unfoldingWord 25 - Setanan Isua A Thlem

unfoldingWord 25 - Setanan Isua A Thlem

Outline: Matthew 4:1-11; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13

Script Number: 1225

Language: Mizo

Audience: General

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism; Teaching

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Approved

Scripts are basic guidelines for translation and recording into other languages. They should be adapted as necessary to make them understandable and relevant for each different culture and language. Some terms and concepts used may need more explanation or even be replaced or omitted completely.

Script Text

Isua baptis a nih zawh veleh, Thlarau Thianghlim chuan thlalêrah a hruai ta nghala, chutah chuan ni sawmli leh zan sawmli chaw a nghei a. Tin, Setana chu Isua hnênah a lo kal a, sual turin a thlem a.

Setana chuan Isua hnênah, “Pathian fapa i nih chuan, heng lungte hi chhangah chantir rawh, tichuan i ei thei dawn nia,” tiin a thlem a.

Isuan, “Pathian thuin a ziak ang in ‘mihringten an nunna tûrin chhang ringawt an mamawh lova, Pathian kaa thu tin chhuak an mamawh a ni,” tiin a chhang a.

Tin, Setana chuan Isua chu Biakin chhip zumah a hruai a, a hnênah, “Pathian fapa i nih chuan, tla thla rawh, ‘Pathian chuan nangmah chawi tûr che in a vântirhkohte thu a pe ang a, tichuan, i ke in lung i chhuih dawn lo nia,’ tih ziak ang khan,” a ti a.

Nimahsela, Isuan Pathian thu hmangin Setana chu a chhang a. Isuan, “Pathian thu ah chuan, Pathianin, ‘I Pathian fiah suh,’ tiin a mite thu a pe a ni,” a ti a.

Tin, Setanan Isua chu khawvel lalram zawng zawng leh an ropuinate a entîr a, a hnênah, “Bawkkhupin chibai mi bûk la, heng zawng zawng hi ka pe dawn che a nia,” a ti a.

Isuan a chhang a, “Setan, kalbo daih rawh! Pathian thu ah chuan, “I Pathian chauh chibai bûk la, ama rawng chauh bawl rawh,” tiin a mite thu a pe a ni,” a ti a.

Isua chu Setana thlemnaah a tlu ta lova, tichuan, Setanan a kalsan ta a. Tin, Vântirkohte an rawn kal a, Isua rawng an rawn bawlsak ta a.

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