Baba Chipo

Outline: The narrator walks with the funeral procession of Baba Chipo and tells the story of Baba Chipo and the choices he had to make. A conflicting situation between Baba Chipo and his wife, Amai Chipo, shows his bombasm, arrogance and recklessness. The pastor comes to visit Baba Chipo who complains that he is wasting his time. The dramatic end of the story leaves the viewer with a very important choice to make.

Script Number: V001

Language: English

Style: Multiple voices

Genre: Messages and Fiction

Bible Quotation: Paraphrase

Status: Publishable

Script Text

The Script of Baba Chipo (In English)

Song: You have taken him.
Preacher: The man we have buried here, Baba Chipo, was a very rich man. He had a lot of wealth and had many workers at his farm, but he was very stubborn and had a cruel heart.
Song: You have taken him.

Baba Chipo: My wife! My wife! Where are you?
Amai Chipo: Here I am, daddy, I was taking clothes off the line. I have already prepared your food, it is in the basket. You can eat now.
Baba Chipo: My people are very hungry. They are working very hard.
Amai Chipo: Why do you store up riches for yourself here on earth? Hey!

Preacher: The man we have buried here had lots of properties. He had lots of cattle, goats and sheep on his farm. Can we say all these things gave him joy in his life? All his wealth did not help him discover his real need.

Amai Chipo: Welcome pastor!
Pastor: Hello mother.
Mai Chipo: How are you?
Pastor: I am very well, mother. How are you?
Amai Chipo: I am very well, pastor, but you have just missed Baba Chipo. He has gone out just now!
Pastor: I saw him driving away very fast in his car.
Amai Chipo: Heya!
Pastor: Uuu?
Amai Chipo: Aaah pastor, Baba Chipo is just like that. That is his character. He does not care about anything except his work only. If you come tomorrow around 10 am you will find him here picking up his food.

NEXT DAY: Pastor arrives (new scene).
Amai Chipo: If Baba Chipo had a sound mind, today he should go out and welcome pastor.
Baba Chipo: Please forgive me pastor. I must be going back to my work right now.
Amai Chipo: Hey Baba Chipo, how can you do that to the pastor who has visited to see you today?
Baba Chipo: Yes! I want to make it clear to the pastor that I am a busy man.
Pastor: Yes, Baba Chipo, I know you do not have time. You are a busy man with a lot of work to do. I can see your farm is very nice. I really appreciate…..
Baba Chipo: It is because I work very hard! Mai Chipo, is my food ready? I want to go and work.
Baba Chipo leaves.
Pastor: Mother, I wish God will be gracious to me and give me the right words for your husband. I can see that he is working very hard. I am troubled that he is focused only on this life. I really wish God would find a way into his life so that he can be saved….
Baba Chipo, have you ever considered what will happen to all your belongings if you leave this earth?
Baba Chipo: I am still very young. If I die, my wealth will go to my children.
Pastor: Mother I am sorry that your husband is not settled he cannot pay attention. The words I have brought for him are great and very important.
Amai Chipo: That is what happens in life pastor. That is how my husband lives. I will continue to pray for him.
Pastor: Do not worry yourself about it, mother. God willing I will come again tomorrow to talk to your husband about this matter.

Preacher: Luke 12 verse 15 says, He said to them. Watch out and guard yourselves from every kind of greed; because your true life is not made up of the things you own, no matter how rich you may be.

Pastor: Aah excuse me sir. I am back again with my issue. I do not know what you have now decided about my sharing. It is a very important matter….
Baba Chipo: Pastor, you are a liar! Why are you are wasting my time? I have a lot of work to do. Please!
Pastor: This is very miserable indeed. Prayer: Dear Lord I wish that this man will hear your voice. Please work in his heart so that he can be changed.

Baba Chipo: Aah! This pastor is troubling me so much. He is always asking me, where does a person go when he dies? If a person dies he is buried in the grave! But this man is saying God! God! God!

Baba Chipo: You must warn your pastor not to bother me about being a Christian. I do not want to see him here again! I … I cannot be converted! Ha ha ha.
Amai Chipo: Baba Chipo I think ….…
Baba Chipo: I do not want to see your pastor here! I am a busy man!
Amai Chipo: But the pastor is a good person, daddy, his work is to……
Baba Chipo: Amai, stop preaching!
Amai Chipo: Reading the bible. This is what I will do,' he told himself; 'I will tear down my barns and build bigger ones, where I will store the grain and all my other goods.
Then I will say to myself, Lucky man! You have all the good things you need for many years. Take life easy, eat, drink, and enjoy yourself!'
But God said to him, 'You fool! This very night you will have to give up your life; then who will get all these things you have kept for yourself?'"
Prayer. Ooh! My Lord please save my husband. Open his eyes so that he can see before his time ends. Amen.

