Information about Mozambique

Area (sq km):799,380
FIPS Country Code:MZ
ISO Country Code:MZ
GRN Office:

Map of Mozambique

Map of Mozambique

Languages and dialects spoken in Mozambique

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Found 32 language names

Chisena-Chichewa [Mozambique] [seh]

Chopi [Mozambique] - ISO Language [cce]

Chuwabo [Mozambique] - ISO Language [chw]

Esaka [Mozambique] - ISO Language [xsq]

Kimwani: Ibo [Mozambique] - ISO Language [wmw]

Koti [Mozambique] - ISO Language [eko]

Lolo [Mozambique] - ISO Language [llb]

Lolo [Mozambique] - ISO Language [llb]

Lomwe [Zambezia] - ISO Language [ngl]

Lomwe: Cishirima [Mozambique] [ngl]

Lomwe: Macua & Macua-Mehavani [Mozambique] [ngl]

Lomwe: Mehavani [Mozambique] [ngl]

Longa [Mozambique] [tso]

Makhuwa [Nampula] - ISO Language [vmw]

Makhuwa-Meetto [Mozambique] - ISO Language [mgh]

Makhuwa-Moniga [Mozambique] - ISO Language [mhm]

Makonde [Mozambique] - ISO Language [kde]

Makwe [Mozambique] - ISO Language [ymk]

Nahara [Mozambique]

Nyungwe [Mozambique] - ISO Language [nyu]

Portuguese: Mozambique [por]

Ronga [Mozambique] - ISO Language [rng]

Sena [Mozambique] - ISO Language [seh]

Shona: Chishanga [Mozambique] [ndc]

Takwane [Zambezia] - ISO Language [tke]

Tewe [Manica] - ISO Language [twx]

Tonga [Mazambique] [Mozambique] - ISO Language [toh]

Xirima [Mozambique] - ISO Language [vmk]

Xitshwa [Mozambique] - ISO Language [tsc]

Yao: Mozambique [yao]

Zulu [South Africa, KwaZulu/Natal] - ISO Language [zul]

Zulu [South Africa, KwaZulu/Natal] - ISO Language [zul]

People Groups in Mozambique

Ajao; Barwe; Chopi; Chwabo; Deaf; Dema; French; German; Goanese; Greek; Gujarati; Han Chinese, Mandarin; Hindi; Jew, Portuguese Speaking; Kokola; Korean; Koti; Kunda; Lolo; Lomwe; Maindo; Makhuwa; Makhuwa-Marrevone; Makhuwa-Moniga; Makhuwa-Saka; Makhuwa-Shirima; Makonde; Makua, Makhuwa-Meetto; Makwe; Manyawa; Manyika; Marenje; Matengo; Mwani; Ndau, Shona; Ndonde; Ngoni; Nsenga; Nyanja; Nyungwe; Phimbi; Portuguese; Romanian; Ronga; Russian; Sakaji, Nathembo; Sena; Senji; Shona-Zezuru; Swahili; Swazi; Takwane; Tawara; Tewe; Tonga, Gitonga; Tsonga; Tswa; Zulu;

News about Mozambique

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