Progressive Evangelistic Script (modified)

Progressive Evangelistic Script (modified)

Esquema: Following topics covered: Are You Afraid, Attributes of God, Creation, Fall, Noah, Sin & the Judgment of God, Introduction to Jesus, Ministry & Death of Jesus, Resurrection of Jesus, Two Ways

Número de guión: SP06

Idioma: English

Tema: Undefined (Multiple themes)

Audiencia: Animist

Estilo: Monolog

Tipo: Bible Stories & Teac

Propósito: Evangelism

Citación Biblica: Paraphrase

Estado: Approved

Los guiones son pautas básicas para la traducción y grabación a otros idiomas. Deben adaptarse según sea necesario para que sean comprendidas y relevantes para cada cultura e idioma diferentes. Algunos términos y conceptos utilizados pueden necesitar más explicación o incluso ser reemplazados o omitidos por completo.

Guión de texto


1 Are you afraid to die?
2 Are you afraid of the thunder?
3 Are you afraid to go out in the night?
4 Are you afraid of the evil spirits?
5 I have good news for you.
6 You do not need to be afraid of all these things.
7 Think about God.
8 It was He that made the forest and all the animals.
9 He is very good.
10 God has power over everything.
11 He knows how to free us all from fear.
12 He wants to make us happy people.
13 For this reason, He gave us His words on paper.
15 This book is called the Bible.
16 Listen, and I am going to tell you more of God's talk.


1 God always was living.
2 He doesn't have a mother or a father.
3 We were born, but he never was.
4 Even before we came into being, God was.
5 God is very powerful!
6 He is more powerful than all of the evil spirits.
7 He is more powerful than a strong wind.
8 Everything is easy for God.
9 God hears everything.
10 He hears the snake slithering on the ground.
11 He hears the leopard walking in the jungle.
12 He hears the butterfly flying.
13 God sees everything.
14 He sees the armadillo in the ground.
15 He sees the fish in the river.
16 He sees during the day and night.
17 God knows everything.
18 He knows what we are thinking.
19 He hears us when we whisper with each other.
20 We cannot hide anything from God.
21 God is completely good.
22 God never lies.
23 He never changes.
24 The Bible has the words God spoke.
25 His words are very important for us.


1 God tells us in the Bible how it was in the beginning.
2 There were no animals or birds.
3 There were no rivers or forests. There were no people.
4 At that time, only God was living.
5 After this, God made all the things that we see.
6 By speaking He made night and day.
7 God spoke and made the earth and the plants.
8 He made all these things, but did not get tired.
9 He made everything by just speaking.
10 By speaking He made manioc, corn, and bananas.
11 God is very powerful!
12 By speaking He made the sun, moon, and the stars.
13 God also made the fish and the birds.
14 He made all the animals--like the tapir, dog, and leopard.
15 After making all these things, He made the first man and the first woman.
16 We cannot see God.
17 But, we can see all the things that He made.
18 God made everything well/good.
19 God also made all of the spirits.
20 Afterwards some of them disobeyed God.
21 These became the evil spirits.
22 Until today they do evil.
23 Their leader is named Satan.
24 He is completely bad.
25 It is God who takes care of us.
26 He makes the sun rise every morning.
27 He sends the rain for us.
28 He cause manioc and fruit trees to grow.
29 God is very good to us.
30 God loves us very much.
31 We should always give thanks to God.


1 I already told you how God made this world.
2 At that time everything was good.
3 There was no sickness, pain, or evil.
4 At that time there was only one man and one woman.
5 His name was Adam and hers was Eve.
6 They were the ones that ruined everything.
7 (Because) They did not obey God.
8 God had told them not to eat the fruit of a certain tree.
9 But they ate it.
10 They listened to Satan instead of listening to God. This was sin.
11 For this reason God withdrew Himself from Adam and Eve.
12 After this everything became bad.
13 We now have sickness, pain, thorns, and all kinds of evil.
14 The first people did not obey God.
15 Because of this everything became bad.


