Recordings of this script: The Way to Heaven

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Afar [Ethiopia] - Words of Life 1

Afrikaans [South Africa] - Words of Life

Balanta-Ganja [Senegal] - Message w/ BALANTA: Blip

Bata [Nigeria, Adamawa] - Tradition

Bazigar [India, Haryana] - Words of Life

Bengali: Manbhuiyan [India, West Bengal] - Words of Life

Bengali: Manbhum: Muchi [India, West Bengal] - Words of Life

Bhattiyali [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Christ Our Living Hope

Bilaspuri [India, Himachal Pradesh] - The Way, the Truth and the Life

Bodo Parja [India, Odisha] - Words of Life

Bolewa [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Repent and Believe

Burka [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Tradition

Chambeali [India, Himachal Pradesh] - The Almighty Jesus

Churahi [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Jesus Is The Way

Dikaka: Dijm [Nigeria, Adamawa] - The Way of Peace

Dingi [Nigeria, Kaduna] - Can We Escape

Duguri [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Heaven and Hell

Duguza [Nigeria, Plateau] - The Way to Heaven

Dzongkha [Bhutan] - Words of Life 2

Fulfulde, Nigerian: Bororo [Nigeria, Niger, Bororo] - Forgive My Brother?

Gaddi [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Gaddi [India, Himachal Pradesh] - A Clean Heart

Gahri [India, Himachal Pradesh] - A Clean Heart

Gujari [India, Jammu and Kashmir] - Jesus the Messiah

Guruntum-Mbaaru [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Can We Escape?

Halam: Ranglong [India, Assam] - Words of Life

Harauti: Sipari [India, Rajasthan] - The Redeemer Is Calling

Iyara: Ijumu [Nigeria, Lagos] - Words of Life

Jimbin [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Can We Escape

Jola-Kasa: Esulalu [Senegal] - Words of Life

Jumleli [Nepal] - Words of Life w/ NEPALI: Kathmandu

Kakwa [Uganda] - Words of Life 2

Kaliko [Congo, Democratic Republic of] - Words of Life 2

Kamanawa [Brazil, Amazonas] - Words of Life

Kambu [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest] - The Sickness of Man

Kanauri [India, Himachal Pradesh] - The Grace of God

Kariya: Wudufa [Nigeria, Bauchi] - God and Laws

Katcha-Kadugli-Miri: Katcha [Sudan, Kurdufan] - Words of Life 1

Khengkha [Bhutan] - Words of Life

Krongo: Abdulla [Sudan] - Words of Life

Kului [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Kului [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Preparation of God's Redemption

Kurumba: Wooraly [India, Tamil Nadu] - Words of Life

Lahouli Pattani [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Jesus is Almighty

Lahuli Harijan [India, Himachal Pradesh] - The Wonderful Jesus

Larim [South Sudan] - Words of Life

Lohar, Lahul [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Knowing The Truth and The Way

Lyngngam [India, Meghalaya] - Words of Life - Jesus Our Savior

Maria: Abujmaria [India, Maharashtra] - Words of Life

Maria: Bhamani [India, Maharashtra] - Words of Life

Monpa: Dirang [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Naga: Kaishan, Pangmi [Myanmar] - Words of Life

Naga, Maram [India, Assam] - Words of Life 2

Naga, Moyon [India, Nagaland] - Words of Life "Hope In Christ"

Naga, Zeme [India, Manipur] - Words of Life

Nepali: Kalikot [Nepal] - Words of Life

Ngile: Daloka [Sudan] - Words of Life

Nyam [Nigeria, Taraba] - Small Sin, Big Damage

Pahari, Mahasu: Upper [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Turning from the Old Path

Pangwali: Kilari [India, Himachal Pradesh] - How Was the World Created?

Rung, Byansi [India, Uttarakhand, Pithoragarh] - Jesus Will Take Us to Heaven

Sadhari: Orissa [India, Jharkhand] - Words of Life

Saya: Gambar [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Can We Escape?

Seraji: Inner [India, Himachal Pradesh] - A Clean Heart

Shat: Tamaam [Sudan] - Words of Life

Sikkimese [India, Sikkim] - Words of Life 2

Spiti Bhoti [India, Himachal Pradesh] - God's Grace

Sunam [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Beautiful Creation

Tangale: Kaltungo [Nigeria, Gombe] - The Way to Heaven

Tinani [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Merciful Jesus

Tsagu [Nigeria, Bauchi] - The Way to Heaven

Voro (Nigeria) [Nigeria, Adamawa] - The Way to Heaven

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