Recordings of this script: The Lost Sheep

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Amdo: Qinghai [China, Qinghai, Huang yuan] - Are You Going to Heaven?

Apatani [India, Assam] - Words of Life 2

Apolo [Bolivia, La Paz, Larecaja] - Words of Life

Apolo [Bolivia, La Paz, Larecaja] - LLL 7 JESUS - Lord & Saviour

Arabic, Ta'izzi-Adeni: Hojeria [Yemen, Ta'izz] - Words of Life

Arabic, Ta'izzi-Adeni: Hojeria [Yemen, Ta'izz] - Words of Life 2

Bangandu [Cameroon, Est] - Words of Life

Bilaspuri [India, Himachal Pradesh] - The Way, the Truth and the Life

Bugun [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Chambeali [India, Himachal Pradesh] - The Almighty Jesus

Chamula Tzotzil [Mexico, Chiapas] - Words of Life

Chicham [Ecuador, Morona-Santiago, Macuma] - Things That Help Us in the New Life

Chinantec, Chiltepec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Tuxtepec] - Words of Life for Chinantecos

Chinantec, Comaltepec: Tectitlan [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Good News

Churahi [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Jesus Is The Way

Cubeo [Colombia, Vaupés] - Words of Life 2

Dzongkha [Bhutan] - Words of Life 2

English: USA [United States of America] - A. Truths of the Christian Faith

En naxijen [Mexico, Oaxaca, Teotitlan] - Words of Life

Fang: Ntumu [Gabon, Estuaire] - Words of Life

Groma [India, Sikkim] - Words of Life

Gujari [India, Jammu and Kashmir] - Jesus the Messiah

Huilliche [Chile] - Words of Life

Ignaciano [Bolivia] - Words of Life 2

Ik [Uganda] - Words of Life 2

Inga, Jungle: Yunguillo-Condagua [Colombia, Cauca] - Words of Life 2

Ixil: Nebaj [Guatemala, Quiche] - Words of Life

Kanauri [India, Himachal Pradesh] - The Grace of God

Khengkha [Bhutan] - Words of Life

Kului [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Preparation of God's Redemption

Kurdi: Khorrassani [Iran] - Words of Life

Kurtokha [Bhutan] - New Life in Christ

Kyerung [Nepal, Janakpur, Baabre panchayat] - Only One True Way

Lahouli Pattani [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Jesus is Almighty

Lahuli Harijan [India, Himachal Pradesh] - The Wonderful Jesus

Lepcha [India, Sikkim] - Words of Life 3

Limbu: Phedappe [Nepal] - Words of Life

Lohar, Lahul [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Knowing The Truth and The Way

Malakhel [Afghanistan] - Words of Life

Maori [New Zealand] - Words of Life

Mapudungun [Chile] - Words of Life

Maropa [Bolivia, El Beni] - Words of Life

Matlatzinca, San Francisco [Mexico, Estado de México] - Only in Jesus Christ is Salvation

Mazatec, Ixcatlan [Mexico, Oaxaca, Teotitlan] - Words of Life

Mazatec, San Jeronimo Tecoatl: San Lucas Zoquiapam [Mexico, Oaxaca, Teotitlan] - Words of Life

Mbum [Cameroon, Adamaoua] - Words of Life 3

Miao: Gudong [China, Guizhou] - Words of Life

Mixe Santa María Tlahuitoltepec [Mexico, Oaxaca, Mixe] - Words of Life

Mixteco de San Miguel del Progreso [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Jesus Christ, The Only Saviour

Mixtec, Southern Puebla [Mexico, Puebla] - Words of Life

Mixtec, Tezoatlan [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Testimonies Songs and Messages

Mixtec, Tijaltepec [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Parables of Jesus Christ

Mixtec, Yucuane [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life 2

Mixtec, Yutanduchi [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Jesus Christ, The Only Saviour

Monpa, Tawang [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life 1

Monpa, Tawang [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life 2

More: Bolivia [Bolivia] - Words of Life

Movima [Bolivia, El Beni] - Words of Life

Nadeb [Brazil, Amazonas] - Words of Life

Naga, Tangsa: Moklum [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Naga, Tangsa: Tikhak [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life - New life in Christ

Naga, Tangshang: Hakhun [Myanmar] - Words of Life 2 Eternal Life in Jesus

Naga, Tangshang: Khemsing [Myanmar] - Words of Life- Life in Christ

Nahuatl, Central [Mexico, Tlaxcala] - Stories That Challenge

Nahuatl, Coatepec [Mexico, Estado de México] - God Loves You and Wants You to Live In Heaven With Him

Nahuatl, Santa María la Alta [Mexico, Puebla] - Historias Que Retan

Nahuatl, Temascaltepec [Mexico, Estado de México] - Jesus Christ is the Way to Heaven

Nhïühü [Mexico, Veracruz] - There is a party in heaven when a sinner repents

Nyangatom [Ethiopia] - Words of Life

Nyishi [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Amazing Grace

Oriya [India, Odisha] - Words of Life 1

Pahari, Mahasu: Upper [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Turning from the Old Path

Pame, Northern [Mexico, San Luis Potosi] - Messages of Jesus

Pangwali: Kilari [India, Himachal Pradesh] - How Was the World Created?

Poqomchi': Occidental [Guatemala, Alta Verapaz] - Words of Life

Puroik [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Quechua, Ancash, Corongo [Peru, Ancash] - Words of Life

Quechua, Arequipa-La Union [Peru, Arequipa] - Do you know God?

Quechua, Chiquian Ancash [Peru, Ancash] - Words of Life

Quechua, Cuzco: Caylloma [Peru, Apurimac] - Words of Life

Quechua, Puno [Peru, Arequipa] - Words of Life

Raute [Nepal] - Words of Life

Sansi [India, Rajasthan] - Confession Of Faith

Saraiki: Multani [Pakistan, Punjab] - Gospel Messages

Sherdukpen [India, Assam] - Words of Life

Sikkimese [India, Sikkim] - Words of Life 2

Sumu Twaka [Nicaragua] - Words of Life

Sunam [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Beautiful Creation

Tabehua [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Stories and Deeds of Jesus Christ

Tagin [India, Assam] - Words of Life

Tamang, Western: Northeastern [Nepal] - Words of Life

Tarahumara: Samachique [Mexico, Chihuahua] - Safe in God's Care

Tepehuán del Suroeste: Santiago Teneraca [Mexico, Durango] - Power of God for Salvation

Tinani [India, Himachal Pradesh] - Merciful Jesus

Tlahuica [Mexico, Estado de México] - Jesus Christ Seeks the Lost

Turki: Kharghani [Iran] - Words of Life

Turkmen [Turkmenistan] - Lost but Found

Turkmen [Turkmenistan] - Scripture - Luke, Matthew

Tu'un savi [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life

Uyghur: Urumqi [China, Xinjiang Uyghur] - God is One

Wichí Lhamtés Nocten [Bolivia] - Words of Life

Zapotec, Elotepec [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Looking For The Lost

Zapotec, Quiavicuzas [Mexico, Oaxaca] - Words of Life

Zapotec, Tlacolulita [Mexico, Oaxaca, Yautepec] - Words of Life

Zay [Ethiopia] - Words of Life 2

Zulgo: Gemzek [Cameroon, Extrème-Nord] - Words of Life

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