Recordings of this script: Good News C

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Amdo: Golog [China, Qinghai] - Good News

Baiiyi: Xianggallia [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Baima [China, Gansu] - Good News

Dongxiang [China, Gansu] - Good News

English: Asian [Hong Kong] - Good News

Handai [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Heyi [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Hindi [India, Bihar] - Good News & Lord's Prayer

H'Lang [Vietnam, Central Highlands, Kon Tum] - Good News & Lord's Prayer

Hui: Xunhua [China, Qinghai, Xining (Hsi-ning)] - Good News

Jarai [Vietnam, Central Highlands, Gia Lai] - Good News

Katang, Northern [Laos, Savannakhet] - Good News

Kazakh: China [China, Xinjiang Uyghur] - Good News

Ker [Vietnam, South Central Coast, Quang Ngai] - Good News & Lord's Prayer

Khamba: Deqinxian [China, Yunnan, Deqing] - Good News

Korean [Korea, South] - Good News

Kyrgyz: China [China, Xinjiang Uyghur] - Good News

Lahouli: Chanali [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Good News & Lord's Prayer

Lahouli Pattani [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Good News & Lord's Prayer

Lalu, Western [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Langsu: Yingjiang [China, Yunnan, Dehong Dai Jingpo] - Good News

Lisu: Hei: Luquan [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Mandarin [China] - Good News - Female

Miao: Qing [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Minjia [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Miqie [China, Yunnan, Wuding] - Good News

Mosuo: Ninglang [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Naxi: Fenglian Chun-Fenke [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Naxi: Lijiang: Longko [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Nusu: Pihe [China, Yunnan] - Good News

Pahari-Potwari: Mirpuri [India, Jammu and Kashmir] - Good News

Rundi [Burundi] - Good News

Salar: Jiezi [China, Qinghai] - Good News

Salar: Mengda [China, Qinghai] - Good News

Swahili, Baravenes [Kenya, Lamu] - Good News

Tu: Minhe [China, Qinghai] - Good News

Uyghur: Urumqi [China, Xinjiang Uyghur] - Good News

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