Prayer Guide for GRN Thailand August 2022

Dear Prayer Partners,

"So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west,
And His glory from the rising of the sun;
When the enemy comes in like a flood,
The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him." (Isaiah 59:19)

We are thankful for you who fear the name of the Lord. Your prayers are effectual. When our requests call for standing against evil, we expect God to strengthen your praying by His Spirit. His "standard" is clearly shown as we seek him each day by the study of His Word and prayer.

Thanks so much for lifting up our requests each day this month.

Jon Rulison

Prayer Guide for GRN Thailand August 2022

1) (Mon) Maethee, Anna and Rappon (Lot and Muang's children): Praise God that all of the tuition fees needed for this school year have been provided for both Anna and Rappon. Please pray for the following: 1) Strength and wisdom from God for Anna as she currently is in her final year of university, and 2) Safety and good operation of the truck as Maethee drives back to Chachoengsao Province today to continue his internship for the next 3 months.

2) (Tue) Please pray for Thailand Media Network, of which GRNT is a participant, as they meet today to discuss media resources produced by each organization in an effort to maximize our efforts, multiply the distribution of our resources and partner with Thai churches more effectively.

3) (Wed) Isaan and other Groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Good health, wisdom and God's blessing on Ajaan Supote and his family as they serve God and for adequate income from selling sweets, 2) Good health for June's family, and for the bank to allow them to borrow the money they need, 3) Increased understanding in English, safety in travel, sufficient finances and a good visit to the doctor this month for Bee, and 4) The church members in Khon San Church to seek God more and live close to Him.

4) (Thur) From Dan and Na Tisdale: We are blessed! Na is working a temporary administrative job at school and Tytus is starting school again, August 4th and August 11th respectively, a 45 minute drive from home. As a family, please pray for grace and strength to faithfully and cheerfully accomplish the daily tasks He's entrusted to us. Ephesians 4:1-3

5) (Fri) Phu Thai Nakae and other groups in Nakhon Phanom: Please pray for the following:

1) God's blessing on the second meeting of the youth, 2) The processing of the visa for a missionary, 3) Wisdom to prepare the youth to be godly future leaders, 4) The local Christians to serve God with all of their hearts, 5) All church leaders to be faithful to God's call, 6) More churches to be planted in each district, and 7) Sufficient finances and the right place to purchase land by the Mekong River to build a mission house / center.

6) (Sat) GRNT will be hosting a recording team training course later this year. A course of preparation is currently underway in their country to better their English and teach them how to observe culture and prepare content for audio recording. Pray that this training will go well and that God will strengthen families that have to be apart during this period of training.

7) (Sun) Concerning the students coming for the recording team training course, please pray for skill in the following: 1) Learning to observe and discover cultural keys that help give understanding of the Good News, 2) Learning how to prepare culturally relevant and Biblically accurate messages, 3) Learning how to ensure the messages reflect the communication styles of the local language groups, and 4) Learning how to use recording and editing equipment accurately. Please also pray in advance that all of the students with their recording/editing equipment arrive safely in Chiangmai.

8) (Mon) GRNT staff have had a great experience recording the first half of the Thai Good News script, with the office staff as the speakers on the recording. Now we need to use the recording to test for clarity, accuracy, and interest-level. Pray for wisdom as we decide who to share it with and how to go about evaluating their responses.

9) (Tue) Phu Thai and Other Groups in Sakon Nakhon and Mukdahan Provinces: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom and God's blessing for Pastor Meesak and Pastor Wichai and their families as they serve the Lord, 2) God's Spirit to work and bless the outreach in a new location, 3) Wisdom in teaching and helping new believers. 4) Wisdom and God's blessing on the ongoing Discipleship Ministry and in starting new home groups, 5)) Good health for the Christian leaders, their teams and all of their families, as many have Covid, and 6) Wisdom and God's Spirit to bless and work during the preparation for and outreach of the members of the Mukdahan Christian Confederation to local schools, communities and agencies 8-12 August.

10) (Wed) Please pray for GRNT as they arrange for MGT outreach in the mountains, that they will again be able to take such trips to visit and encourage Christian workers and believers in various locations, after being restricted for many months due to the Covid situation.

11) (Thur) Pray for God's wisdom and leading for the GRNT Board as they meet for a regular board meeting today.

12) (Fri) Thai Song Dam (from Suphanburi Province) and other groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom for Ploy as she teaches Good News Clubs for the children every Saturday in two locations: Pastor Chalao's village in the morning and Bo Sumran Village in the afternoon, 2) Wisdom and strength for the church leaders, and for the believers to grow in Christ, 3) Good health and safety for all of the church members, 4) Wisdom and blessing for Ploy as she studies for her 4th year at seminary in Bangkok, and safety as she travels back and forth between Bangkok and her home in Suphanburi, and 5) Wisdom for the leaders and all of the team members as they hold a youth camp for church youth in Suphanburi 12-13 August, and safety and God's blessing for all of the workers and the youth who come.

13) (Sat) Yoy and Other Groups: Thank God that after the doctor tested Da's heart, he said she was healed. Please pray for the following: 1) God's provision for Da's family concerning their debt, and God's leading concerning plans to go work in South Korea, 2) Good health for Song Phan's family, sufficient funds for daily expenses and that her husband will be able to find work, and 3) All of the members of Akat Amnuai Church to be strong in their faith.

