Information about Serbia

Area (sq km):88,361
FIPS Country Code:RI
ISO Country Code:RS
GRN Office:

Map of Serbia

Map of Serbia

Languages and dialects spoken in Serbia

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Found 8 language names

Czech [Czech Republic] - ISO Language [ces]

Hungarian [Hungary] - ISO Language [hun]

Polish [Poland] - ISO Language [pol]

Romani, Balkan [Serbia] - ISO Language [rmn]

Romani, Balkan: Arli [Bulgaria] [rmn]

Serbian - ISO Language [srp]

Tamarski [Serbia] [rmn]

Turkish [Turkey] - ISO Language [tur]

People Groups in Serbia

Adyghe; Albanian, Gheg; Americans, U.S.; Arab, Lebanese; Aromanian; Bosniak; Bulgarian; Croat; Czech; Deaf; French; German; Greek; Hungarian; Istro-Romanian; Italian; Jew, Serbian Speaking; Macedonian; Montenegrin; Polish; Romanian; Romani, Balkan; Romani, Sinte; Romano-Serbian; Russian; Rusyn; Serb; Slovak; Slovene; Turk; Ukrainian;