The "TapeTalk 2" hand crank cassette player

The "TapeTalk 2" hand crank cassette player

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Since the early days we've made hand wind audio players, and we still have limited supplies of the TapeTalk2 hand-crank cassette players.

The "TapeTalk 2" is a mono cassette player that is powered by turning a handle. It is designed for use in locations where there are no batteries or other sources of power. However, it has a socket for connection to an external power source of 6-volt DC from an AC adapter. A 6-volt solar panel can also power it.

The crank handle is connected via gears to a generator, which supplies electrical power to operate the machine. The output is regulated so the machine plays at the correct speed regardless of how fast the handle is cranked provided it is above a minimum level.

TapeTalk 2 players are built of tough ABS plastic and metal. They have a light beige top and a dark green base. Reliability and serviceability are high priorities in the design and manufacture of these players. They are manufactured in China. Parts are available at reasonable prices.


Amplified power: 0.3W
Frequency response: 125Hz - 10kHz
Ext speaker socket: 8ohms
Ext power socket: 6V DC, center+
DC power required: 1.2W
Size: 10.5" x 4.8" x 2.6" (233mm x 124mm x 67mm)

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