Information about Syria

Area (sq km):185,180
FIPS Country Code:SY
ISO Country Code:SY
GRN Office:

Map of Syria

Map of Syria

Languages and dialects spoken in Syria

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Language Names Recordings Available
Arabic: Damascus [Syria] [apc]
Arabic, North Levantine [Syria] - ISO Language [apc]
Arabic, North Levantine: Aleppo [Syria] [apc]
Arabic, North Levantine: Syrian Calamon [Calamon area] [apc]
Aramaic [Iraq] - ISO Language [aii]
Aramaic: Syria [Turkey] [tru]
Armenian: Syria [hye]
Kurdish, Northern: Afrin [Halab, AFRIN] [kmr]
Kurmanji: Standard [Syria] [kmr]
Turkmen: Levantine [Syria] [tuk]

People Groups in Syria

Adyghe; Alawite; Arab, Egyptian; Arab, Jordanian; Arab, Lebanese; Arab, North Iraqi; Arab, Palestinian; Arab, Saudi - Najdi; Arab, Syrian; Aramaic, West; Armenian; Assyrian; Azerbaijani, Azeri Turk; Bedouin, Levantine; Bulgarian; Chaldean; Chechen; Deaf; Druze; French; German; Greek; Gypsy, Domari; Jew, Syrian; Kabardian; Kurd, Kurmanji; Ossete; Persian; Portuguese; Russian; Spaniard; Syrian Aramaic, Turoyo; Turk; Turkmen; Yazidi;