14) (Sun) Boy's family: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom and strength for Boy and Aom as they serve the Lord, 2) Good immune systems and health, and protection from Covid for the three daughters, and for them to be good children and obey their parents, and 3) Everyone in the family to live continually close to Jesus.

15) (Mon) Thai Song Dam Group in Kanchanaburi Province: Please pray for the following: 1) Provision of one Christian worker to join the ministry, 2) Wisdom and God's blessing for the ministry to the children of the church, 3) The provision of a builder to complete the building of a dining facility, and 4) Strength and good health for God's servants.

16) (Tue) From Jon and Clair: Pray for Forest, Lauren, and Brook's visit with us in Chiang Mai from mid-August for about ten days. Pray for safety in travel, no problems with baggage, and a great time together here. This visit means so much to all of us. Brook and Forest have not been to Thailand for more than three years, and this will be Lauren's first time here.

17) (Wed) Lawa Group: Praise God that the results from the doctor's appointment for Dough's younger brother last month were good. Please pray for the following: 1) Strength and good health for Dough's mother and for her and her youngest son to both have open hearts to receive Jesus as their Savior soon, 2) Improved health for Rut, and for God to bless her husband Rod in his work, and as he has some leadership in the community, for him to be a good example in showing God's love, and 3) Protection from Covid and wisdom for Dough as he studies in Bible school.

18) (Thur) Praise God that a GRNT team was able to take some of God's servants from another organization to visit the Mpi last month. Please pray for God to provide His servants who have a burden and heart for the Mpi who will work with the Mpi and follow them up.

19) (Fri) Nyaw Group: Please pray for the Nyaw villagers to be blessed and want to know Christ as they listen to the recorded testimony of a male Nyaw believer, and for God's leading concerning plans to build a church building for the Nyaw later this year.

20) (Sat) Continue to pray for wisdom and focus as Clair prepares material on culture research and script development for a recording team training course to be held at the GRNT office later this year.

21) (Sun) Ugong Group: Please pray for the following: 1) God to open the eyes of everyone who has heard the Gospel through GRN and through the Thai Song Dam believers, 2) Jam's daughter and Khampee's daughter to both be able to get pregnant soon, 3) The children and youth to respect and obey their parents and study diligently, 4) Strength and good health for everyone in the village, and 5) Sufficient water and good income from their crops for all of the Ugong farmers.

22) (Mon) Vietnamese in Northeast Thailand: Please pray for the following: 1) Twelve new believers to want to study God's Word and to know the Lord more, 2) Strength, good health, and wisdom in ministering to people for Pastor Tam and his wife, 3) Good health and safety for Pastor Tam's son, Joshua, as he travels to Chiangmai, and 4) Wisdom, strength and good health for Pastor Narong and his wife as they follow up the new believers.

23) (Tue) Praise God that many MP3 players continue to go out from the GRNT office and be distributed. Please pray for the people who listen to the recordings to come to know and love the Lord, and for believers to be encouraged and strengthened in their faith.

24) (Wed) Phu Thai Renu and other groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Wisdom and God's help for Yun to find the solution for her flooded fields, 2) Sufficient income for all living expenses for God's servants and their families, 3) Sufficient funds needed to do building repairs at the church, pour cement and install kitchen equipment, 4) Good health for Khamani, and wisdom and grace for her to have good relationships with her family members, 5) A suitable job for Jit, a neighbor, and for her to truly meet and get to know the Lord, and 6) Awd At to get a government job in Udon and for him to be born again.

25) (Thur) Please pray for God's will concerning plans for GRNT to visit the Moken later this year, and also to be able to go to Myanmar and complete audio Scripture recordings in the Moken language.

26) (Fri) Nyeu people group: Please pray for wisdom for the pastor who has Nyeu church members in his church, as he seeks to research the Nyeu people.

27) (Sat) From the GRNT IT team: GRNT is using YouTube to share about the ministry of GRNT and to share GRN recordings. Please pray that people will see the videos and that there will be eternal fruit in their lives as they watch them.

28) (Sun) Nyah Kur and Isaan Groups: Please pray for the following: 1) Strength, good health and the provision of every need for B and G, and for necessary paperwork to be processed quickly, 2) Wisdom, safety in travel and the provision of every need for all the church leaders, and church members, 3) Safety and good health for Thep and his wife as they work in a chicken factory in Petchabun, and 4) Santi, Jong, Chai and other men to be able to quit drinking through God's power, and 4) Wisdom for On to help and encourage Nang, Maew and other women who have emotional and spiritual problems.

29) (Mon) Praise God that GRNT was able to have a weekend English camp, do Love Touch ministry and encourage the local Akeu pastor in the Akeu village 16-17 July. Please pray for the adults and children who experienced God's love and heard the Gospel through the team, that they will remember what they heard and saw, and that they will come to know Christ. Pray also for healing for those who received Love Touch ministry.

30) (Tue) Please pray for strength and good health for Jaew, and for continued wisdom for her in her work.

31) (Wed) So Thavung Group: Please pray for the following: 1) Good health for Net, and for her family to put their confidence in Jesus alone, 2) All the believers in Jesus to hunger for God and want to go to church, 3) Good health for Jane, who is pregnant, wisdom for her in her studies, and for her to pass the exam to become a teacher, 4) The children and youth to obey their parents, and for mutual understanding between parents and children, and 5) Wisdom, strength and good health for Pastor Lek and his family and Pastor Wirak and his family, and God's blessing on both of their ministries.

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