Recordings of this script: Hardships

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Blaan, Sarangani [Philippines, Unknown Location, Sarangani] - Words of Life

Dhimba [Angola] - Words of Life

Esimbi [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest] - Words of Life

Finarangao [Philippines, Luzon, Cordillera Region] - Words of Life 2

Fulfulde, Fulbe Ladde [Cameroon, Adamaoua] - Words of Life 3

Ipulo [Cameroon, Sud-Ouest] - Words of Life

Kallahan, Keley-i [Philippines, Luzon, Cordillera Region, Ifugao] - Words of Life

Kikamba [Kenya, Kajiado] - Words of Life 4

Kwakwi [Nigeria, Plateau] - Hardships

Naga: Kaishan, Pangmi [Myanmar] - Words of Life

Naga, Moyon [India, Nagaland] - Words of Life "Living In Christ"

Naga, Tangshang: Khemsing [Myanmar] - Words of Life- Life in Christ

Noni [Cameroon, Nord-Ouest] - Words of Life 1

Oroko [Cameroon, Sud-Ouest] - Words of Life

Pa'awa [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Choosing The Right Road

Sesotho [South Africa, Eastern Cape] - Trust in God

Zulu [South Africa, KwaZulu/Natal] - Words of Life

Zumbulawa [Nigeria, Bauchi] - Fear Not

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