1 A long time passed. Many people were born on the earth.
2 But these people only did evil. They always were sinning.
3 They always were lying, stealing,.....*
4 God was sad.
5 He saw all the people doing wrong.
6 He doesn't like sin.
7 So God said that He would destroy all the people of the earth.
8 But there was one man that obeyed God.
9 He didn't like evil.
10 His name was Noah.
11 God told Noah to build a large boat.
12 So Noah started to make the boat, hammering with his hammer. (SE Building.)
13 Many people came to see Noah building.
14 Noah told them, "Listen to God's word.
15 There is going to be a great flood.
16 Many will die in the water."
17 This is what Noah said.
18 But the people laughed at Noah. (SE laughing.)
19 They didn't believe what Noah said.
20 They didn't stop doing wrong.
21 God saw this and was sad.
22 He wanted them to believe His word.
23 But they did not believe.
24 Then God told Noah to go into the boat with his wife.
25 His sons and their wives went in also.
26 Two of every animal also went into the boat. (SE Animals.)
27 Then God closed the door. (SE Door.)
28 It began to rain and rain.
29 It rained for many days and become a great flood.
30 The water rose and covered the trees.
31 It continued to rain and water covered the mountains.
32 Everyone drowned.
33 But Noah and his family did not die.
34 They were safe in the boat.
35 Because they believed in the word of God.


1 God is very good.
2 He is good to each of us.
3 He wants us to do good to others.
4 Instead we have a habit of cheating others.
5 We have the habit of stealing.
6 We have the habit of committing adultery.
7 We have the habit of fighting.
8 God knows when we do these things.
9 He hears us when we swear.
10 He sees us at all times.
11 He is saddened by our sin.
12 He is holy and hates sin.
13 This is what God's word says:
14 The unbelievers and murderers,
15 The adulterers and witches,
16 The idolaters and liars,
17 All will be punished in the lake of fire.
18 This is what God's word says.
19 Each of you that are listening, are you going to suffer there too?
20 There the fire will never go out.
21 The people are going to continue suffering there.
22 But I have other words to tell you.
23 You will be happy with these words.
24 Turn over the tape and you will hear more.

(Half-way point.)


1 Listen, I am going to tell you more.
2 God Himself made a new road for us.
3 Following this road, we will not suffer after we die.
4 God sent His son to live here on earth.
5 His name was Jesus.
6 Many years ago, Jesus came here to earth.
7 He came as a little baby.
8 Jesus' mother was Mary.
9 Mary had never slept with a man.
10 It was God's power that made Mary pregnant.
11 And so Jesus was born as a baby.
12 Jesus grew up and became a man.
13 He had a body just like ours.
14 But at the same time He was God.
15 When Jesus was thirty years old, He began to visit many villages.
16 He went about doing good to all people.
17 He healed the sick.
18 He taught God's word to the people.
19 One time He said, "Stop doing evil."
20 "And believe in what I have said." (Mark 1:15)
21 On another day Jesus said.
22 "Come to me all you that are tired
23 of carrying your heavy burdens.
24 I will give you rest."
25 This is what Jesus said.
26 Jesus was not talking about burdens we carry on our back.
27 Jesus was speaking of our sin that we carry on the inside.
28 Only Jesus can take this weight away.
29 Jesus calls us to believe in Him.
30 God wants us to listen to what Jesus says.


1 Jesus taught many people.
2 He did many things that no one else could do.
3 One day there was a great storm.
4 Jesus told the wind and the rain to stop, and they did!
5 Jesus also healed the sick.
6 A lady had a fever, but Jesus healed her.
7 A man was paralysed and Jesus made him walk.
8 Jesus healed another man that was deaf.
9 Another man was dumb, but Jesus caused him to speak.
10 Jesus also healed blind people.
11 Jesus also healed demonised people.
12 I am going to tell you a story (from Mark 9).
13 A man came to Jesus and said:
14 "Master, I brought my son for you to see him.
15 He has a demon and is not able to speak.
16 The demon is constantly against him.
17 It throws him on the ground and he begins foaming at the mouth.
18 He grits his teeth and becomes very weak.
19 Jesus said, "Bring the boy here."
20 When they brought him, the demon saw Jesus.
21 The demon shook the boy violently.
22 The boy fell and rolled on the ground.
23 He began to foam at the mouth.
24 The father said, "If you can, help us!
25 Have mercy on us!"
26 Jesus answered, "To him that believes, everything is possible."
27 The father shouted, "I believe. But help me to believe more!"
28 Jesus said, "Deaf and dumb spirit, come out of this boy."
29 "Never come back into him again."
30 Then the demon shouted, shook the boy and left.
31 What power Jesus has!
32 Only He can expel demons.


