Recordings of this script: Attributes of God with Invitation

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Adara: Edara [Nigeria, Kaduna] - Words of Life

Asheninka, Pajonal [Peru, Junin] - Words of Life

Buyi, Anshun [China, Guizhou] - Words of Life

Cayubaba [Bolivia] - Words of Life 2

Central Aymara [Bolivia] - Words of Life 5

Chacobo [Bolivia] - Words of Life 2

Chicham [Ecuador, Morona-Santiago, Macuma] - Things That Help Us in the New Life

Chinantec, Chiltepec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Tuxtepec] - Words of Life for Chinantecos

Chinantec, Quiotepec: Yolox [Mexico, Oaxaca, Ixtlan] - Knowing the Heart of God

Chiquitano: Lomerio [Bolivia] - Words of Life 2

Chiquitano: San Miguel [Bolivia] - Words of Life

English: USA [United States of America] - A. Truths of the Christian Faith

En naxijen [Mexico, Oaxaca, Teotitlan] - Words of Life

Groma [India, Sikkim] - Words of Life

Guarani, Eastern Bolivian: Ava [Bolivia] - Words of Life 3

Guarani, Eastern Bolivian: Izoceno [Bolivia, Santa Cruz] - Words of Life

Hani: Bukong [China, Yunnan] - Words of Life

Huave, San Dionisio del Mar [Mexico, Oaxaca, Juchitan] - Let's Follow Jesus

Huave, San Francisco del Mar [Mexico, Oaxaca, Juchitan, San Francisco del Mar] - Jesus Christ Came To Seek And To Save Us

Huilliche [Chile] - Words of Life

Iceve-Maci [Cameroon, Sud-Ouest, Akwaya] - Words of Life 1

Ik [Uganda] - Words of Life 2

Inga, Jungle: Yunguillo-Condagua [Colombia, Cauca] - Words of Life 1

Japreria [Venezuela, Amazonas] - Palabras De Vida Y Cantos

Kok Borok: Debbarma [Bangladesh, Chittagong] - Becoming a Friend of God

Lepcha [India, Sikkim] - Words of Life 3

Matlatzinca, San Francisco [Mexico, Estado de México] - Only in Jesus Christ is Salvation

Mazatec, Huautla: Santa Maria la Asuncion [Mexico, Oaxaca, Teotitlan, Huautla de Jimenez] - Words of Life

Mazatec, Ixcatlan [Mexico, Oaxaca, Teotitlan] - Words of Life

Mazatec, San Jeronimo Tecoatl: San Lucas Zoquiapam [Mexico, Oaxaca, Teotitlan] - Words of Life

Me'faa, Acatepec: Zoquitlan [Mexico, Guerrero] - Messages And Songs

Mixe: Camotlan [Mexico, Oaxaca, Mixe] - Shepherded by Jesus

Mixe Santa María Tlahuitoltepec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Mixe] - Words of Life

Mixtec, Jamiltepec: San Cris. Amoltepec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Sola de Vega] - Words of Life

Mixtec, Tezoatlan [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Testimonies Songs and Messages

Mixtec, Yucuane [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life 2

Monpa: Dirang [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

More: Bolivia [Bolivia] - Words of Life

Nahuatl, Coatepec [Mexico, Estado de México] - God Loves You and Wants You to Live In Heaven With Him

Nanti [Peru, Cusco] - Words of Life

Nasa Yuwe: Pitayo [Colombia, Cauca] - Words of Life 1

Poqomchi': Occidental [Guatemala, Alta Verapaz] - Words of Life

Quechua, Ancash, Corongo [Peru, Ancash] - Words of Life

Quechua, Arequipa-La Union [Peru, Arequipa] - Who is God?

Quechua, Chiquian Ancash [Peru, Ancash] - Words of Life

Quechua, Cuzco: Caylloma [Peru, Apurimac] - Words of Life

Quechua, Margos [Peru, Huanuco] - LLL 1 Beginning with GOD

Quechua, Margos [Peru, Huanuco] - Messages and Songs

Quechua, Northern Conchucos Ancash [Peru, Ancash] - "Do You Know God?"

Quechua: Oruro [Bolivia] - Words of Life

Quechua, Puno [Peru, Arequipa] - Words of Life 2

Quechua, S. Bolivian: Cochabamba [Bolivia, Cochabamba] - Words of Life

Quechua, S. Bolivian: Sucre [Bolivia] - Words of Life

Quechua, South Bolivian: Chuquisaca [Bolivia] - Words of Life

Quechua, Yauyos: Madean [Peru, Huancavelica] - Words of Life

Tatuyo [Colombia, Vaupés] - Words of Life 2

Tlahuica [Mexico, Estado de México] - Jesus Christ Seeks the Lost

Waimaha [Colombia, Vaupés] - Words of Life

Yaminahua (Bolivia) [Bolivia] - Words of Life

Yuruti [Colombia, Vaupés] - Words of Life 2

Zapotec, Quiavicuzas [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life

Zapotec, Quiavicuzas [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Messages and Songs

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