Información acerca de Holanda

Region: Europa
Capital: Amsterdam
Population: 17,618,000
Area (sq km): 41,785
FIPS Country Code: NL
ISO Country Code: NL
GRN Office: Gospel Recordings Netherlands

Map of Holanda

Map of Holanda

Idiomas y dialectos hablados en Holanda

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Encontrado 4 nombes de idiomas

Chinese, Yue [China, Guangdong] - ISO Language [yue]

Flamenco [Belgium, West-Vlaanderen] - ISO Language [vls]

Frisón; Frisio [Friesland, SNEEK] - ISO Language [fry]

Holandes [Netherlands] - ISO Language [nld]

Grupos de Personas Holanda

Afrikaner ▪ Akan ▪ Algerian, Arabic-speaking ▪ Ambonese ▪ Americans, U.S. ▪ Anglo-Australian ▪ Antillean Creole, Papiamentu ▪ Arab, Egyptian ▪ Arab, Iraqi ▪ Arab, Moroccan ▪ Arab, Sudanese ▪ Arab, Syrian ▪ Arab, Tunisian ▪ Azerbaijani, North ▪ Berber, Rif ▪ Black African, general ▪ British ▪ Cape Verdean ▪ Chaldean ▪ Crioulo, Upper Guinea ▪ Deaf ▪ Dutch ▪ Eurasian ▪ Filipino, Tagalog ▪ Fleming ▪ French ▪ Frisian, Western ▪ Greek ▪ Gronings ▪ Gypsy, Dutch ▪ Han Chinese, Cantonese ▪ Han Chinese, Mandarin ▪ Han Chinese, Wu ▪ Hungarian ▪ Hutu, Rwandese ▪ Indonesian ▪ Italian ▪ Javanese ▪ Javanese, Caribbean ▪ Jew, Dutch Speaking ▪ Korean ▪ Kurd, Kurmanji ▪ Macedonian ▪ Persian ▪ Polish ▪ Portuguese ▪ Romani, Sinte ▪ Romani, Vlax ▪ Russian ▪ Sarnami Hindi ▪ Somali ▪ South Asian, general ▪ Spaniard ▪ Surinamese Creole, Sranan ▪ Syrian Aramaic, Turoyo ▪ Turk ▪ Vietnamese ▪ Walloon ▪ Yugoslav former, general

Noticias acerca de Holanda

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