Information about Timor-Leste

Area (sq km):15,410
FIPS Country Code:TT
ISO Country Code:TL
GRN Office:

Map of Timor-Leste

Map of Timor-Leste

Languages and dialects spoken in Timor-Leste

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Found 16 language names

Baikeno [Oecussi-Ambeno] - ISO Language [bkx]

Fataloku [Timor-Leste] - ISO Language [ddg]

Kemak [Timor-Leste] - ISO Language [kem]

Makasae: Makalero [Timor-Leste] [mkz]

Makasae: Makassai [Timor-Leste] [mkz]

Makasae Uatolari Kilikai [Timor-Leste] - ISO Language [mkz]

Makua [Timor-Leste] - ISO Language [lva]

Mambae [Timor-Leste] - ISO Language [mgm]

Mambae: Lolei [Timor-Leste] [mgm]

Nauete [Timor-Leste] - ISO Language [nxa]

Portuguese [Portugal] - ISO Language [por]

Tetun [Timor-Leste] - ISO Language [tet]

Tetun Dili [Timor-Leste] - ISO Language [tdt]

Tukudede [Timor-Leste] - ISO Language [tkd]

Uab Meto [Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Timur (East), Timor island] - ISO Language [aoz]

Uab Meto [Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara Timur (East), Timor island] - ISO Language [aoz]

People Groups in Timor-Leste

Adabe; Baikeno; Bunak; Dagoda; Deaf; Galoli; Habu; Han Chinese, Hakka; Idate; Indonesian; Javanese; Kairui-Midik; Kemak; Lakalei; Makasai; Maku'a; Mambai; Naueti; Portuguese; Tetum; Tetum Dili; Tokode; Waima'a;

News about Timor-Leste

Timorese Tetun Dili speakers hear GRN recordings - Amy shares a story about Timorese Tetun Dili speakers hearing the Good News in their own language in Northern Ireland.

Tetun Dili in Dungannon, Northern Ireland - Spoken in Timor-Leste, recorded by an Australian, now heard in Northern Island.