Western Sahara

Information about Western Sahara

Region: Africa
Capital: Laayoune
Population: 587,000
Area (sq km): 252,120
FIPS Country Code: WI
ISO Country Code: EH
GRN Office: GRN Offices in Africa

Map of Western Sahara

Map of Western Sahara

Languages and dialects spoken in Western Sahara

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Found 2 language names

Arabic, Moroccan [Morocco] - ISO Language [ary]

Hassaniyya [Mauritania] - ISO Language [mey]

People Groups in Western Sahara

Arab, Moroccan ▪ Bedouin, Arosien ▪ Bedouin, Tajakant ▪ Berber, Tekna ▪ Deaf ▪ Imragen ▪ Izarguien ▪ Moor ▪ Regeibat ▪ Saharawi ▪ Spaniard