How Life-All-the-Time Came Back to the World

How Life-All-the-Time Came Back to the World

Outline: Satan's deception and man's sin caused loss of eternal life. God's promise of a Saviour. Jesus came, never sinned. His death,atonement, resurrection. Because He paid our sin-payment we can have eternal life. Needs improved ending.

Script Number: 058

Language: English

Theme: Sin and Satan (Satan (the devil), Debt / payment for sin); Christ (Son of God, Ascension, Death of Christ); Eternal life (Eternal / everlasting life); Character of God (Power of God / Jesus); Living as a Christian (Leaving old way, begin new way, Joy, happiness, rejoicing); Problems (Evil Spirits, demons)

Audience: Animist

Style: Monolog

Genre: Bible Stories & Teac

Purpose: Evangelism

Bible Quotation: None

Status: Approved

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Script Text

When God made the world He made people, a man and a woman. They were altogether good and He gave them Life-all-the time, so they would not die. They did God's fashion truly.

Then the bad spirit named Satan came and deceived them. They broke God's law. They left God's fashion. They followed Satan and they lost their life-all-the-time because they had sinned.

Life-all-the-time is God's life. He is very strong. When people had His life they were strong also. Satan is strong, but the people were very strong because they had God's life. When they lost God's life, they were not strong. They were weak because they did not have God's life. After that all people sinned and were not strong. God promised that one day He would send His Son into the world. His Son would bring God's life back to people. Then they would be strong like they were at first.

One day God sent His Son into the world. His Son's name was Jesus. He was going to save the people from their bad ways. His work in the world was to do God's fashion every day, and then to die to make payment for other people's bad ways. Because He had no bad ways, He could make payment for all people.

Satan wanted Jesus to do bad things very much, because Satan hates people and he did not want them to have life-all-the-time. Jesus would not do bad things. Always He did God's fashion.

There were people who were very bad and hated Jesus because He always did God's fashion. These bad people wanted to kill Jesus because He was going to save people from their bad ways. They took Jesus and beat Him. They got some wood and made a cross. They put nails through the hands and feet of Jesus and put Him on the cross. Then they sat down and watched Him and laughed because He was dying.

Jesus died on the cross. Jesus, God's Son, died on the cross. But when He died He paid for the sins of all people. His death was the payment for my sins. His death was the payment for your sins. Jesus paid the sin payment for all people He made the sin payment for your father and your mother, and your village people. He made the sin payment for all the people that you see. When Jesus died, sin payment was finished. He paid for all.

When Jesus died they put him in a grave. Three days afterwards He rose from His grave. Then He went back to God in heaven. His work in the world was finished. He had made the sin payment for all people. Because He died for us, He can save us from our bad ways. Because He died for us, He can give us life-all-the-time. You can have life-all-the-time if you let Jesus be your master. When you die, He will take you to His good place and you will live in happiness all the time. Turn from Satan. Follow Jesus.

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