David and Goliath (Part One)/Joybells Victory

David and Goliath (Part One)/Joybells Victory

Esquema: David and Goliath story for children. Part 1 tells about David being a shepherd, and that the Lord is our shepherd. Joybells Victory is a separate script about Joy Ridderhof accepting Christ as a girl.

Número de guión: DAG

Idioma: English

Tema: Christ (Jesus, Our Shepherd); Living as a Christian (Victory, Joy, happiness, rejoicing); Character of God (Love of God); Problems (Problems, troubles, worries)

Audiencia: Children

Estilo: Monolog

Tipo: Bible Stories & Teac

Propósito: Pre-evangelism

Citación Biblica: None

Estado: Approved

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Guión de texto

I am going to tell you a very interesting story about a very fine boy called David. This boy could do many things: he could play a harp and sing. But he could work very hard too, because he lived in the country where there was much work to be done.

David's father kept sheep, so from the time he was very small, David learned to take care of sheep too. The name of David's country is a very long one, Israel. Many people in that country kept sheep and they had to use a lot of care, not like some people who take care of pigs.

Every morning the shepherd took the sheep out to find a grassy place where the sheep could both rest and find something to eat. The shepherd had to be very careful about the grassy place that there were no snake holes hidden in the grass, because when the sheep were happily eating the grass then the snakes would suddenly bite them. If the lambs were sick, or could not walk, the shepherd would pick them up and carry them in his arms. In these outdoor places, there was a great danger from a kind of wild animal called a WOLF.

So the shepherd had to be on the watch all the time to keep these wolves from eating the sheep. When he saw them, he would kill them. Then each night the shepherd would lead the sheep back home and count them one by one to see that none was lost. If one was gone, he would go back and hunt for it.

Sheep are really very stupid animals. They don't know anything and must have the shepherd do everything for them, or teach them, or find good food for them, and good water for them to drink. And lead them along the road on which they should go. Don't you think if a shepherd is willing to take care of the sheep like that, that he must love them very much?

When David was caring for the sheep he had a great deal of time to think.

Perhaps, he played his flute. He would watch the beautiful flowers and listen to the sweet songs of birds, and enjoy the trees and the flowers. Then he would think about the Creator of all this loveliness---the one True God.

Because David had so much time to be quiet, he learned early to know this God and to love Him.

When David grew old enough, he wrote many songs. The best known of these is called the Shepherd's Psalm, which tells us about God as our great Shepherd.

Because David was used to caring for sheep, he thought of us as being God's sheep and little lambs who need Him to love and care for us.

This psalm is known by many, many children all over the world. It would be a fine thing if you would learn it too. I will teach it to you now. You listen carefully. Listen over and over again until you can repeat it too because you have a part in this song. This God has a Son called Jesus. Jesus loves you and me very much. He died on a cross so that you and I could escape the punishment of sin. Jesus said that He is the Good Shepherd, and wants to take care of us just like a little lamb.

Don't you think it would be nice to have such a nice shepherd! If you give yourself to Jesus, and always trust Him, He will be YOUR own shepherd. Now listen to this Shepherd song.
[Record Ps. 23.]


Would you like to be happy all the time? That is what this little girl wanted that I am going to tell you about. Her name is JOY. She had already accepted Christ as her Saviour and even wanted to be a missionary when she grew up. But sometimes she felt sad. Do you know why? Because she sinned sometimes, and she didn't want to do it at all. Quite often she would feel angry or impatient, or was cross or boastful. Then again she would quarrel with her brother, and didn't have love in her heart for the people who said bad things about her. She worried about many things, and sometimes she would talk back to her mother. She tried to make her heart better and would often pray that God would help her to change. But she couldn't seem to help it so she felt discouraged and was afraid that she never could be a missionary.

But God did answer her prayer because one day she heard a wonderful secret that set the joybells ringing in her heart--and are still ringing there to this very day! It's true because I know her. She said that after she learned this wonderful secret, she had such rest and peace and happiness, that it was just like heaven on earth.

That was the postman with the mail. I am going to tell you the secret by reading you a letter that a good Christian father wrote to his little children after he learned this wonderful truth. Now listen carefully because if you do what he told his children to do you will be the happiest people in the whole world.

Shhhhhh. My precious children, I wish you knew what it is to give you hearts to Jesus to keep every day.

I used to try to keep my own heart right, but it would always be going wrong.

So at last I had to give up trying myself, and to accept the Lord's offer to keep it for me. Don't you think that is the best way? Perhaps sometimes you think: I will try not to be selfish, or unkind or disobedient, and yet though you really try, you do not succeed.

But Jesus says, "You should entrust that to me. I will keep that little heart--if you will trust me with it." And He will.

And that is the secret that Joy learned that made her so happy. She gave her hands, and feet, heart and will over to Jesus, and asked His Holy Spirit to live His life in her--always. Then she believed--and He did it! She is a happy missionary now.

If you ask Him to do this in you, He will. Remember, you must believe that the moment you turn everything over to Him, He takes charge. He lives in your heart to keep you from sin. Then the JOYBELLS will start ringing in your heart too.

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