Outline: Dialogue between father and son. Setting is in Africa and refers to local practice of praying (calling the spirits) and the contrast with the Christian way--- praying in Jesus' name; at anytime; for all needs. The way of prayer is the way of friendship with God. This can be adapted for general use.

Script Number: 105

Language: Tok Pisin: PNG

Theme: Character of God (Word of God (the Bible)); Living as a Christian (Prayer, petition); Problems (Evil Spirits, demons)

Audience: New Christian

Style: Dialog

Genre: Messages and Fiction

Purpose: Teaching

Bible Quotation: Extensive

Status: Publishable

Script Text

1: (Greeting) Mi kam nau. Mi gat liklik tok mi laik tokim yu.

2: (Greeting) Yu kam nau. Yu gat wanem tok long mi?

1: Mi save liklik tasol long mekim beten ((toktok)) long God. Yu inap long lainim ((skulim)) mi long dispela samting ((mekim beten long God))?

2: Yes, sapos yu laik, mi ken tokim yu. Long ol manmeri bilong God, beten i bikpela samting. Yumi mas beten planti, bai yumi gat strong long mekim wok bilong God.

1: Sapos man i laik bihainim Jisas, em bai i beten long God olsem wanem?

2: I gat tupela kain pasin bilong mekim beten. Wanpela pasin i gutpela na arapela pasin i nogut. Bipo, Jisas i bin stori long ol olsem: - Tupela man i beten insait long haus lotu. Wanpela i bin sanap na i beten olsem: - O God, yu save, mi gutpela man! Mi no save stil. Mi no save paulim meri bilong narapela man. Mi save givim mani long helpim wok bilong God. Mi no man nogut olsem dispela man i sanap long hap hia. Arapela ((namba tu)) man i sanap na i daunim het bilong em. Em i gat bel hevi long ol pasin nogut bilong em. Em i beten olsem:- O God, Yu mas tingting gut ((marimari)) long mi. Mi man nogut tru. Jisas i bin tok:- Man i tok paslain ((namba wan man)) i mekim tok nating tasol. Em i save litimapim nem bilong em yet tasol. Olsem na God i no harim beten bilong em. Tasol, God i harim beten bilong arapela man ((man i tok bihain)) ((namba tu man)). Arapela man ((man i tok bihain)) ((namba tu man)) i litimapim nem bilong God ((tingting long God)), na em i laik givim beksait long pasin nogut bilong em. Olsem na God i tekewe pasin nogut bilong em. Olsem na sapos yumi laik bihainim Jisas, yumi mas beten olsem man i bin beten bihain ((namba tu man)). Yumi mas givim beksait long pasin nogut. Yumi mas askim God long tekewe pasin nogut bilong yumi. Na yumi mas tingting long Jisas na bihainim tok bilong em.

1: Yes tok bilong yu i gutpela. Nau yu tokim mi, mipela ken beten long haus lotu tsol, no nogat?

2: Nogat, yumi ken beten long olgeta taim na long olgeta ples. Taim yumi wokabaut long rot no wok long gaden, yumi ken beten. Jisas i bin tok, yumi ken beten long ples kwait ((ples hait)) long haus. Sampela taim Jisas wanpela i go long maunten. Em i laik i go olsem bilong stap wanpela na toktok long papa God. Sampela taim Jisas i beten long haus lotu. Jisas i bin tok olsem:- I gutpela sapos tupela no tripela man i ken bung na mekim beten wantaim.

1: Taim yumi beten, bai yumi ken mekim wanem tok?

2: Taim yumi beten yumi ken tingting long God na litimapim nem bilong em ((givim biknem long em)). Yumi ken tingting long olgeta gutpela samting God i bin mekim long yumi. (Na) Yumi ken tokim God em i gutpela tumas. Yumi no ken tingting long yumi yet tasol; yumi ken tingting long arapela manmeri na askim God long helpim ol. (Yumi ken bung long ol manmeri i no i stap long lain ((wanpisin, wanfamili, etc.)) bilong God. Yumi ken askim God na em i ken toktok long bel ((tingting)) bilong ol na kisim ol i kam bihainim Jisas). Sapos yumi gat sik no yumi sot long kaikai, no yumi gat sampela wari, yumi ken tokim God na askim em long helpim yumi. Tasol, yumi no ken askim God long ol kago na bilas samting tasol. Yumi ken askim God long strongim yumi long bihainim tok biling Em. Spirit bilong God bai i helpim ((strongim)) yumi long mekim beten. (Taim yumi pinisim beten yumi ken tok olsem:- Mi mekim beten long nem bilong Jisas, Amen). Jisas yet bai i kisim beten bilong yumi i go long Papa God. (Sapos yumi beten planti, bai yumi save gutpela pasin bilong beten).

1: Bilong wanem ol manmeri i no beten planti?

2: I gat planti samting i pasim yumi na yumi no beten. Olsem, sapos wanpela man i gat belhat long arapela man, em i no tingting long beten. Olsem, yumi mas askim God long helpim ((strongim)) yumi, bai yumi ken bel isi long ol. Sampela manmeri i save mekim pasin nogut, na olsem ol i sem long mekim beten. Ol i save, God i no ken harim beten bilong ol. Yumi mas kamapim pasin nogut bilong yumi long God ((tokim God long pasin nogut bilong yumi)). Na yumi mas givim beksait long pasin nogut. Tasol, sapos sindaun bilong yumi i gutpela, God i ken harim beten bilong yumi.

1: Tasol, God i inap long harim beten bilong yumi no nogat? Yumi ken save olsem wanem?

2: Bipo, Jisas i tokim ol pren ((poroman)) bilong em dispela tok ((stori)). Sapos pikinini i askim papa long givim taro ((kaukau, saksak)) long em; papa bai i givim ston long em a? (nogat). Sapos pikinini i askim papa long pis ((abus)), papa bai i givim snek nogut long em a? (nogat tru). (Yumi i manmeri nogut, tasol) Yumi save lukautim gut pikinini bilong yumi. Na yu ting God bai i mekim wanem? God i save moa yet long lukautim gut ol pikinini bilong em. Olsem na em inap long harim ol beten bilong yumi.


1: Tok bilong yu i gutpela tumas. Nau mi save liklik long mekim beten. Mi mas beten planti na bai God i amamas long mi.

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