Recordings of this script: The Tongue

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Chol: Tila [Mexico, Chiapas] - Words of Life 2

Inga, Jungle: Yunguillo-Condagua [Colombia, Cauca] - Words of Life 1

Japreria [Venezuela, Amazonas] - Palabras De Vida Y Cantos

Lundaye [Brunei] - Words of Life

Nahuatl, Eastern Huasteca [Mexico, Veracruz] - Words of Life 2

Nanti [Peru, Cusco] - Words of Life

Nopala Chatino [Mexico, Oaxaca, Juquila, Santos Reyes Nopala] - Words of Life 1

Quechua, Ancash, Corongo [Peru, Ancash] - Words of Life

Quechua, Arequipa-La Union [Peru, Arequipa] - Who is Man?

Quechua, Chiquian Ancash [Peru, Ancash] - Words of Life

Quechua, Puno [Peru, Arequipa] - Words of Life

Quechua, Yauyos: Madean [Peru, Huancavelica] - Words of Life

Saliba [Colombia, Arauca] - Words of Life

Wayuunaiki [Colombia, La Guajira] - Words of Life 2

Western Huasteca Nahuatl [Mexico, San Luis Potosi] - Words of Life 2

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