French Guiana

Information about French Guiana

Region:The Americas
Area (sq km):86,504
FIPS Country Code:FG
ISO Country Code:GF
GRN Office:

Map of French Guiana

Map of French Guiana

Languages and dialects spoken in French Guiana

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Found 5 language names

Emerillon [French Guiana] - ISO Language [eme]

Emerillon [French Guiana] - ISO Language [eme]

French [France] - ISO Language [fra]

Guianese French Creole [French Guiana] - ISO Language [gcr]

Palikur [Brazil, Amapá, Oiapoque] - ISO Language [plu]

People Groups in French Guiana

Afro-Guyanese; Arab, Lebanese; Arawak; Aukan, Ndjuka; Brazilian, White; Carib, Galibi; Deaf; Emerilon; Franco-Guianese, mixed; French; Guianese White; Haitian; Han Chinese, Hakka; Hmong Njua; Javanese, Caribbean; Jew, French Speaking; Latin American Branco; Palikur; Peruvian; Saramaccan; Sarnami Hindi; Surinamese Creole, Sranan; Wayampi, Amapari; Wayana;

News about French Guiana

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