1 My people, listen, I'm going to tell you how Jesus died.
2 Jesus lived here on earth and did good to everyone.
3 He healed the sick.
4 He taught the word of God to everyone.
5 But the leaders did not like Jesus.
6 They were envious of Him.
7 They did not believe that Jesus had come from God.
8 So the leaders decided to kill Him.
9 They sent servants to capture Jesus.
10 These grabbed Jesus and brought Him back to the leaders.
11 It was night time.
12 The leaders commanded others to beat Jesus.
13 The next morning they took Jesus out to kill Him.
14 They nailed Him to a tree.
15 He was still alive.
16 Jesus hung on the tree the whole day.
17 In the afternoon Jesus died.
18 Jesus' body was completely dead.
19 We know that Jesus suffered a lot when He died.
20 But He had never done anything wrong.
21 He had always done good to others.
22 But still He died (innocent).
23 Why did He die like that?
24 Listen: I'm going to tell you some good news.
25 God says all sin must be punished.
26 The penalty of sin is death.
27 Jesus had no sin, so He could pay for our sin.
28 Jesus died in our place.
29 He suffered for our sins.
30 Because He died, we do not have to suffer after we die.
31 Certainly Jesus loved us very much.
32 He died in our place.


1 Jesus died in the late afternoon.
2 Some friends of His came and got the body.
3 They took it to be buried.
4 They put Jesus' body in a hole.
5 The hole was in the side of a hill.
6 Afterwards they sealed the hole with a huge rock.
7 Three days passed.
8 Very early in the morning, three women went to the grave (hole).
9 When they arrived they saw that the rock was to the side of the grave.
10 They looked inside and the body of Jesus was no longer in the grave.
11 All of a sudden, they saw an angel (heavenly being).
12 The women were afraid.
13 But the angel said, "Don't be afraid."
14 "Jesus is not here. He is alive again!"
15 That is what the angel said.
16 The women left the grave.
17 They went to tell Jesus' friends.
18 But Jesus' friends did not believe the woman.
19 They didn't believe that Jesus was alive again.
20 That same day, Jesus came to the place where His friends were.
21 They thought that it was a ghost.
22 But Jesus spoke with them and ate fish in front of them.
23 They were very happy!
24 Jesus was with them for forty days.
25 After this, Jesus went back to the place where God lives.
26 He went into the cloud and went to be with God.
27 Now Jesus is at the place where God lives.
28 He will never get old.
29 One day He is going to return.
30 He is going to be the Chief of all people (both indigenous people and the white people).
31 Do you believe in Jesus?
32 Jesus commands us to believe in Himself.


1 Listen, here in our region there are two types of paths.
2 One path is wide and clean, while the other one is overgrown with brush.
3 The wide path is very easy to walk on.
4 But on that path you won't see animals to hunt.
5 When you return home, there won't be any food to eat.
6 But the other path is different.
7 The overgrown path is difficult to walk on.
8 Sometimes you have to crawl beneath the branches.
9 You will though, find plenty of animals to hunt.
10 Coming back home is hard, too.
11 You have to carry the game on your back.
12 But arriving home, everyone will have lots of food to eat.
13 Jesus also spoke of two paths.
14 One path is easy to walk on.
15 But this path leads one to the hell (the fiery lake of punishment).
16 There the people suffer much pain and cry forever.
17 But Jesus said that there is another path.
18 This path is very narrow.
19 It is difficult to walk on this path.
20 The others cause many problems for those that walk the narrow path.
21 But this path leads to God's house.
22 There, there isn't any crying or pain.
23 Everyone is happy there.
24 This is what Jesus said concerning the two paths.
25 Don't think that these paths were man-made.
26 It is impossible to see these paths.
27 Part of the tribe live on the wide path in their hearts.
28 The other part of the tribe live on the narrow path in their hearts.
29 On which of the paths are you living/walking.
30 The people on the wide path like to sin.
31 They are always lying, always stealing.
32 Always committing adultery.
33 Always drinking.
34 They do not want to stop sinning.
35 But the ones on the narrow path are different.
36 They have repented of (turned away from) their sins.
37 They believe that Jesus died for their sins.
38 They say, "Let's not keep on sinning because it makes Jesus sad."
39 This is what those on the narrow path say.
40 Listen very carefully.
41 Are you living on the wide path or on the narrow path?
42 Ever since you were a child you lived on the wide path.
43 If you keep on like this, you'll end up in hell.
44 Leave the wide path and enter the narrow path.
45 You will have eternal life.
46 Come, my people, and believe only in Jesus.

(If appropriate, can be finished with a short prayer of repentance and faith.)

47 Talk to God now.
48 He will hear what you say to Him.
49 Tell God that you are sad because you disobeyed His words.
50 Tell Him all your sins.
51 Tell Him that you are going to leave your sins.
52 Ask God to wash away your sins.
53 Begin to trust in Jesus.
54 Believe that He died for your sins.
55 Receive Jesus as your new Chief.
56 Allow the Spirit of Jesus to direct your life.

* Use local examples.

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