Christ In You

Christ In You

Outline: Conversation between two Christians reading Scripture and discussing the high standards set by God. Discovering the solution of "abiding in the Vine." Adaptable to local needs by changing the Scripture quotes to apply to problems among them.

Script Number: 013

Language: Tok Pisin: PNG

Theme: Eternal life (Salvation); Character of God (Word of God (the Bible)); Living as a Christian (Prayer, petition, Obedience, Spiritual Growth, Faith, trust, believe in Jesus, Assurance, Abiding in Christ, Christian values); Sin and Satan (Shame)

Audience: New Christian

Style: Dialog

Genre: Messages and Fiction

Purpose: Teaching

Bible Quotation: Extensive

Status: Publishable

Script Text

1. Gude wantok. Yu kam nau. (Vernacular greeting)

2. Gude wantok. Yes, mi kam nau. (Greeting returned) Mi lukim yu, yu ritim bik bilong God.

1. Yes, Tok bilong God i olsem gutpela kaikai bilong tingting bilong mi. Dispela tok i strongim mi.

2. Yu tokim mi long dispela tok. Mi hangre ((laik harim gut))long dispela tok bilong God.

1. Gutpela, yu ken harim. Buk bilong God i tok olsem: Yumi mas tingting gut long ol manmeri bilong Jisas. Ol i olsem brada na susa bilong yumi. Yumi no ken les long wok bilong yumi yet. Olgeta samting yumi mekim, yumi mas mekim gutpela; olsem, bai God i ken lukim, na em i ken amamas long yumi. Oltaim Jisas i lukautim yumi, na bihain, em bai i kisim yumi i go long gutpela ples bilong em. Olsem, olgeta de yumi ken tingting long dispela samting na yumi ken amamas. Sapos trabel ((taim nogut)) ((samting nogut)) i kam long yumi, yumi no ken bel hevi, tingting bilong yumi i ken i stap isi ((gut)). Olgeta de yumi ken beten long God. Na yum i no ken lusim tingting long dispela samting. Yumi ken lukautim ol manmeri i stap rabis. Na taim ol manmeri bilong napapela hap i kam long ples bilong yumi, yumi ken lukautim ol. Yumi ken givim presen ((mani)) long God long helpim wok bilong em long olgeta hap. Yumi mas tingting gut long ol birua bilong yumi. Sapos manmeri i mekim nogut long yumi, yumi no ken hekim pasin nogut long ol, nogat. Yumi ken bekim gutpela pasin long ol. Olgeta samting yumi mekim yumi mas mekim gutpela, na yumi no ken giamanim arapela manmeri. Olsem, bai ol manmeri i ken lukim wokabaut ((pasin)) ((sindaun)) bilong yumi i gutpela tru. Sapos tingting bilong yumi i laik mekim pasin nogut, yumi no ken sindaun nating, nogat, yumi mas mekim gutpela pasin tasol, na olsem bai yumi winim ((daunim)) pasin nogut ((tingting nogut)).

2. Pren ((wantok)), ating i hatwok tru long bihainim ol dispela tok bilong God. Mi yet mi no inap long bihainim (dispela tok). Mi harim dispela tok na mi gat sem. Yu ting i gat sampela manmeri i inap long biainim dispela tok no nogat?

1. Nogat. I no gat wanpela man inap long bihainim olgeta tok bilong God. Jisas tasol inap long bihainim.

2. Ah! Mi longlong nau ((nau mi no save)). God i tokim yumi long bihainim tok bilong em. Nau yu tok, yumi no inap long bihainim tok bilong em. Jisas tasol i inap. Yu tok save long mi long dispela samting.

1. Yes, em i tru. Jisas wanpela tasol inap long bihainim tok bilong God. Long strong bilong yumi yet, yumi no inap. Tasol, sapos yu bin tingting long Jisas na bihainim em (find suitable vernacular expression for "put your trust in Jesus."), Jisas yet i stap long tingting bilong yu. Jisas i mekim wok insait long tingting bilong yu. Em i ken strongim yu long bihainim tok bilong God. Jisas i bin tok olsem: "Mi yet, mi diwai.Yupela i han bilong diwai. Sapos olgeta de yu tingting loing mi na bihainim mi, na mi stap long tingting bilong yu, bai yu karim planti kaikai. Olsem, bai yu kisim strong long mekim planti gutpela pasin. Tasol, sapos (yu laik wokabaut long strong bilong yu yet na) mi no stap wantaim yu, bai yu no inap long mekim wanpela gutpela samting. (Sapos olgeta de yu tingting long mi na bihainim mi, na tok bilong mi i stap strong long tingting bilong yu; olsem bai yu ken beten long God na em bai i mekim olgeta samting yu askim.) Jisas i bin mekim ol dispela tok.

2. Oh, tru. Nau mi save liklik. Mi mas harim gut olgeta tok bilong Jisas na pasim dispela tok long tingting bilong mi. Jisas yet bai i stap wantaim mi. Em bai i wok insait long tingting bilong mi na strongim mi long bihainim tok bilong God.

1. Tru, pren. Jisas em i no stap longwe. Em i stap klostu tru. Na yumi ken singautim em, na em bai i strongim yumi long mekim gutpela pasin.

2. Yes, nau mi save. Sapos mi gat kros long arapela man no meri, mi ken singautim Jisas, na em bai i tekewe pasin nogut bilong mi, na em bai i strongim mi, olsem bai mi inap long tingting gut ((bel isi))long ol.

1. Yes, i olsem; pastaim ((bipo)), mi beten long Jisas na askim em long tekewe pasin nogut bilong mi. Mi yet mi no inap long rausim pasin nogut bilong mi. Na arapela manmeri, ol tu i no inap. Tasol, mi singautim Jisas na bihainim tok bilong em. Na kwiktaim em i tekewe pasin nogut bilong mi. Olsem tasol, olgeta de yumi mas tingting long Jisas na bihainim tok bilong em. Bipo, Jisas i dai long diwai kros long baim ((kisim)) pasin nogut bilong yumi. Na em i kirap gen long matmat long strong bilong God. Nau, em ((Jisas)) i stap insait long tingting bilong yumi. Yumi ken tingting long dispela samting na Jisas bai i strongim yumi. Olsem bai yumi gat strong long bihainim olgeta tok bilong God. (Buk bilong God i tok olsem: Pastaim, ((bipo)) yu tingting long Jisas na bihainim em, na olsem em i kamap bikpela bilong yu. Olsem tasol, olgeta de yu mas tingting long Jisas na bihainim em. Olsem bai em yet i ken mekim wokabaut ((pasin)) ((sindaun)) bilong yu i gutpela moa.)

(( )) indicates an alternative expression

( ) indicates that this section may be left out for reasons of difficulty in translation, or inability to include within the time limit of the recording.

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