Recordings of this script: Salvation Through Christ

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Anii: Giseda [Benin, Donga] - Words of Life

Bambili [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest] - Words of Life

Chinese, Yue [China, Guangdong] - Words of Life 1

Doka Avong [Nigeria, Kaduna] - Words of Life

Greek [Greece] - Words of Life 1

Gurung: Gorkha [Nepal, Province 4, Gorkha] - Words of Life w/ NEPALI songs

Hakka [China, Guangdong] - Words of Life

Ho [India, Jharkhand] - Words of Life

Khengkha [Bhutan] - Words of Life

Konkani: Mangalore [India, Maharashtra] - Words of Life

Mandarin [China] - Words of Life 1

Marathi [India, Maharashtra] - Words of Life 3

Marquesan, North [French Polynesia] - Words of Life 1

Nandi [Kenya, Nandi] - Words of Life 2

Neethakani [India, Andhra Pradesh, Chinnor] - Words of Life

Punjabi, Eastern [India, Punjab] - Words of Life

Romanian: Moldova [Romania] - Words of Life

Tanana, Upper [United States of America, Alaska] - Words of Life

Teochew [China, Guangdong, Chaozhou] - Believe in Jesus

Tigre [Eritrea] - Words of Life

Trinidadian English Creole [Trinidad and Tobago] - Messages w/ ENG.: Granada, etc

Varhadi-Nagpuri: Mahar [India, Maharashtra] - Words of Life

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