Recordings of this script: Life

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Agharia: Orissa [India, Madhya Pradesh] - Words of Life

Avatime [Ghana, Volta] - Words of Life

Awutu: Efutu [Ghana, Central] - Words of Life

Bagari [India, Punjab] - Words of Life 1

Baluchi: Dera Ghazi Khan [Pakistan, Balochistan] - Words of Life

Bhili: Dehawali [India, Madhya Pradesh] - Words of Life 1

Bhili: Ranawat [India, Madhya Pradesh] - Outreach Program

Buksa [India, Uttarakhand] - Words of Life

Bundelkhandi [India, Uttar Pradesh] - Words of Life

Chinese, Yue [China, Guangdong] - Words of Life 3

Gan [Burkina Faso, Poni] - Words of Life 2

Garhwali: Ranwain [India, Uttarakhand] - Words of Life and songs

Georgian [Georgia] - What is Life All About?

Hui: Qinghai [China, Qinghai, Xining (Hsi-ning)] - God is One

Kalinga, Tanudan: Minagali [Philippines, Luzon, Cordillera Region, Kalinga] - Creation & Redemption

Konni [Ghana, Upper East] - Words of Life

Kosovan Albanian [Kosovo] - A New Life

Maithili [India, Bihar] - Words of Life 3

Malvi: Ujjaini [India, Madhya Pradesh] - Words of Life

Memni [India, Gujarat] - Words of Life

Mizo [India, Mizoram] - Words of Life

Monpa: Dirang [India, Arunachal Pradesh] - Words of Life

Nepali: Kathmandu [Nepal] - Words of Life 3

Nepali: Kathmandu [Nepal] - Student

Nepali: Kathmandu [Nepal] - Teaching

Newari: Patan [Nepal] - Words of Life 2

Nkonya [Ghana, Central] - Words of Life 2

Oriya [India, Odisha] - Words of Life 2

Portuguese [Portugal] - Life with Christ

Rai, Lohorong [Nepal] - Words of Life 2

Romanian: Moldova [Romania] - Words of Life

Russian [Russia] - God Has A Plan For You

Sakachep [India, Assam] - Words of Life

Sakachep: Hmar [India, Assam] - Words of Life

Saraiki: Multani [Pakistan, Punjab] - Words of Life for Women

Tharu: Khatima [Nepal] - Words of Life

Uyghur: Urumqi [China, Xinjiang Uyghur] - God is One

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