Information about Israel

Area (sq km):20,700
FIPS Country Code:IS
ISO Country Code:IL
GRN Office:

Map of Israel

Map of Israel

Languages and dialects spoken in Israel

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Language Names Recordings Available
Arabic, Judeo-Iraqi [Israel] - ISO Language [yhd]
Arabic, Palestinian [Israel] - ISO Language [ajp]
Bukharic [Israel] - ISO Language [bhh]
Domari: Nawari [Israel] [rmt]
Dzhidi [Israel] - ISO Language [jpr]
Hebrew [Israel] - ISO Language [heb]
Judeo-Georgian [Israel] - ISO Language [jge]
Ladino [Israel] - ISO Language [lad]
Quara [Israel] - ISO Language [ahg]
Yiddish [Israel] - ISO Language [ydd]

People Groups in Israel

Adyghe; Alawite; Amhara, Ethiopian; Arab, Egyptian; Arab, Lebanese; Arab, Palestinian; Arab, Syrian; Arbil; Armenian; Assyrian; Bedouin, Levantine; Deaf; Druze; Dutch; Filipino, Tagalog; Greek; Gypsy, Domari; Italian; Jew, Bukharic Speaking; Jew, Eastern Yiddish-Speaking; Jew, English Speaking; Jew, Ethiopian, Falasha; Jew, French Speaking; Jew, Georgian; Jew, German Speaking; Jew, Hungarian Speaking; Jewish Tat; Jew, Israeli; Jew, Judeo-Berber; Jew, Judeo-Morrocan; Jew, Judeo-Persian; Jew, Kurdistani; Jew, Kurdit; Jew, Polish Speaking; Jew, Portuguese Speaking; Jew, Romanian; Jew, Russian Speaking; Jew, Spanish; Jew, Tunisian; Jew, Turkish; Jew, Yemeni; Karaite; Lishanan; Malayali; Marathi; Samaritan; Spaniard; Yahudic; Yevanic; Yudi, Tripolita'it;