Pastor: Greetings, baba Chipo. How are you, my beloved? I can see that you have a lot of work.
Baba Chipo: Yes I am busy.
Pastor: That is true, but the words I want to share with you today are very important. You must not take them lightly. I no longer have time to come back to you this is the right time because I want to talk about your life. No one knows the day of his death. We all do not know our time to leave this world. You must always consider this important fact that God wants you to be saved. What is your response to this issue?
Baba Chipo: Death! Death! Death! I don’t die! Get out. Off my farm! It is time to work.

Voice: Baba Chipo! Do not harden your heart, confess your sins and give your life to Jesus now.
Amai Chipo: Baba! Baba! What is wrong?
Baba Chipo: Leave me alone. I am having a bad dream. I am hearing a voice….. It is the pastor’s fault. I don’t want to see him again on my farm.

Pastor: My friend, Baba Chipo, I hope this is my last time with you, I am still persuading you to hear the voice of God.
Baba Chipo: I am sick and tired of you…! You make me very angry! Go away! I don’t want to see you here!
Pastor: No problem sir, I have heard you well, I am leaving now. I will continue to pray for you even though you have totally refused God’s love and his peace that he wanted to give you.

Voice: Baba Chipo! Do not harden your heart, confess your sins and give your life to Jesus now.
Baba Chipo: My dreams are disturbing me so much.
Amai Chipo: What is it, Baba? What are you dreaming about? You are so disturbed.
Baba Chipo: Amai Chipo, a voice is saying I must repent.
Amai Chipo: Baba Chipo you must repent now and get ready. We all do not know the length of our time on earth.
Baba Chipo: My life is my responsibility! I don’t want this rubbish, I can as well chase you way from here! Iwe!
Amai Chipo: Baba, maybe you are over stressed with too much working…….
Baba Chipo: Iwee! Stop this nonsense! I do whatever I want to do.

NEW SCENE: Baba Chipo closing his gate, his friends arrive.
Baba Chipo: Hello!
Friend 1: Hello. How are you?
Baba Chipo: I am fine and you?
Friend 1: Greetings baba Chipo, are you happy? Are you enjoying life?
Friend 2: How are you doing?
Friend 1: What is wrong, Baba Chipo, we hardly see you these days. Have you forgotten your friends? We almost thought you were no more… Is it not so my friend?
Friend 2: Yes, I can see that my friend. He is now focusing on his farm only. He is no longer concerned about others, always busy making money for himself only.
Baba Chipo: Hiyaa! Boys I have too much work to do these days.
Friend 1: We are going to have a party on Saturday, baba Chipo.
Friend 2: The party will be boring without you, baba Chipo. Hee hee hee. We want real fun. Please bring Mai Chipo with you.
Baba Chipo: Aah no the ladies must go to their church…
Friend 1 and 2: Haaa to their church. Ha! ha! ha!

NEW SCENE: Party time. Every one drinking and enjoying music. Also cerebrating baba Chipo’s presence.
Friend: Drink as much as you can old man…..
Baba Chipo: bye bye boys……
Friend: Haaa baba Chipo! Baba Chipo let us drink some more…..!
Friend: Bye bye bye
Friend: We will continue with our drinking …

Amai Chipo: Phoning. I don’t understand this. Others have already come back I don’t know where he has gone. I don’t know what has happened it is now too late.
Employee: Amai Chipo! Amai Chipo! Baba Chipo has been knocked by a car!! …. Your husband hit by a car! Let us go…..!
Amai Chipo: knocked by a car! ….. Where? What happened…? How?

At the accident scene:
Amai Chipo: Baba Chipo….! Baba Chipo! Baba Chipo!
Baba Chipo: Call the pastor for me please.
Amai Chipo: You wasted your time, baba Chipo. You did not know that your time was this short.…. Hii hi hii! Hii ….

Preacher: The word of God in the Bible warns us on Matthew 6:19. Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon the earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal. Baba Chipo did not use his time wisely. He wasted all his time on his business, he had no relationship with God. He did not treasure any riches in the kingdom of God. A man must have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ the Son of God.
Putting flowers on the grave, taking the shovel and walking way in silence
End of story.

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