Information about Ireland

Area (sq km):70,285
FIPS Country Code:EI
ISO Country Code:IE
GRN Office:

Map of Ireland

Map of Ireland

Languages and dialects spoken in Ireland

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Found 3 language names

English: Eire [Ireland] [eng]

English: Northern Ireland [United Kingdom, Northern Ireland] [eng]

Irish [Ireland] - ISO Language [gle]

People Groups in Ireland

Americans, U.S.; Anglo-Australian; Anglo-Canadian; Anglo-New Zealander; Anglo-South African; Arab, general; Brazilian, White; British; British, Scottish; Bulgarian; Chinese, general; Creoles, Mauritian; Czech; Danish; Deaf; Dutch; Estonian; Filipino, Tagalog; Finnish; French; German; Greek; Gypsy, Irish; Hungarian; Irish; Irish, Gaelic-Speaking; Irish Traveller, Shelta; Italian; Jew, English Speaking; Latvian; Lithuanian; Malay; Maltese; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Russian; Slovak; South Asian, general; Spaniard; Swedish; Turk; Ukrainian; Welsh;

News about Ireland

Tetun Dili in Dungannon, Northern Ireland - Spoken in Timor-Leste, recorded by an Australian, now heard in Northern Island.