Kenya, Kajiado] - Words of Life 5

Kinyarwanda [Rwanda] - Words of Life 2

Mangbutu [Congo, Democratic Republic of, Haut-Zaire] - Words of Life 4

Marathi: East Indian [India, Maharashtra] - Words of Life

Miju [India, Assam] - Words of Life 4

Mixtec, Huitepec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Zaachila] - Good News

Mixtec, Jamiltepec: San Cris. Amoltepec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Sola de Vega] - Words of Life

Mixtec, Mixtepec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Tlaxiaco] - About Jesus

Mixtec, Tezoatlan: Yucunuti [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life

Mixtec, Tututepec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Juquila] - Words of Life

Nahuat [El Salvador] [El Salvador] - Words of Life

Nahuatl, Orizaba [Mexico, Veracruz] - Good News

Pame, Central [Mexico, San Luis Potosi] - Words of Life

Panixtlahuaca Chatino [Mexico, Oaxaca, Juquila] - Messages w/ CHATINO: Panixtla

Powri: Barela [India, Madhya Pradesh] - Words of Life

Retuara [Colombia, Amazonas] - Words of Life 1

Retuara [Colombia, Amazonas] - Words of Life 2

Sakha [Russia, Sakha (Yakutiya)] - Words of Life 2

Spanish: Mexico [Mexico] - Words of Life

Suryapuri [India, Bihar] - The True Way

Tem, Central [Togo] - Words of Life & Songs

Tepehuan del Norte [Mexico, Chihuahua] - Words of Life

Tepehua, Pisaflores [Mexico, Veracruz] - Words of Life

Tucano (Brazil) [Brazil, Amazonas] - Words of Life 1

Tuyuca [Colombia, Vaupés] - Words of Life

Yaqui [Mexico, Sonora] - Words of Life

Zapotec, Cajonos [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life

Zenzontepec Chatino [Mexico, Oaxaca, Sola de Vega, Santa Cruz Zenzontepec] - Words of Life

Zou [Myanmar] - Words of Life

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